60 Percent Of New Covid Patients Are Vaccinated

A Yale medical doctor says of the new patients diagnosed with the coronavirus, more than half have been vaccinated.

Dr. Harvey Risch joined War Room to explain the vaccine “bait and switch” of public health officials, which are using a totally different standard for efficacy than they are letting on.

What clinicians are telling me is more than half of the new covid cases that they’re seeing to treat is people who’ve been vaccinated,” Dr. Risch said. “They’ve estimated 60 percent of new patients they’ve been treating have been people who’ve been vaccinated.

Dr. Risch said the medical establishment is not being honest about the vaccine’s effectiveness because they are pushing everyone into the vaccine pipeline.

They’re afraid that if you say this vaccine is only 50 or 60 percent effective…then people aren’t going to take the vaccine,” Dr. Risch said.

Dr. Risch said it is clear Dr. Fauci has a different agenda than public health, because he won’t address honestly the herd immunity issue.

Half of states in America already surpassed herd immunity last fall, Risch said, without the vaccine.

Herd immunity only starts with the infection curve reaches its peak,” Risch explained. “Everything after that point is more than herd immunity at 50 or 60 percent of the population immune.

We need more than herd immunity, to make the infections go down quickly,” he said. “That’s what we saw in South Dakota, North Dakota, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Utah last fall in October and November.

They were past herd immunity well before any vaccine started,” Dr. Risch said. “They had had enough cases.

Half the states in the U.S have now have more than herd immunity,” he said. “They are coming down dramatically.

Dr. Risch also said the lock downs were “counterproductive,” and only delayed their citizens from reaching herd immunity.

Dr. Fauci’s unwillingness to answer basic questions, like why can’t people who have already been vaccinated or already exposed to the virus not wear a mask, shows he has another agenda.

[He’s] unwilling to actually say the word herd immunity,” Dr. Risch said. “I don’t understand why that is unless there is motivation for some other plan that is not the same as treating the pandemic. There’s nothing else that makes sense.

There’s another agenda that is not apparent,” Dr. Risch said. “Look at the [World Health Organization] WHO. The WHO quietly removed from herd immunity the contribution of natural infection causing immunity. That produced an uproar in the scientific community, this violates at least 100 years of science.

Dr. Risch said “political and financial” concerns have effected medical institutions, and are influencing the behavior of Dr. Fauci and others.

It’s an “open secret” in the scientific community that there are many treatments for covid, Risch said.

Early outpatient treatment works and it works very effectively,” he said. This includes hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, aspirin, antibiotics, and other inexpensive treatments.

We don’t need to be generating $3,000 a pill treatments,” Dr. Risch said.

You have two classes of people,” he said. “The people who’ve actually looked at it. And you have the scoffers, academics, who’ve never treated a patient who have no idea about the actual effectiveness of these treatments.

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  1. Many people on this blog have stated that this plandemic will require 6 monthly top up shots for life , that has been the plan all along, be a good little citizen and vote for horse face or you’ll miss out on your jabs.



  2. Herd immunity is the only long term solution. It’s nature’s way and it works. Nothing will stop covid. If we developed a vaccine, that worked, the virus will go around the problem with mutations.

    This is all well known in pre covid medical literature.



  3. The NZ Government’s public service message from

    “As with any vaccine, Pfizer may not fully protect everyone who gets it. The clinical trials performed on the Pfizer vaccine show it’s approximately 95% effective against symptomatic COVID-19, seven days after receiving two doses.”

    Help me out here. Does this mean that if you get your 2 shots of the Pfizer vaccine, then from 7 days after the second shot, you would be 95% sure (based on clinical trials performed on the Pfizer vaccine) not to get that particular strain of coronavirus that the vaccine was designed to protect against?

    “They’ve estimated 60 percent of new patients they’ve been treating have been people who’ve been vaccinated.”
    – Have ALL those people had their second Pfizer shot (assuming it’s Pfizer) at least 7 days in the past?
    – Are the new patients presenting with one of the UK or Brazilian or South African strains that the vaccine they took was less effective in coping with?

    Wow. This is a great story for the media in this country to place on the front page.!!

    (… Wait a minute…)
    (Sound of crickets chirping….)



  4. That is an interesting statistic.

    Whilst none of these many so called vaccines – how many are there; 8 or more? -are actually vaccines the number of 50 to 60% effective is interesting.

    I studied the flu vaccine about 5 years ago – as an amateur – after the nurse at my surgery was so insistent I get a flu vaccine – whilst the doctor was OK that I dont want it.
    The nurse- female (now gone, yay); the doctor, male.

    Women follow rules better than men and in fact are easily led. (vapid ‘Green’ voters)
    Men’s testosterone makes them fight back more and defend their ground.
    Well, until recent times where they have been feminised in school from the age of 5.
    Bloody ‘man buns’

    The results of my not at all scientific study was that Flu vaccines are between 20% and 60% effective.
    60% is top end.

    20% at the bottom is not a lot better than dumb luck.

    For example more recent Feb 2018 – 3 years ago
    -Three top health US officials announced CDC data showing this year’s vaccine is only 25 percent effective against the season’s deadly H3N2 on Thursday
    -It is also only only 36 percent effective overall
    -H3N2 is responsible for three quarters of verified flu cases this year
    -There are 4,000 flu-related deaths occurring every week according to Center for Disease Control data

    4,000 flu-related deaths occurring every week
    per the CDC
    Feb 2018.

    A great comment from that article:
    “My doctor jumped me two months ago when I refused to get the flu shot. Told me if I didn¿t take the shot and got sick to not come to her for help. I don¿t understand why she got so angry btw?? Well guess what happened?? I had a wellness check scheduled with her this morning and got a call from her office last night to cancel the appointment because she has the flu!!! Her and another doctor in her office both got the flu shot and both are out today with the flu ”

    Hey, I’m just reporting what people say……

    That injected stuff is little better than lemon and honey.
    A good sweat in a sauna – 3 x 10 to 15 minutes sessions with lots of water to flush the system can be as good if not better.

    Follow the numbers.
    Numbers dont lie.
    Politicians do.



  5. I know many don’t much care for Alex Jones but Info Wars does come up with some interesting stuff from time to time. This from Jacques Atali a jewish Freemason, Bilderberger. This is what Jacques Attali wrote in 1981, who was then an advisor to François Mitterrand: “The future will be about finding a way to reduce the population. We start with the old, because as soon as they exceed 60-65 years, people live longer than they produce and that costs society dearly.



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