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Burger King Bows To Muslims in South Africa, Drops “Ham” In “Hamburger” To Not Offend

It’s not just governments or schools bowing down at the feet of Islam anymore.

It’s major worldwide corporations.

Fast food chains like Burger King are taking action to keep Muslims happy and enacting efforts to avoid offending members of the so-called “religion of peace.”

In South Africa, Burger King is even dropping the “ham” part of the word “hamburger” on the menu so that Muslim’s won’t take offense at the mere mention of a pork dish.

Keep in mind that Burger King is changing the names of meals on its menu despite the word origins of the word “hamburger” not having anything to do with actual ham.

The “Double Spicy Hamburger” will now become just a “Double Spicy Burger,” while the “Triple Hamburger with Cheese” becomes the “Triple Burger with Cheese,” and a “Hamburger King Jr” on the children’s menu will now be just a “Kids Burger.”

The name refers to the German city of Hamburg.

It has nothing to do with pork!

But, it’s not like other fast food chains are changing their menu to better serve Muslims, right?


At over 200 locations, Subway has removed ham and bacon, instead replacing it with the brutally-processed Muslim “Halal meat.”

To give Burger King some credit where it’s due, its South Africa locations, which had previously given serving Halal meat a go, just stopped serving it up. 

This was why Burger King felt the need to compensate by taking out the “ham” part of “hamburger.”

But, Subway is still dishing up Halal meat.

Didn’t they learn anything from the Gillette debacle?

Go woke, go broke.

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  1. A boycott is a good idea and the right response in a free society, but be sure to write to the franchisees in South Africa and let them know why you’re not buying burgers from them. Otherwise they’ll have no way to confidently attribute the loss of revenue to an action.



    • Shit, just noticed I did what I’ve done the last 30 or so years – called it a “burger”. Must be part time American, because that extra syllable is redundant. It’s a burger. But when writing to those franchisees in South Africa, we should be calling it a “hamburger” to reinforce the motivation for not buying from them.



  2. I don’t particularly like organised religions. But I do believe in freedom for everyone, not just for what I believe or what I like. Go ahead and worship that goat, toe, sky fairy, box of pasta – whatever you like, just. Do. No. Harm.

    “Ban this”, “Ban that”. The words of authoritarians.



    • They have as much place in a free society where people make their own choices as transgender, Mini Golf, beer and the horrid taste of glue on envelopes. Just as a free society has the right to point, laugh and criticize said religion of intolerance.

      Would you remove Roman Catholics from New Zealand? What about Wiccans? Jews?



      • Liberty is about making your own choices. Not about imposing them on others.

        I know, which is why I wouldn’t call for banning of religion, even though I dislike the vast majority of them. There are people who get value from it, who believe in it and who am I to take that choice away from them?

        Religions that inculcate doctrines of intolerance and hate have no place in a “free” society.

        Most religions have a level of intolerance (and to a degree hatred) in their teachings. Hence the examples of religions that would be banned by your words.



        • ……”Most religions have a level of intolerance (and to a degree hatred) in their teachings”……

          Maintaining an enemy is vital to the organisers of religion otherwise their gullible flock may have time to figure out that the concept of a personal god of salvation is a load of shit.

          The worst thing you can possibly do is ban a religion as it drives the loopy adherents underground & promotes martyrdom. The best opposition consists of constant ridicule.

          Laughing at them is more effective at destroying faith in a Skydaddy than crucifying them.



        • ……”Wouldn’t you ban addictive mind-altering drugs?”……

          Never but it has nothing to do with religion. Rather, I doubt my ability to perform the mental gymnastics required to prohibit social drugs while endorsing the availability of alcohol.



          • In your own words you have admitted that gangsters push drugs. The only reason they are able to do so is that they & they alone control the market.

            Suppose that you could go to a liquor store & buy a gram of speed, an ounce of dope or a dozen beer. Where would that leave the pushers? Would taking drugs be seen as cool or an act of rebellion if they were readily available to everyone & their grandmother? Consider also that prohibition has never stopped anyone from acquiring what they want. It only effects the price & quality. Instance booze prohibition in the US of the 1920s.

            I’ve been around long enough to recognise that forbidden fruits are the most desirable.



  3. Let me get this straight- we in the west- eating western food-are being dictated to by people who somehow earned worldwide sympathy for murdering thousands of people on 9/11, not to mention the mayhem caused since. Not in my household. Political correctness is banned.



    • Have you ever read Silent America? A friend in the States gifted me a copy and it’s a simple, but powerful read from somebody exploring their thoughts and feelings during that time.

      As long as I draw breath, I swear I will never forget the sight of two people holding hands, and leaping from 108 stories above the hard, concrete sidewalks that I myself have walked, gawking, skywards at one of the wonders of the world. I will not forget them. I will not forget their fall, the spin that finally tore their hands apart as they fell forever, forever down that quarter-mile. I will never stop wondering what they said to each other in that last moment, or their cries to each other as they launched themselves to their deaths, having watched their friends take the same leap a few moments before. I will never forget what an unimaginable hell that their cozy office, full of coffee mugs and pictures of grandchildren, had become in order for them to make that choice, with the ruins of their friends visible on the streets so far below them.

      Worth a read if you can find it.



  4. This is nonsense. More made up news.
    The ham in hamburger has been dropped for years largely owing to the proliferation of burger configurations.
    Instead of boycotting Burger King (note it isn’t called Hamburger King) take a wander in to peruse the menu. Not a ham-burger in sight I’ll warrant.



  5. “Dear World,
    Religion is like a penis. It’s fine to have one and it’s fine to be proud of it, but please don’t whip it out in public and start waving it around… and PLEASE don’t try to shove it down my child’s throat.
    Sincerely, tired of hearing your religious guff”

    Just a little something I saw and like to quote from time to time.



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