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Revealed: Average age of Covid-19 victims is OLDER than life expectancy in Scotland as stark figures show ‘it is predominantly a disease that strikes the elderly’

Connor Boyd Health Reporter For Mailonline

  • Average coronavirus death north of the border is 81 for men and 85 for women
  • Life expectancy for a man in Scotland is 80-and-a-half and females live to 84
  • It suggests that a chunk of the patients who passed away might have died sooner
  • Experts said it reinforces extraordinary impact age has on risk of Covid death
  • The average age patients die from coronavirus in Scotland is older than the age at which people pass away normally, stark figures show.

    National Records of Scotland (NRS) data reveal the median age of a Covid-19 death north of the border is 81 for men and 85 for women.

    By contrast, the life expectancy for a man in Scotland is 80.5 and females typically live to 84, according to the Office for National Statistics.

    It backs claims from top scientists that thousands of the patients who have passed away in the outbreak may have died soon, regardless of the disease.

    The data adds to a mountain of evidence that has showed Covid-19 predominantly strikes the elderly, with schoolchildren more at risk of being hit by lightning than falling victim to the virus.

    Experts approached by MailOnline were split about the significance of the finding, with some claiming it ‘reinforced the extraordinary impact age has on the risk of dying from the coronavirus’.

    Others said they ‘expected the difference to be greater’ and cautioned ‘there is always a risk if you catch Covid-19 you could die’ — regardless of age.

    For the UK as a whole, the median age of coronavirus victims is the same as in Scotland. But general life expectancy is slightly higher on average in the other home nations — 82-and-a-half for men and 85 for women.

  • Cambridge University statistician Sir David Spiegelhalter, who helped MailOnline crunch the numbers, said: ‘These median ages [in Scotland] at death with Covid closely match those in England and Wales.

    ‘It reinforces that Covid-19 follows the familiar pattern of human risk, in which the elderly are hugely more vulnerable than the young.’


  1. The more frightening statistic is that up to 20% of all people that beat the virus will suffer some form of mental illness in the near future and permanent internal organ damage in older survivors is also very common ,F- – -King CCP filth ..
    Have no fear Joe and Kamala will save us all.



    • Truth is that 20% of people suffer mental illness anyway.
      Are you in the 20% like the rest of us.

      How do you tell someone is mentally ill.
      When they appear the same as yourself!



      • Viking ,I’ve just asked everyone in my house at this time if they think I’m totally sane ,luckily for me the cat the dog and the budgie all agree I’m the sanest person they know…



  2. Once again, Japanese stats from Toyokeizai.
    Please see the chart on the left, third row down “Tested Positive By Age (As of 11 November)”
    These are only for those who have tested positive, and ignores assymptomatic individuals.

    Deaths for the under-60 groups is negligible. Even in the 60s group, of the 8,652 positives only 173 died. Bear in mind that although almost none of these people will have been obese, many Japanese men in their 60s will have been smokers for decades. Moreover, a significant number of people in this age group will have hypertension, diabetes, cancer (receiving imune-suppressing medication), and kidney ailments.

    Remind me why NZ is trashing its tourism and international student industries again?



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