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By David Craig

EU has painted itself into a corner – but there is a way out

I’m afraid it’s the EU and Brexit again today. I’m writing this as I haven’t seen this explanation of the situation and solution in any of the mainstream media

EU painted into a corner?

I imagine the EU bureaucrats couldn’t stop laughing. The (IMHO) useless, incompetent, europhiliac, UK-hating Theresa May gave into every single demand the EU negotiators made before they even made them. She crawled and grovelled and prostrated herself to please her EU bosses and betrayed Britain in the process. She then lied and connived and misled her own ministers to try to get them to back her total capitulation to our enemies.

And all the time, the bureaucrats in Brussels celebrated their victory over Britain as they turned us into a vassal region of their undemocratic, wasteful, corrupt superstate. But there was just one problem. In their gloating humiliation of the worthless May, the Eurocrats went too far as they wanted to punish Britain to make sure no other country ever dared leave their German-controlled empire. So the terms the EU imposed on us were so draconian and humiliating that the pathetic, deceitful, piece of garbage May couldn’t get parliament to pass her total capitulation to Brussels.

That left the Eurocrats with a problem – they could not be seen to give any concessions otherwise they would lose face. And no EU bureaucrat ever wants to lose face, however much damage their intransigence causes to ordinary European workers. So we appear to be caught in a dead end. Boris wants the Irish backstop binned. The EU negotiators say this is unacceptable and impossible because they cannot be seen to compromise otherwise they will be portrayed as giving in to the UK.

Stalemate? Not quite.

The way out of the mess?

But the situation is not quite as intractable as the BBC and C4 News and other commentators like to suggest. You have to listen closely to Barnier’s and the Useless Drunk’s words. They have said that nothing can be renegotiated “within their existing mandate”. What they mean is that they cannot renegotiate given the orders they have received from the 27 EU leaders.

However, were the 27 EU leaders to change the mandate they have given Barnier and the Useless Stumbling Rat-arsed Drunk, then everything could be renegotiated without anyone losing face. Barnier and the Useless Rate-faced, Rat-arsed Drunk could just say “our brief has changed” and find a compromise acceptable to both the UK and the EU.

Will this happen? I doubt it as the Eurocrats are relying on (IMHO) scumbag traitors like Hammond, Grieve, Stewart and others of their ilk to destroy the Johnson government and replace Johnson with Corbyn.

But it seems incredible to me that none of the so-called ‘experts’, who pontificate daily on our TVs and in the press have noticed how the gloating Eurocrats have over-reached their power and thus painted themselves into a corner and how easy it would be for the 27 EU leaders to change the terms of the mandate they have given the EU negotiators so the EU negotiators could change tack without losing face.


  1. Boris appears to be planning for a General Election, UK Parliament is in summer recess from 25/7 to 3/9 during which no business is conducted in the commons or lords. This leaves approx 8 weeks for a deal or no deal to be negotiated and the Evil Union has said they will not renegotiate so the question is what happens on 31/10. The remoaners may attempt to legislate something without a majority and ask the Queen for assent but the Queen is Constitutionally bound to take advice of her PM and Boris may say do not sign a royal assent. The UK has currently a fixed term Parliament so a snap election can longer be called but a motion of no confidence if sucessful could enable a GE, the danger is that Corbyn could attempt to form a Govt and then attempt to pass Mays deal or something similar, this poses the question of if the remoaner Tories would actually allow this as many would lose their seats and probably gift some/all of them to The Brexit Party lead by Nigel Farage. If this was attempted and failed its uncharted waters as the current stalemate will continue and possibly the UK would leave the EU 31/10/2019 as that is the default position.
    Jacob Rees Mogg has already told the EU the UK terms are no backstop and a free trade deal by 1/10/2019 or no divorce payment, in the meantime the current court case claiming that Mays extension of the leaving date was Ultra Vires may be decided that way so the UK actually left 29/3/2019 . This mess in scale and complexity is without precedent and books will be written ad nauseam on the tittle tattle and detail of the players and constitutional minutia. In my opinion unless common sense prevails the result will be the demise of the EU, economic damage to all parties with the UK forming a closer relationship with the US and civil unrest pan Europe -the yellow vests in France are now into almost 8 months of protests and the Epstein case in the US should Epstein sing like a canary crucify a whole class of Politicians celebrities and wealthy corporate executives. Beware the ides of Deutsche Bank.



    • The Ides of Deutshe Bank, looks like it will have a major effect, as they carry trillions in derivatives.

      It would seem that unwinding of them may balance out, but it will hit some banks pretty hard, like missing out on the “musical chair game” Just how many chairs/banks short will there be?

      The system has got it all set up and ready with “hair cuts” for the average punter.



  2. If the UK is found to have left 29/2/2019 it would be with no deal? What if any penalties are there if that was found to be the case and what are the advantages? If it wasn’t accepted was that just because May wanted a different exit or indeed no exit at all?

    Should Boris just argue that they have already left as opposed to him stressing about 31 October 2019, or is so much of it just about the border with Northern Ireland?



  3. I do wish that May and her predecsssor had negotaited a better deal with an orderly exit with a trade deal, maybe a small payment and no EU immigration laws etc.

    Just give the Eu a message that their evil laws (yes you Soros) are not wanted in a free democracy.



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