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Exclusive: Senior National MP Nick Smith lashes Simon Bridges’ decision-making in a caucus-wide letter

There’s yet more bad news for Simon Bridges and his leadership wobbles.

Newshub has learned that one of his veteran MPs Nick Smith, an MP for 24 years, has written a letter to Bridges and copied in his entire caucus.

The letter expresses disappointment – or as one of his colleagues put it to Newshub, “he’s pretty pissed” – about Bridges setting up a new COVID-19 policy team.

Smith is the chair of National’s general policy committee and in the letter, he basically suggests it’s a double-up on his work and therefore what’s the point of his committee or his role.

When contacted about the letter, Smith wouldn’t discuss any private communications but said there was no offer of resignation. Several other National MPs have also leaked details to Newshub about the letter.

All of this has played out on the eve of a National Party caucus meeting on Tuesday where Bridges’ leadership and some of his COVID-related judgement calls are expected to come up.

This caucus-wide lashing from a senior MP puts Bridges further on the back-foot.

Talk about being a weak leader. To fight amongst themselves is a very bad look. To set up another (policy)committee, is what we have come to expect from Cindy and co.

For Simon to ignore the experienced and long serving MP Nick Smith has to be the most stupid thing he has done to date.

Time for him to go.

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  1. Well what chance National had of becoming the Government has just been torn to bits by Nick Smith doing a deal with the media devil Tova O’Brien to break the story. Whilst I am not a Simon Bridges fan I have not been prepared to criticize but if Nick Smith and many other National MP’s think they can pull a Jacinda Ardern out of there motley crew they are very much mistaken and will be in opposition for another term.



  2. Bridges was going to be shown the door sooner or later as National have a very low tolerance for non performing leaders. The surprise is that it was Nick Smith who drew first blood as he is aligned with Godboy on the socially conservative rump of the party.

    Once again the religious right have committed electoral hara-kiri. Another three years of Hugzilla looms.



  3. What is overlooked so far is the behaviour of Smith. He has to be sacked to the back benches. Going public on a matter such as this before Caucus is inexcusable. He has totally lost my trust as an MP. Rule one, in capitals, is to stay loyal to your leader in the face of the public. That said, it seems he has the pip because Simon set up another committee that didn’t have Smith as the leader, as a result he has thrown his toys out of the cot. I fail to see why Simon doing this means he has to go. As far as Simon’s comments over Covid 19, I expect him to put an alternative point of view to the Governments, he is leader of the opposition after all, it is his job to do that.



  4. If Nick Smith is Nationals future God Help New Zealand.
    He s way way past his useful date.
    He has promulgated some of the worst legislation we have had (leaky buildings anyone, untreated timberr anyone and is a mate of the god boy that created the RNA)

    If he is the future Jacinda will be there a long time.

    Not a fan of Simons but maybe this was his way of flushng out those that were undermining his leadership. We will see.
    Money Mooroney was pontificating about him last night. Imagine being slayed but that useless slimey tart.

    Who does Smith think should be in charge? He hasn’t offered that information.



  5. I’d like to hear Simon’s reasoning for doubling up with another policy team? What his thought process was, did he do it to undermine Nick Smith’s abilities as chairman of the general policy committee? It smells like underhand internal party politics and now the Nat’s dirty washing is being waved in public. Don’t play games Simon, tell Nick Smith what your thinking is, did you even consult with him? Is Nick causing trouble again, deal with that if that is the case. So many questions



  6. So let me get this straight.

    * Simon Bridges sets up a Covid-19 committee.
    * Nick Smith feels it treads on his space; so has a hissy fit.
    * He does the “whinge and CC everybody” email and
    * For shits and giggles includes the media.

    Is the man a fucking idiot? I don’t like Bridges, but you’d expect a certain level of fucking professional from a National MP, wouldn’t you? Simon would be justified to fire the fucker.



  7. As a National supporter I am more than disappointed in Bridges, not because of presentation but of policy. I looked to National to promise removal of much of the coalition of clowns lousy legislation, Guns laws a start and the lack of such statements indicate Bridges agrees with much of the clowns legislation. I will vote for my National electorate MP but my party vote goes to ACT which me and my wife are joining as David Seymour has been the lone voice of common sense for some time. If National keep writing asking for party membership and cash but their MPs fail to acknowledgement e mails from supporters it will be no surprise that being ignored does little to endear them.



    • Freethinker. My problem exactly, the Nat’s do not currently have any policies that are set in concrete, and they will only create these policies after the lock down has ended. I tried to find out from my local MP (no names) what Nat policies were set in oncrete. All I got was basically a flagging off, and a request to ‘Come back after the lock down has ended and we will have some policies then’. When I pointed out that some of us wanted to know ahead of time what these policies were, I was basically just dismissed and left in no doubt at all that what I was asking was inconvenient and really, was total waste of their time. I did get the impression, based to a degree by Simon Bridges comments and actions, that the current National Party really has no ‘set in concrete’ policies, but makes things up on the hoof, a bit like the SLG.l. Perhaps that’s why they are somewhat derisively known in some circles as ‘Labour light’. Definitely not what Holyoake or Muldoon, Holland et al had in mind, but now the parties are basically indistinguishable. It was on that basis (seeking to find a visible Distinction between the two parties), that I posed the question. As you can see the reply with less than impressive. The problem is, that NZF is not an option, ACT is too small and none of the CoL components appeal. So what is left? At this stage of the game, absolutely nothing. It seem to be a waste of a perfectly good pair of votes not to exercise that right, but for what option…? At this stage, I have absolutely no idea.



      • I maintain; vote for the party who has policies you believe in. ACT cannot grow with their well thought out set of policies if they do not get votes. By not voting for them you’re not creating that momentum to grow a credible opposition.

        You can also do the split between ACT (Party) / National (Electorate). That gives us the best possible opportunity to get rid of Ardern.



  8. I quote Heather du Plessis-Allan, “Then there’s the question of the brand damage a coup would do. National’s made a point of talking up its discipline and stability. A coup screams the opposite, especially this close to an election.”



  9. John Armstrong’s opinion: Simon Bridges has to go, but is there another leader in National’s ranks?

    First, National’s caucus could stick with the status quo. Taking the “do nothing” option and retaining Bridges as leader would mean a miracle of Biblical proportions would be required for the party to return to power. A far more likely scenario is that National will find itself on the receiving end of a thrashing of severe magnitude when September’s election rolls around.

    Should the caucus choose to stick with this strategy, which isn’t a strategy, it would be advisable for it to bend down on its collective knees ASAP and start praying for divine intervention.

    Regardless of whether or not unsourced rumours that some MPs are poised to mount a coup against him have any basis, you can be very sure of one thing, there will be a lot of talk going on. Though that might not result in much discernible action.



      • I don’t believe a word of it Ross12. The msm Labour support propaganda machine is working full tilt to win the election for their chosen leader. If YSB can trumpet their obvious hypocrisy then I’m happy to go retrieve it for others to read.



        • Camp Ardern is concerned. How much did they pay Armstrong to write that waffle?
          To dump Bridges now would be madness. Im counting on him ripping Cindy to pieces in the election debates.
          There is a list of shit and fuck ups as long as my arm to fire off. She wont cope.



  10. It’s a little quiet on YSB this morning. More people must be commuting to work again. If you are commuting back to work, how have things changed at the office or work site?

    Time to check out the local circus at Macdonalds…



  11. I can’t see why he needs to go, sometimes I wonder if there is bias because he has Maori heritage, the fault in this matter lies with Smith.

    I say this as someone who has often been accused of being racist.

    Having just gotten out of hospital again last week, I ended up being in a room with a former law lecturer, she left as I began my degree. As we were discussing people we ‘knew’ in common, she said that one of the other law lectureres referred to the Fijian students as ‘silverbacks’, now that’s racist!!!.



    • …..”I wonder if there is bias because he has Maori heritage”…..

      Very unlikely. It’s never done Paula Bennett any harm to be part Maori so there’s little reason why Godboy’s lack of popularity & resonance with NZ is racial. In fact for all I disagree with National’s recent policies or lack thereof they have never struck me as being racist & that’s going back to time of Ben Couch & the appointment of Peter Tapsell as speaker. If Winston Peters had stayed on course he was guaranteed to be the first Maori PM.

      Rather it’s Bridges lack of charisma in an age of presidential politics. Like English he would be a handy behind the scenes man but he doesn’t have what it takes in front of the cameras or under pressure.

      Horses for courses & Godboy wouldn’t cut it pulling the haycart never mind galloping the last furlong at Ellerslie.



    • Winston started the campaign to get rid of Simon because of his personal hatred for Simon stealing his electorate from under him. For that reason alone I would stick with him just to piss off the old charlatan.

      Sean Plunket reckons Judith Collins was the Nat party leaker to Newshub. Stop playing games Judith. It’s not helping.



  12. That is new shub and I would not waste my time reading it.
    I will go with what Editor has posted above.

    Elements to consider:-
    1. Tova No’Brain. Who would believe her. She is more than compromised. She is dishonest and unashamedly biased. No’Brain was probably one of the many bints that Jami lee Ross was shagging in Wellington. Further bias. She was still getting inside info and dirt when Ross was in fight or flight mode. Probably shagging him for that info as well.
    She is a low life so no credibility. A typical thin-lipped Irish shrew.

    2. The article above is wrong on a key point. One would think a ‘political reporter’ would know Nick Smith entered parliament in 1990 with Bill English, Tony Ryall, and a few others who formed a close bond. It is more than 24 years since 1990. Perhaps Grant Robber son is doing the math!

    3. Nick Smith is known to have mental health issues and had a breakdown when he became deputy leader of Notional (in opposition) in 2003. He has a history of lapses of judgement and pushes himself with all nighters that leave him not thinking straight.

    His behaviour over Bronwyn Pullar caused massive damage to Notional. What’s new?

    4. After THIRTY years in Parliament (way too long) Smith has no achievements to be proud of. He is indecisive and in ministerial roles took ages to make any decision. He was part of the mob that signed us up to the $1.4 billion a year for 10 years on the Paris Climate Crap -What an arsehole.

    Outcome. Bridges is hopeless. We know that.
    Nick Smith is even worse and should be long gone.
    Question : Did Tova No’Brain shag Nick Smith or someone else in Notional to get this or is she making shit up .. she has form?

    Notional’s big issue.
    It has a hopeless leader and suggested alternatives are poor.
    It’s succession planning has been appalling and Notional needs to revamp its selection process to address this.
    It brought in Aaron Gilmore ‘do you know who I am’ ; Todd Barclay was hung out to dry.

    The only possible bright light would be Chris Bishop. This is only from a casual observation. His background of PR for a tobacco company will be a weak spot and will be exploited by the media filth exercising their usual dirty politics and dishonest um, ah, er reporting(?)
    Simeon Brown might be another.

    They need to be ready with phase two and phase three players. They are not.
    You cannot be born to rule if you are not fit to rule.

    At present there is too much deadwood blocking the chimney at Notional and it needs a roaring fire to burn it off. The glowing coals without any real fire are just smoking out the place.
    Some of that got blown up my butthole.

    Bridges needs to roar like a lion or bugger off.
    He will not roar but might meow a bit and cuddle up to ArDoom in front of the glowing embers of our economy.

    The leader of the opposition is David Seymour.
    Vote ACT.



    • Well put howitis.

      But although I agree that “Nick Smith is even worse and should be long gone” that is wishful thinking. For all his bumbling he is very well thought of in his Nelson electorate. If he wasn’t selected for National the voters could well return a Green MP as the area is rotten with tree huggers.

      They’re stuck with him.



    • My local MP is zandrew Bayley, who I am reasonably impressed with. As I told him however, I am still voting ACT fue to National supporting the gun confiscation and other policies. If I wanted a Labour government, I would have voted for one.



  13. Bridges is gone. It’s just that the god addled and old boy networks, keep his decaying corpse hanging around.

    Abort, euthanize and smoke a joint. We need less State control, not Simon adding to the totalitarian horrors of the Ardern regime.



  14. Simon Bridges doesn’t have to go because he has upset Nick Smith.

    Simon Bridges has to go because he’s a inarticulate wishy-washy dribble , a complete moron who doesn’t have a clue or any intelligent ideas about how to get NZ out of this mess.

    Also, the public despise him and just having his name associated with the Nats is enough to put huge swathes of New Zealanders off voting National.

    (Also, Nick Smith is well past his use-by date….)



  15. The difference between all political parties over the last decades and now, is that back in the day they all had a manifesto. that they mostly tried to implement when elected.They even used to try and explain why they failed.

    Now they don’t bother, just make it up as they go along ,sadly with cross party support.

    Bloody MMP — there is no accountability

    I predict a voter turnout of less than 50 % if and when we have an election.
    And I hope I am very very wrong



  16. Nobody is owning up to a tip at leadership, so actually it is all just speculation by the msm…

    National MPs leaking: Internal polling number not shown to caucus since February

    Simon Bridges is among those trying to hold onto their jobs during the COVID-19 crisis, as disgruntled National MPs leak and plot against him, with some saying internal polling numbers haven’t been seen since February.

    National MP Todd Muller is among the rumoured National Party leadership contenders, but the answer to the question of whether that’s really a possibility is always no.

    But when Newshub asked whether he’d run for leadership – he dodged.



    • Oh great. Another Godaddled social conservative crawls out of the woodwork.

      Look around you National. You have the vote of every hardcore religious control freak in the bag. Every fucking one of them & they don’t add up to even 35% of the electorate. The 15% of centrists you need are out there but all they want is sane economic management & the right to run their own lives without assistance from the supernatural!



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