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Businesses Who Are Discriminatory.




Noting the Kiwi Businesses Who Are Discriminatory.

If you need to be vaccinated soon, (because you are forced to, so you can see your family, etc ), take note of the businesses that choose medical discrimination over your freedom not to be clot-shotted. They are not worthy of your custom. You should do your best to never give them your money ever again. It’s simply Unkiwism and you should stand against any form of discrimination.

We can start publishing a list. We should be really sad how businesses are falling over themselves to declare the unvaccinated as lower-class citizens, and will not be welcome in their stores or in their planes. Even if you are double vaccinated, we can assume those businesses will treat your money as filthy and unwanted.

So let’s start a list of all the woke businesses who have caved to the pressure from our useless politicians, pseudo-experts, and other Karens.

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  1. How about avoiding Phizer meds.
    suggested that several weeks ago.

    how anout voting to remove politicans who support this discrimination.
    We have racial, ethnic, age discrimination agender discrimanation, and so on..
    Surley this is no different?



    • What would happen if nobody voted? No online voting occurred? The polling booths were unattended all day long. Workers didn’t even turn up. Parliament dissolved for the Term or Suspended? What happens then? Can or does Parliament re-open with the same Mob?
      With incompetence comes a lack of faith, trust and belief.
      I would love to know how that would look if it played out like that. Who would step in to govern our country?



  2. That is OK if they don’t want to do business with me that is fine, I am OK with it. I have places I have to shop and so perhaps will go on line and order it, perhaps get friends to go in and buy the product I have to have if I can’t enter their store. I won’t be happy about it but there are many ways around this. I don’t have to particularly go out to dinner or coffee, buy clothes etc if that is what they all want. It’s not living but what the hell, we have not been really living for a long time 18 months or longer? Can’t travel for MIQ places etc, II bet once the true bloods all are not allowed in, their business sales will suffer and once their clients start dying off well good they will have to close the doors and will be laughing on the other sides of their faces.



    • I read the other day on YSB that it is estmated 60,000 businesses have closed becuase of covid. That’s a lot and here s the thing.
      Many of them will be looking at starting again so those that are being fucked in the head stupid, just might face some competition from others who know about being broke.
      Share the Love.



    • I feel the same way. We don’t have to shop in their stores if they wish to discriminate against the non-vaxxed that’s on them. They should be prepared to head for Court on multiple discrimination charges, by multiple people I would think. Any Lawyer should pick that type of case up. It would only need to happen once maybe twice and other businesses will take note and reverse their stance.



  3. Currently i refuse to spend my money in shops that are mask nazis.
    Down here everyday theres more and more businesses giving the middle finger to masks and cindy, wife went into a shop yesterday masked up to avoid karens snaring and the person behind the counter quickly barked “get that shit off your face” wifey was stoked.

    I can forgive all but the worst mask nazi shops but any that discriminate on vax status i certainly will remember for a long time, tho these will likely be hospitality type venues so it wont affect us too much but any retail that does so will miss my money for quite some time.
    If the supermarkets and 99% of other shops implement it then i shall join the 10s of thousands of protesters and rioters that also disagree



  4. They are definitely out there: “Even if vaccine passports weren’t mandated, he would like to see the Government give a hand to those who want it…”

    Coronavirus: Hospitality industry keen for vaccine passport, some less keen to pay for it

    Epic Hospitality director Greig Wilson supported the idea of a vaccine passport whether it was mandated or not.

    He was in favour of it being mandated but was prepared to implement it himself at his string of bars on Courtenay Place and Dixon Street – the heart of Wellington’s nightlife.

    “Everyone has to do their bit otherwise we’re going to be going around in circles and COVID’s going to be popping up around the country and holding the country back.”

    Even if vaccine passports weren’t mandated, he would like to see the Government give a hand to those who want it – such as a system or app that could be shown to staff to facilitate the enforcement of vaccine passports.

    Name: Epic Hospitality director Greig Wilson his string of bars on Courtenay Place and Dixon Street



  5. We also need to create a list of places where the outcast are welcome. Because that is far more helpful for us all. There will be plenty that don’t agree with preventing our access to essential goods and services. If the govt want to create separatism, then we can create a separate society.

    The ones that choose to exclude us are of no interest to me – and most are providing non-essential goods and services at this stage, anyway. Cafes, restaurants, bars, etc. are all “nice to haves” but one thing lockdown has taught us is that we actually do perfectly fine without them.



  6. Well we can add Patterson Burn Optometrists Cambridge to a list. Called in to make an appointment for them to gouge me for another $2000 +. I was wearing a mask but not over my nose, it fogs up my glasses. A young Karen comes out from the back, looks at me and says I have to cover my nose. I explained it fogs up my glasses, and I am unable to see. Made no difference to her, she said they are health professionals and need to be protected.
    I said you aren’t health professionals, just retailers of glasses, said I will take my busines elsewhere, and walked out.
    Fucken nazi bitch.



  7. Buy on line Ed. (I use Google4u but there plenty of other options). I have bought about 4 pairs over the last 10+ yrs and have had no problems. All you need is a current prescription which you get free from Spec Savers if you are an AA member



  8. Ive been doing this a while now and it’s a shock how little you need to buy. I’ve got the garden productive, even over winter. One cow can supply 5 families with dairy, so anyone with cows has plenty to spare. Mask friendly butchers are easy to find for some reason. The rest of the crap, just stop buying it. The fam have saved quite a bit more than usual, cause we stopped buying crap.



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