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Bye Bye Wynstone




National and ACT hold the numbers to form a government

National and ACT remain on top in the latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton Poll, just pulling together the numbers to form a Government.

It comes as Labour enjoys its first increase in months, alongside a drop in support for NZ First and the Green Party.

National Party – 46% (Steady)

Labour Party – 41% (Up 2%-points)

Green Party – 5% (Down 2%-points)
New Zealand First – 3% (Down 1%-point)
ACT – 2% (Steady)
Māori Party – 1% (Steady)
New Conservative – 1% (Steady)
Don’t know or refused – 17%

Labour’s rise to 41 per cent came after falling to its lowest result in two years during the November 2019 poll – 39 per cent.

Labour’s results had been sliding, with today’s result the first increase since July 2019.

However, its rise seemed to come at the expense of its Government partners, with the Green Party falling from seven per cent down to five, and NZ First going from four per cent to three.

Lets see how this will play out in the coming days. The Wynstonefirst pardy is in all sorts of strife. He will be under pressure to collapse the COL to try and get his polling numbers up. A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots. Wynstone has collapsed every coalition he has been in. Just wait for the inevitable excuse.


  1. New Zealand has been enjoying good economic conditions for over a generation and a half since 1987. Japan has been mired in a slow-growth quagmire since the early 1990s.
    I suspect that many Chinese have no idea of what a recession can be like, since all they have known since the 1980s has been year after year after year of high economic growth. (A bit like in Japan from the 1950s until the late 1980s.) Still, all good things must come to an end.
    When? (I have no idea.) But sooner or later it will happen.



    • We need a collapse. House prices need to be trimmed by 70% for starters.

      We have become decadent and stupid. We need humbling to focus our minds on reality and the things that matter. Not just to reset the economy but to reset us socially.



      • Recessions, Kea, are strange things.
        It’s very hard to tell that you are falling into one until after the fact. The country seems to enter a recession very slowy at first, and then very rapidly. (It’s a bit like crossing the event horizon. You won’t really know until it’s too late!)

        After the recession, people will recall their pre-recession behavior with incredularity. “How could we have been so stupid?” They will say to each other. And yet at the time, paying such crazy prices for things and taking on so much debt seemed like the most sensible thing in the world to do.



  2. There’s definitely some promise in these figures.

    Ok, I’m bummed out that Labour went up by 2 percent, but Winston First is still out and (even better) the Greens are hovering perilously close to the 5 percent threshold.

    I believe that the Nats will stay at around 46-47. Act too will hover around 2 percent.
    I also believe that (unfortunately) the Greens will get about 6 percent, but I **really** hope I’m wrong there! I would LOVE to see the Greens booted out!

    We are **sooooo close** to seeing Cindy get the arse card! **Surely** they can drop 1 or 2 percent! They will **definitely** do that if coronavirus arrives here. Oh, and there’s NZ First’s stinky scandal – that should rub off on Labour a bit too.

    Even though Labour has the media in their pocket, they still need to have everything go **perfectly** over the next few months.
    ONE slip-up – just ONE – and Cindy is OUT!

    Heck – who knows, the Greens might even be below the threshold **now**.
    It’s likely that the pollers round figures to the nearest integer so maybe the Greens actually got (say) 4.6 percent support in this poll.



  3. Having a Deputy Prime Minister taking pictures of detractors, STASI style makes you wonder what else Peters would do to hold on to the reins of power. He needs to stand down IMMEDIATELY. He is no longer fit to be Honourable DPM, or a servant of the New Zealand Public. Bridges needs to call for a vote of No Confidence in the Government and deny the political party NZ First any say in the matter.



  4. No it would not. The fools who paid too much for a house can simply keep paying it off. The banks who preyed on their greed and stupidity won’t call in the mortgage.

    Why should this fake failed economy be propped up to support bad investments in housing?



  5. I reckon some folks in Labour are going to lose their cool soon.

    They’ve been lazy and have let Winnie run circles around them, but he’ll be concentrating on his own problems now.

    Jacinda might find that she doesn’t have much of a team behind her.



  6. Bummer Bradbury just got trolled with the comment on the year on his post re the TVNZ Poll:

    “Boris Klarkov February 13, 2020 at 7:05 pm
    On the bright side that poor, exploited infant Neve Ardern-Sroubek is going to be taken somewhere Cindy can’t hurt her any more.”

    I almost lost continence at that one.



  7. What would really make me supremely happy is if Winston comes out of the whole SFO investigation looking a tad less smug. Like dressed in striped pyjmas rather than striped suits… handcuffs rather than sleeve cuffs….



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