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Can Cindy and Her Cabal Be Trusted?




Another Cover-up?




Revelations that firearms licences were included in the Ministry of Culture and Heritage’s Tuia250 data breach has further eroded trust with licenced firearms owners.

Council of Licenced Firearms Owners (COLFO) spokesperson Nicole McKee says:

“This latest revelation shows yet another government privacy breach putting licenced firearms owners and their families at risk.

“What’s more intolerable is that it looks like the Ministry of Culture was more concerned with saving the government from embarrassment than disclosing the nature of the breach to the public.”

McKee says that this is the type of data breach licenced firearms owners fear with the proposed firearms register.

“In the space of a few months we have seen multiple breaches of licenced firearms owners’ privacy. First with the Police firearms notification system and now with Tuia250.

“This culture of privacy breaches shows that the government’s proposed firearms register will be a danger to the licenced firearms community.”

From Newshub

Firearms licences were among personal details breached in Tuia250 security failure

Newshub can reveal firearms licences were among the personal data breached in the massive Tuia250 digital security failure and the Government kept it secret.

The Opposition is accusing the Prime Minister of a cover-up but Jacinda Ardern’s Ministry for Culture and Heritage denies it was hiding anything from the public.

It was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime commemorating 250 years since the first encounters between Māori and Pakeha. But before the journey even began, Tuia250 was marred by a massive Government security breach in August 2019.

It was revealed hundreds of personal documents were left online – free for the taking. And Newshub has uncovered one form of ID the Government did not tell the public about – gun licences.

National MP Dr Shane Reti told Newshub: “Jacinda Ardern’s ministry knew the firearms licences had been stolen within 24 hours of the data breach but right now to today they haven’t brought that into the public domain.”

When the breach occurred, the Ministry for Culture and Heritage released a list of all forms of identification that were accessible, including passports, birth certificates, drivers licences, school IDs and visas.

But information obtained by Newshub under the Official Information Act shows firearms licences were also breached, which the Government neglected to mention.

“That’s not good,” Dr Reti said. “Why was it kept secret?”

The Prime Minister told Newshub: “Ultimately, we had to manage that the breach itself was very problematic.”

The National Party says the timing is fishy.

“I think it’s because Jacinda Ardern knew a gun register was going to be announced in three weeks’ time and she didn’t want to look unreliable or incompetent,” Dr Reti said.

The Ministry for Culture and Heritage refused Newshub’s repeated requests for an interview over the course of a week and instead released a statement.

The statement read, “There were a small number of firearms licenses and the risk of the licenses being illegally used was low.”

But with the Government trying to establish a gun register, National says it raises questions.

“I don’t think that they can be trusted with a gun register,” Dr Reti said.

The breach prompted the Prime Minister to order some ministries – including Treasury, Defence, Housing and Transport – to only contract Government-approved companies for digital projects.

At first, it was thought 302 young people had revealed their personal details to the trainee programme but the actual number was 403.

The details were uploaded to an externally contracted website which was then compromised, exposing their details.

Who would have thought this could happen AND expect to cover it up. Only Cindy could be so stupid to think this was ever going happen.

They think after this they can run a gun register and expect the public to have confidence in them.

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    • Whatcha complaining about?

      The website was Open and Transparent.

      Does Cindy have to explain everything twice (stamps foot)
      She is a busy person and has kindergartens to visit, Guardian interviews to give, dress ups, and Pacific Island trips.
      Honestly, all that and the constant head bobbing is very tiring.
      Jeez wayne.



  1. A firearms register would put LFO’s and their families at risk. It would be a shopping list once it fell into the wrong hands. It only takes one gang plant, one bribe or blackmail in the police, and this information would be out. That’s apart from all the security breaches we’ve already seen. A register won’t stop any gun crime and it won’t assist the police.



    • Exactly Saggy, but does Ardern worry about that?
      Breaching ministry protocols leading to Breach of data security, that can aid and abet others in the possible commission of crimes.
      At the same time she wants ‘adhans’ called out all over NZ.

      John Edwards, the Privacy Commissioner, ” …… some cases there may be even physical security concerns ,”
      seems to be in the know about the firearms licences, and has the same concerns.



    • The only possible reason for a register is so the police know what to confiscate the next time. The only semi auto rifles they can be sure of having got back are the ones registered by “E” category licence holders. Those I know who have had their guns confiscated are unanimous that they will not be registering anything else. What a great way to increase the stock of black and grey market guns.



  2. The bobbing possum in the head lights.

    The most transparent government ever?
    But a form of cover up!

    Lying by omission.
    When the hijab is on then that version is called ‘kitman’.

    Stephieboy’s squirrel, now her own self breed squirrel.

    Just a small number of gun licences? yeah right!
    So after the cover up, then we are to believe them. yeah nahhhhh,

    So now “aiding and abetting”, that is the people who wrongfully received the information, and then may lead others to commit a crime, as they would figure this enhances the targets they may have in mind.
    It would seem the Privacy Commissioner knew about the dangers.
    John Edwards, the Privacy Commissioner, said people are vulnerable to identity theft if all their identity documents are exposed.
    “There’s a possibility they could be subject to fraud and in some cases there may be even physical security concerns ,”

    Another reason why the concern about “physical security”, so did the commissioner know?

    It sounds like the fire arms licencees were not even told, so that they could have replacement fire arms licences issued, free of charge, or did they?

    Not following manuals, protocols again.
    The public “deserves to know if the website developer was awarded the contract because of a personal relationship rather than following proper procurement processes”

    A professional liar,
    Walter Scott:- O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!
    Once a liar, always a liar!, worse than a nun or a muslima in a bad habit. 🙁



  3. Second tranche of gun law reforms won’t pass before March 15 anniversary

    New Zealand will commemorate the first anniversary of the Christchurch terrorist attack without a promised second tranche of gun law reform in place.

    Legislation to establish a national firearms register, new licensing requirements and bulked-up penalties for non-compliance has stalled on its way through parliament.

    In the aftermath of the March 15 atrocity, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern moved swiftly to pass laws to ban semi-automatic weapons and introduce a gun buyback scheme.

    However, the second round of reform is stuck, falling short of the impressive bipartisanship that carried the first round of changes. Ardern denied being disappointed at the bill’s sluggishness.



  4. you say
    ‘falling short of the impressive bipartisanship that carried the first round of changes.’

    Code for :-
    Notional realises they farked up and alienated a hell of a lot of their supporters and possible voters.
    Cooling the jets while they assess the damage of supporting bad legislation(with great frequency) .

    119 -1.
    ACT will be your (sole) voice for freedom of speech.



    • “Notional realises they farked up and alienated a hell of a lot of their supporters and possible voters”

      That was made crystal clear to Chris Bishop and Barbara Kuriger when they attended the public meeting in Te Awamutu last year to a gathering of licensed firearm users, many of whom were ready to run Bishop out of town!! To be fair, once he listened to their very real concerns he took a very long list of reasons for National refusing to back further change to the laws.



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