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Zimbabwe VP Blames Famine On ‘White Man’ Failing To Teach Them Economics

Baxter Dmitry:

Eighteen years after Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwean government seized large swathes of land from white farmers and forcibly evicted them, the famine-hit nation’s Vice President is blaming the crisis on the “white man” not teaching them economics.

Zimbabwe has been tasked with famines, starvations, and hyperinflation since a revolution and the land seizures topped it from its perch as the “breadbasket of Africa” to an underdeveloped, starving nation with a barely functional economy.

In a tweet captioned, “Zimbabwe’s Vice President Kembo Mohadi has blamed the country’s former colonial masters, Britain for not teaching Zimbabweans how to run their economy. He says since gaining independence from Britain in 1980, Zimbabweans only know how to run small businesses,” a local news outlet ran an interview where the Vice President blames white people for the long-lasting hardship.

According to News 24, the Vice President was “addressing the ruling Zanu PF provincial structures in Gwanda, south east of Bulawayo,” when he made the remarks.

Mohadi begins by addressing Zimbabwe’s economic troubles and poses the question: “Is it government that is causing that?”

After a brief pause, he adds, “How are they causing it? I’m saying this because, one, we got our political independence, but the white man never gave us the knowledge of how the run the economy.”

NationalFile report: Social media commenters, including Zimbabweans, were outspokenly ashamed by Mohadi’s statement.

This is an embarrassing moment of epic proportions. Why lead if you are clueless? No wonder our country continues to slide deeper into the doldrums,” one Zimbabwean angrily remarked.

Another said, “They blame whites for their complete failure to feed themselves and run the economy. Kill, torture, rape white farmers or burn them out. They’re good at that and brill at corruption. Reap what you sow was never truer than in Zimbabwe.”

Over 4.3 million Zimbabweans face food insecurity as economic troubles hamper the country’s ability to prosper.

Zimbabwe was formerly a prosperous nation largely governed by Europeans and focused on productive farmland known as Rhodesia. After a violent civil war in the early 1980s, the new government of Zimbabwe began the process of seizing farmland from white owners and giving it to blacks as reparations. Since this policy began, Zimbabwe’s food supply has become entirely dependent on international sources.

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  1. Always the white bloke or woman, no one else is ever to blame these days, from not teaching them enough to keeping them as slaves or oppression or any excuse, and there are a lot of white people to blame for stuff lots of black people are to blame for things that happened as well. According to the leftists and the nations who are totally incompetent. Evidently white people have had a far better life than them etc etc, on and on it goes. They need to read history. Its a very strange world we are living in.



  2. For many years scientists have searched for the “Unified Theory.” I have discovered at last and it is and it is as beautifully simple as everyone thought it would be. “Everything is Always Whitey’s Fault.”



  3. It’s interesting to consider, that after some 4000 years of settlement, Africans are still proving that they are incapable of developing the processes necessary to produce food in large quantities, especially to feed others besides themselves. This latest little outburst merely serves to prove the point. The Europeans had the technology, the nous, the incentive, and the willingness, to create food for the millions. They left, and things reverted to ‘African’ methods, with the results being what we see. The phrase ‘Self inflicted injury’ do come to mind, although it’s a shame that so many are afflicted as a result…



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