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Canada Reaps What They Have Sown




Quebec: Restaurant tells family their wine will be taken away because Sharia-adherent Muslims are coming in.

Robert Spencer;

The principle is always and everywhere the same: in Muslim countries, one must conform one’s behavior to Islamic sensibilities. And in non-Muslim countries, one must conform one’s behavior to Islamic sensibilities.

It was December 7. Suzanne A. was delighted to introduce her family to this wonderful little restaurant. She had been there ten times. As a family, it was going to be the first time. For Danielle, her little sister’s party, it was perfect.

There were eight of them that afternoon: his brothers and sisters and their respective spouses.

Because the restaurant is a “bring your own wine” establishment, they also had four bottles of wine.

It was also a “bring your cake” that day: when Suzanne had made the reservation two weeks earlier, the owner had agreed that they would bring a cake for Danielle’s party.

Suzanne is therefore among the first to arrive. It’s the owner’s wife who welcomes them. She recognizes the owner, who is mopping the floor.

The guests arrive little by little. The bottles should be opened, someone says, at the table …

The owner’s wife, who is wearing a hijab, opens the bottles. But she warns the group: at half past twelve, I will have to remove the bottles and glasses …

Consternation in Suzanne’s table: take away the wine, but why?

Explanations from the owner’s wife: there is a group that made a reservation, very religious Muslims, they do not want there to be wine in the restaurant …

“She was nervous, she felt bad,” recalls Suzanne.

The group rebelled, there was no question of accepting such a diktat. They tried to parley (without success), to have explanations from the owner (unavailable, dixit his wife) and to offer compromises (depositing the bottles on the ground), nothing helped.

Jean-Pierre A.: “I saw the table, the table of the other group. She was in another section, far from ours. They wouldn’t have seen us, where they were from … ”

Suzanne A.: “The discussion with the owner’s wife was taking place when the table was empty, the group had not arrived. I offered to go see them when they arrived to explain that they wouldn’t see the alcohol, where they were from. The woman said if they knew there was alcohol in the restaurant, they would not go in there … ”

Nothing to do, therefore.

The Suzanne A. clan finally left, right after the soup they didn’t have to pay for. No question of making this absurd compromise.

They went to celebrate Danielle’s 71st birthday in an Italian restaurant nearby….

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  1. If this is true, it’s a sad reflection on how politically correct we have become in the western world to accommodate them.
    However the story also says, the owners wife was wearing a hijab, so perhaps they should have chosen a restaurant that was not of that persuasion as I guess its their place their rules.
    Muslims do not compromise at all on anything and we certainly should know this by now. We should not either, they chose to move to western countries and they should live their lives according to the way of life of the country they moved to, people should not change their way of life to suit them either. I am sure they believe it shows weakness, and it certainly does.



  2. I regard Canada as an enemy State of authoritarians. You should too.

    This sort of madness needs to stop. It will ultimately work against muslims.



  3. Such is the insanity gripping Canada that this is quite believable I’m afraid. And it will be coming to New Zealand in due course too especially with a leftist appeaser like Ardern as PM. Here’s a link to the original story in the (French) Canadian press:

    Always keep in mind that when Muslim numbers are small they are very concerned with the rights of minorities. When Muslims are a majority there are NO minority rights.



  4. This situation exists because the people keep on voting for the political parties who allow it to happen. Therefore, we the voters are responsible for the situation we find ourselves in.
    If National and Labour are the “status quo” parties, then something like 85% of voters are happy with the way things are.

    Look on the bright side: things can change overnight, for we are always only ever three square meals away from revolution.



    • O-sen is correct.

      This is why I don’t blame the muslims (or jews) for their mischief. You give any group of people protected status, there will be those who push the limits and abuse it.

      And we get the politicians we deserve.



    • “This situation exists because the people keep on voting for the political parties who allow it to happen. Therefore, we the voters are responsible for the situation we find ourselves in.”

      Are you sure? It’s the same argument of those who say “we are all responsible” for the violent and intolerable abuse or any other ills of individuals who do such harm to children. It is “woke” to spread the blame across society, but not everyone is responsible for your child and how you treat them. Nor are voters who don’t vote for left parties responsible for lefty values and their crap political/social engineering policies. No thanks, take responsibility for your own actions…



        • My point is those who didn’t vote for the horrible lefties are not responsible for their bumbling, corrupt/incompetent decision making. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡



          • I agree with your point that most of us here probably did not vote for the “horrible lefties,” however, we are all kind of in the same boat together.



  5. Well hell; should have gone Italian in the first place.

    Canada is woken and broken.
    It always had the propensity for that.
    I went there in the 1980s. I have zero inclination to ever return.
    They tend to be small minded.
    There is a strong but small segment that fight back which is why they have some strong internet commentators.

    Here is a typical Canadian traveler 🙂



  6. Banning a few bottles of booze ,pffffffft our grandstanding PM has gone about disarming the entire population of our country and people are worried about booze FFS.



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