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Cannabis hysteria? Guest Post from nasska




The hysteria around the Cannabis legalisation & control referendum threatens to unhinge the conservative blogerati. Your correspondent doesn’t pretend not to hold a bias on the subject but would like to get the history behind the drug & its use out in the open.
From the time of European settlement there was no NZ legislation covering the growing, supply or use of indian Hemp as cannabis was then known.  Indeed it was a major ingredient of proprietary medicines claimed to cure coughs, colds, sores, moles & pimples on the dicky.
The current law owes its existence to a scare about the effects of hashish on a group of Egyptians back in the 1920′s. Anecdotally the labourers employed digging the Suez Canal were getting stoned & not working hard enough so for some reason the matter was brought to the attention of the League of Nations. This august body in their infinite wisdom decided at a convention held in Geneva that marijuana should be controlled & they put the pressure on member nations. NZ politicians being good little suckholes readily agreed.
As is the wont of governmental control freaks everywhere, when laws regarding use of opiates were altered or introduced the opportunity was taken to slip marijuana use in under the radar. The legislation was the NZ Dangerous Drugs Bill of 1927 passed to ratify the 1925 Geneva Convention on Traffic in Opium and Other Drugs.
Worth noting is that the Geneva initiative did not require individual nations to make possession or use an imprisonable offence….this came about because it was tacked on to a bill regulating sale & use of opiates.
….”For more than thirty years the cannabis prohibitions remained unchanged
 and apparently unenforced: throughout that period there seem to have been no 
reported cannabis offences and use of the drug was virtually unknown.”…..
In the 60′s as a response to US Government hysteria, (again anecdotally linked to a desire by the authorities for a club to bash the Bohemians, forerunners of the hippies) control there was toughened to include the growing of Indian Hemp, an activity not previously banned.
NZ laws were tightened in the early 60s when the police took a case against an Auckland truck driver involving use & possession but charges were thrown out of court.
The current opposition to the subject of the referendum is not concern over health nor addiction but the reaction of control freaks who fear the erosion of their authority.
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  1. Nasska , We have an overabundance of half crazy F–Kwits in this Country already without making it legal for them to sit around smoking dope and losing the last small parts of their ambition to have a future.
    Psychotic episodes in the young will explode and we will all pay the price, dope is a gateway drug to a lifetime of misery for a small percentage of vulnerable people and with the huge supply of crack available we’d have to be stupid to think that one wont lead to another,because it does.



      Millions smoke dope/have smoked dope without becoming addicts and meth heads.

      Its not ideal but the human being has a propensity to try things.
      Rather dope than meth.

      We can compare the rise of dope with the banning of ecstasy.
      Once that was banned (for no good reason other then political clap trap), meth use soared out o control.
      It will never be contained again.



    • ……”We have an overabundance of half crazy F–Kwits in this Country”……

      True. It’s also fair to state that they’ve always been with us. The particular subset you refer to live to “get out of it” & their normal vehicle is legal, readily available alcohol. If alcohol (or the means to purchase it) is in short supply then there’s meths strained through a bread roll, boot polish, glue or your wife’s favourite cactus plant ripped out of the garden & boiled up for soup.

      Remove cannabis & they’ll move on to something else. It’s not case of potential movers & shakers being laid low by pot but of useless human wretches being stoned, useless human wretches.

      Any delay to the cure for cancer is likely to be minimal.



  2. It’s a no from me.
    Chloe Swarbrick travelling round Schools telling our impressionable kids how ‘amazeballs’ Cannabis is makes me hate Stoners and hate this lunatic Government even more…



  3. What somebody does in the privacy of their own home and with their own time is their business, not mine. If they want to snort cocaine, enjoy an edible or two or drink bleach it’s up to them as long as they do no harm to others. In the most common scenario that means don’t hop in a car and drive impaired.

    This sits alongside a massive increase in penalty for offenses under the influence of something. If you beat your husband/wife because you are high on something and incapable of controlling yourself the punishment should not be a telling off by the judge – it should be 5 years hard labour building a new road and sleeping in a tent or similar.



    • …..”What somebody does in the privacy of their own home and with their own time is their business”……

      A true ACT supporter. It’s the conservative Nats & the commo Greens who seek to control us.

      They talk of freedom but live by banning & compulsion.



  4. Everyone who wants to do drugs is already doing them.

    This is not a debate about drugs being a good or bad thing. It is about:

    i. The most effective way to minimize drug harm.

    ii. If the State has the mandate to decide for you?

    If the breathless reports of police and social conservatives are to be believed, the current approach has failed.

    Btw…National need to step up on this and go liberal. Steal Labour’s thunder. Key did that.



    • …..”Key did that.”……

      Key did a lot of things that National’s crusty conservative majority hated but he was a natural politician who knew that the centre line moves left incrementally yet steadily. When he departed the religious conservatives headed by English retook control.

      Prior to the comparably centrist Collins becoming PM they were heading for oblivion that being the price of a lurch to the hard, moralistic right. Only they & Redbaiter seriously think that you build a political party where & how you want it & wait for the punters to turn up.



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