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Cannabis Referendum




What New Zealand will vote on:

The draft legislation the Government announced New Zealand will vote on at the 2020 election will include:

  • A minimum age of 20 to use and purchase recreational cannabis
  • Regulations and commercial supply controls
  • Limited home-growing options
  • A public education programme
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • “There will be a clear choice for New Zealanders in a referendum at the 2020 General Election. Cabinet has agreed there will be a simple Yes/No question on the basis of a draft piece of legislation,” Justice Minister Andrew Little said in May.

The Cabinet paper outlining details of the referendum highlights how legislation will include “licensed premises” which could “provide an opportunity for staff to monitor and promote safe consumption” of cannabis.

It says full regulation would limit cannabis consumption to private homes and licensed premises, and the drug could not be purchased online or by remote sale.

The Cabinet paper also acknowledged that should cannabis be legalised, the “model must promote equity and improve opportunities for Māori”, as Māori are “more likely to receive a cannabis-related conviction than non-Māori”.

Even here the “special people” want special treatment. To not do so would be “racist” and against the Te Treeety. Never thought it was a race thing before. I guess their desire for more money knows no bounds.

I would at a guess say since most of the cannabis is sold by the gangs, and most of the gangs being Maori, that the answer to this is in their own hands. Stop peddling drugs to your own kind and the problem of maori getting convictions just might go away.

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  1. …..”Māori are “more likely to receive a cannabis-related conviction than non-Māori”…..

    Possibly true but no one including the specials looks in to why this occurs. I suggest that possession of marijuana is what the police use as a ‘street sweeper’ instead of the old anti nuisance laws of ‘drunk & disorderly’ or ‘insufficient means of support’.

    Additionally, whether possession charges are laid or a warning given frequently depends on attitude. Telling cops to get fucked may be staunch when in front of the bros but like many things has a price.

    Marijuana gets its bad rep from some of the idiots who use it. They are however, not a good reason to keep the current laws.



  2. Well i have admitted to being a regular smoker which i do in the privacy of my own home no kids or partner to worry about corrupting so i can be considered to be a tad biased, i guess my main concern besides stoned drivers and their lack of attention is the impact on the workforce especially in the manufacturing sector with the amount of heavy machinery & hazards that go with it just looking out my window i can see a massive press, rollers, heavy suction lifters, cranes & welders etc not to mention the hundreds of powerful hand tools, it’s quite a scary thought having stoned people going anywhere near them and then there is the HR nightmare & like fuck i would trust these idiots to implement a coherent plan without ballsing it up as per usual, i think i would rather remain a low level crim than have it legalised as painful as that is for me to say



  3. “licensed premises” which could “provide an opportunity for staff to monitor and promote safe consumption” of cannabis.
    What a load of bullocks – could – As if people are going to sit down like in Doctors waiting room and quietly smoke it.
    To me this also means that consumption of cannabis is not safe. A big No from me.



  4. Homosexuals got their convictions expunged, Clark suggests that those with cannabis convictions also get expunged so that they can then participate in the legal industry with their ‘knowledge’.

    I have joked about prison gardens before and that they should be bountiful with all the horticultural expertise.

    Any views on the expunging?

    Why isn’t decriminalisation still on the table? The referendum was supposed to be about medicinal cannabis, so it is all a bit stealthy for my liking.

    I also don’t think that dope growers will vote for it if they have any sense, the money they make is because of the ‘risk’ due to its illegality. They are not going to want to grow dope for the government on minimum wage.

    Currently, it is tax-free on top of benefits, etc.



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