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Cannot See How Bikes Will Help This




Dear SSANZ members,

The contribution below was compiled by Mike Harris. Thanks Mike. Reading the linked articles you will see that New Zealanders murder nearly as many innocent children each year as are murdered by mostly unlicensed firearms.  Is it not time that the Government and Police put its effort and money into solving this disgraceful situation rather than harassing law abiding LFOs?

How many many of us will read these articles below and hold our heads in shame as New Zealander. How often do we wake up to these headlines about babies being beaten to death, more gang violence and how the families involved refuse to cooperate with our so called Police.
For decades we’ve seen this kind of abhorrent violence, the number of children alone that have been murdered by their own families over the past 20years exceeds those murdered in last year’s terror attack. And yet what has this government or subsequent governments done to eradicate this disgusting violence.
How is it that this current government can pass prohibitive laws against law abiding citizens, as a result of what’s likely to be a one off event, for an act of violence they had absolutely nothing to do with, and do so within a matter of weeks. And yet, here we are with what can only be described as some of the most shocking imaginable violent crimes against defenceless babies, with no laws in place to make the cowardly families speak up.
Police have no issues entering properties and threatening law abiding , fit and proper FA owners with an array of new draconian prohibitive laws, pointing their weapons at children, when no offence has been committed. So why aren’t they rounding up these criminal families that clam up and won’t provide information about the violence committed against a child?
Once again, a government who’s  priorities are set around agendas in the false guise of a safer country.
Let’s watch for the photo opportunities.


A 4-year-old who was severely beaten wasn’t the only child living at a Flaxmere house.

Man whose “Notorious” face tattoo earned him minor fame broke his partner’s nose in an argument outside a school.




  1. The local police in Tokyo still use their 1950s-style white bicycles for doing their rounds of their local communities.

    Know this: a bicycle is a STEALTH DEVICE. While riding silently, the officer can listen for suspicious sounds in the neighborhood, such as the sound of fights, shouting or domestic violence.

    Do not underestimate the value of bicycles in community observation and policing.



    • Might work in Japan, but here the cops will be listening to podcast from Cindy explaining how to do their jobs. In between listening to Imahouto protesters singing ten guitars accompanied by the police chorus.



      • Ed – I have this vision of a burly cop on an Electric bike chasing a Bro using his Helmet Web Cam to help later identification with his taser at the ready and a little later Bro writhing on the ground with cuffs on waiting for transport. E Bikes can be pretty fast some can do 50Mph with 60K range on battery alone so effective against Motor Bikes and Cars if only for better later identification – not often I credit the Cops with common sense (Management I mean) so Kudos for the idea and pilot scheme.



    • I can see how it would work in Japan; probably in Wellington too. Here in Auckland I don’t know if the density is high enough to justify a bicycle over sidewalks.



        • The cops on bikes won’t appreciate JAG’s humps she’s had installed on many roads to slow down traffic. Was the introduction of cops on bikes why JAG lowered the speed limits so the E.bike cops had more chance of keeping up with vehicles?! //



    • Not sure the bikes give cops street cred with the criminal class.
      Might be alright in a beach community (like the “undies-undies-tog” context/perception thing) when toodling about and smoozing with retirees on a coastal community – but around suburban Once Were Warrior shit holes it would lower the already low respect they have for the perceived threat of law/order via policing.
      When motorcycle gangs ride around on bikes which make it sound like the world is coming to an end, they probably would be hard pressed not to laugh if they saw push bikes going past with cycle helmeted bobbies in shorts.
      So yeah, get that it has uses, and works in Japan.
      But it doesn’t have the “Wow” factor in the type of policing where they need to take down some 100kg meth head. Stab proof vests and free use of batons are more useful then.



      • You join a select group Odakyu-sen. There’s only a very few of us make the cut.

        If you want more down-ticks may I suggest that you express concern over the violation of small boys’ bottoms by the Vatican’s representatives.

        Works for me! 🙂



      • I don’t recall the site; I have a vague memory of it being Facebook. I said: “Thank you for that advice, I appreciate it” and got a downtick or equivalent for it. Strange things, eh?



  2. The comments that the neighbours were stunned at the death of the child in Rotorua amazes me. How could they not know what was going on. Holding a Maori get together after the death of this poor little child is a total waste of time. After every event of incredible child abuse they hold a march or something light candles, of no use to the child and what happens? Absolutely nothing. Children keep getting abused by adults in their communities and yet they do nothing apart from speak out about how they seem a decent family, not been there long etc etc. It’s time something was done to put a halt to this. All the abuse Oranga Tamarike were getting over the uplift of a child sickens me when just a couple of weeks later another child is killed or damaged beyond repair. I live down a long driveway and can hear children playing and if there was a lot of screaming crying etc I would get hold of the authorities toot sweet I can hear them mostly even though its an incredibly busy street. Neighbours have a responsibility. Abuse does not happen quietly.



    • Maori always say they are very “spiritual” WTF that means when it comes to abusing their kids, or not reporting others abusing their kids, Excuses for abusive whanau presumably!



    • I have a theory that this kind of Maori community is similar to some old Japanese mountain communities. Very high levels of “keep it hidden from outsiders” but at the same time a very high desire to “show their superior spirituality to outsiders.”
      This means that nobody in the community sees or hears or “knows” anything until a child is killed or maimed, and then (once the secret is there for all to see) there is a tremendous public outpouring of grief and remorse.

      The mantra of these communities is “loyalty to the group is placed above all else, including honor.” To me, such groups are fundamentally dishonorable.



      • You have described the “whanau” system to a T. In Maoridom extended family then tribal ties trump everything.

        This includes basic human decency.



      • People with a high commitment to their group identity will put group acceptance before good judgment or decency.

        We see it in religious groups and extreme political parties like Labour.



    • …..’and if there was a lot of screaming crying etc I would get hold of the authorities”…..

      The badly abused tamariki don’t cry & they don’t scream. They learn very quickly that reacting doubles the pain & abuse.

      Talk privately to someone whose job it is to intervene. They’ll tell you that the kids are quiet like zombies……all the emotion & response has been bashed out of them.

      Kea may wish to enlarge as I think he’s been employed in agencies who have to deal with the crap.



  3. Is it still National Party policy to stop foot patrols and close police stations in smaller communities- based on a bullshit business model – to allegedly save money?

    National gutted the core front line of the public service and hid it behind a torrent of fake metrics and lies.



  4. Dont worry they still have armoured vehicles and roving death squads to deal with centre left white people who oppose the dear leader.



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