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Tucker Carlson traveled to Moscow this week and will be releasing his exclusive interview with Russian President Putin soon. What Tucker is doing is real journalism.

The interview is rumored to be two hours long and touches on many different subjects, including Ukraine bio-labs. As soon as Tucker announced his interview with Putin, the internet exploded with cries of “traitor!” and “Putin puppet!”, which are par for the course. The only ones afraid of Tucker’s interview are the globalist media complex as their narrative of ‘Russian man bad;  Zelensky saint’ will be destroyed. Funny how the mainstream media was okay with their ‘journalists’ interviewing President Putin.

The hype will build on the internet until Tucker’s Putin interview is released at 8pm ET on TuckerCarlson.com and then on his X platform @TuckerCarlson. Elon Musk has pledged that the Putin interview will not be censored or shadowbanned on X.  Until then, we will all have to wait to see what will be revealed. You will have the information and will be able to make your own decision. Freedom of speech is our birthright. We all have the freedom of independent thought. It’s just too bad there aren’t more real journalists doing real journalism out there. Too many are in prison—people such as Julian Assange. Others such as Gonzalo Lira have been murdered in prison.

—Ben Garrison

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  1. Putin has said he agreed to an interview with Tucker as he had a different perspective from the MSM. Yes he does! The MSM have lost their minds from the jealousy they feel. Do they finally remember they were once journalists instead of paid mouthpieces as Biden regime propagandists?



    • ha ha ha

      …Do they finally remember they were once journalists instead of paid mouthpieces …

      They have always been paid mouthpieces

      Name a time when they were NOT !! ?? Waikato girl
      go on

      Media has always been about pushing the shit for the Big Guy.
      Wake up WG

      105 years ago they lied/withheld the truth. The Flu from USA was carried by troop ship to Europe in 2017/18
      Both warring sides had very sick soldiers.
      no media would report this .
      They lied.

      They lied about ww1, WW2, Vietnam, Korea -US extended the firebombing and carpet bombing they used in WW2 and knocked out 98% of North Korea infrastructure –the way they roll -same in Iraq and Afghanistan..then your lying media mates tell us the country the US bombed the shit out of is primitive or third world.

      If they ever told the truth can you show me where ???



  2. Finished watching. Long involved start with history lesson but all very interesting. He says Russia isn’t responsible for keeping the war going and for the US to stop supplying weapons so the war will cease. Unlike accusations from the west Russia does not wish to invade Western Ukraine or Poland but it will defend itself from attack across its borders. He stated Russia does not want an escalated war as it would bring humanity to the brink. In short, the US regime’s concern that Tucker’s interview will prove Putin is not the “mad man” they portray has been proven correct. Putin is intelligent, astute and totally sane. He is not a push over to be manipulated by the US.



  3. Tucker Carlson is an interviewer on a level not seen since David Frost ruled the airwaves.

    They both have/had the ability to ask pertinent questions then sit back & shut up, allowing the interviewee to make their point or crucify themselves unaided.

    A skill lost to NZ’s MSM hacks.



  4. Very interesting 2 hours and yes it is the military industrial complex that is the warmonger in all this, but I am sure they fund the democrats to a massive extent. So they want to keep the wr going, as in Israel and now against Iran. Biden is just a puppet who will do what ever the Obummers tell him to do. I was somewhat surprised at Putin, he seems to be the opposite of what he has been made out to be by the press and others. Think they have Putin derangement syndrome as with Trump derangement syndrome.



  5. Good on Tucker Carlson for doing this interesting interview and yes I agree with WG that Putin came across as intelligent, astute and totally not an insane madman. Particularly interesting was Putin’s deep grasp of history, which was very impressive. Also he knows shitloads about American politics and their political players, which I seriously doubt any US public figure could match vis-a-vis Russian politics.

    I was also impressed by Putin’s describing how the USA is fast being left behind on the world financial stage, with Russia thriving despite huge sanctions efforts against them and the burgeoning trade with China and the significant moves towards BRICS and away from the $US.

    There was also a real calmness about the man as he described the present turmoil and loss of American hegemony in terms of the ebb and flow of civilisations. He didn’t shout aggressive slogans; he just stated the fact that America’s dominance is coming to an end and he provided illustrations as to why this is happening.

    A very enlightening interview and well worth 2 hours IMHO.



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