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Caution! Hackers Attack your account!




Surprise, surprise. My account has been hacked. Which account, which computer, which phone.? As I have 3 computers, 6 email accounts with different providers, which one are they targeting?

We have installed one RAT software into you device 
For this moment your email account is hacked too.

Changed your password? You're doing great!
But my software recognizes every such action. I'm updating passwords!
I'm always one step ahead....

So... I have downloaded all confidential information from your system and I got some more evidence.
The most interesting moment that I have discovered are videos records where you masturbating.

I posted EternalBlue Exploit modification on porn site, and then you installed my malicious code (trojan) on your operation system.
When you clicked the button Play on porn video, at that moment my trojan was downloaded to your device.
After installation, your front camera shoots video every time you masturbate, in addition, the software is synchronized with the video you choose.

For the moment, the software has harvrested all your contact information from social networks and email addresses.
If you need to erase all of your collected data and video with your enjoy, send me $600(usd) in BTC (crypto currency).

This is my Bitcoin wallet: 1A19CzQQ5ZFxK57LWoAn2rFScTda6DnK1q
You have 48 hours after reading this letter.

After your transaction I will erase all your data.
Otherwise, I will send video with your pranks to all your colleagues, friends and relatives!!!

P.S. I'm asking you - not to answer this letter because the sender's address is fake, just to keep me incognito.

And henceforth be more careful!
Please visit only secure sites!

At my age, fiddling myself while watching porn, is the last thing I would be doing.


    • This is a constant problem, I panicked when I got this a while ago, while I knew there was no porn etc on my computer I thought they could easily add some. I notified spark but then received it a few times since then and take no notice. This is the thing is it real or just a phishing expedition Bastards.



    • Well you really are an idiot… I only had to pay $5,000 to get $200 million from an untraceable Swiss Account that my new friend couldn’t access from his country. I bet that makes you feel real silly now 😉



  1. yes I’ve had a couple of those, they said they had my email passwords (that worried me)
    Then they said they had a video of me doing naughty things while watching porn.
    But their problem is that I don’t have a camera on my desktop and I don’t have a laptop!



  2. Did you ever have a LinkedIn account?

    They had a massive data breach a few years ago. Their security was so lax the crackers even got passwords.

    I mention all this is as I kept getting similar emails, and in the subject line, it included my then LinkedIn password as a point of “intimidation”.

    If you can be bothered, their email and details can be uncovered. It’s easier to do from a UNIX/Linux OS than Windows. I used to be bothered but quickly discovered ISPs are generally disinterested in doing anything about it. The only scalps I got were idiots who did it from their employer’s email servers.

    (My scammers claimed I couldn’t trace them, hence my last paragraph).



  3. I am one of a group whose email addresses were published elsewhere on the net, and we all received the same demands from the same source. Several were ’70’s & ’80’s women who not only had no webcams, but had no idea how their details could be sent to their facebook contacts because they had no idea what facebook even was !

    Give em heaps Colinxy, they deserve all they get for upsetting these people with their unsavoury scams.



  4. There was a clip a while ago from one news channel where the reporter was interviewing one of the CIAs top brass at his desk, low and behold there was a piece of sticky tape covering his web cam on his desktop, this was picked up instantly by the netizens, since then my belief is if it is good enough for the spooks it is good enough for me.



    • Yep I have that.
      A fold over cardboard that is there most of the time.

      When I need it for the likes of Skype I just remove it.
      Skype being MS spyware since they purchased it, anyway.

      Even if the camera light is not on someone could be using your camera.
      The ultimate in spying has to be the likes of Siri and Alexa which you approve to monitor you all the time!



  5. Had the same thing, ignored the email. However they got my cell number and gave me a call (from what looked like an nz number because I don’t answer the foreign numbers) and immediately I knew everything was fine when I heard an angry Indian man gruffly demanding I cough up or get shamed on Facebook. Because I don’t actually have Facebook for a starter, secondly I said chappy I can see your desperate for cash and this is your lucky day. If you can email me a copy of the video to prove your legitimate I’ll gladly pay you double what your asking. Needless to say he got FURIOUS.. and I hung up on him.



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