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China Cannot Be Trusted Ever Again




Massive supplies of critical medical gear have been hoarded by major Chinese companies in other countries and flown to China during the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, according to reports.


Chinese property developers with offices in Australia organized multiple planeloads of critical medical equipment to be sent from Sydney to Wuhan and other parts of China, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

The operations — at least one of which was executed worldwide, according to a whistleblower — saw employees ordered to suspend normal tasks and spend weeks sourcing and stockpiling items such as surgical masks, gloves, thermometers, hand sanitizers, and protective coveralls and outfits from around Australia and beyond.

“The chartered plane with 90 tons of medical supplies, including 100,000 most needed protective coveralls and 900,000 pairs of medical gloves, has successfully departed from Sydney and arrived in Wuhan on 24 Feb.,” announced a recent LinkenIn post from Risland Australia — a Chinese property development company whose major stakeholder is Yang Huiyan, the richest woman in Asia — the Herald reports.

Another Chinese-owned company, Greenland Australia, reportedly executed a similar scheme in Australia and other countries.

“Employees of Greenland Australia, a subsidiary of the Chinese government-backed global property giant Greenland Group, were instructed to put their normal work on hold and source bulk supplies of essential medical items to ship back to China,” the Herald reported, citing a whistleblower who said it was a “worldwide project.”

The Greenland Group reportedly hoarded and shipped an estimated 3 million respiratory masks, 700 hazmat suits, and 500,000 pairs of gloves to China.

Australian hospitals are now facing a scarcity of some of these critical supplies.

“The shortage of personal protective equipment in NSW hospitals is scandalous,” a medical worker told the Herald. “Doctors and nurses on the front line feel inadequately protected, exposed and vulnerable.”


  1. The CCP dictatorship is the scum of this earth,the rest of the world has been sitting in Xi Jinpings pot like frogs as those filthy commie C—Ts slowly bought the temperature up until it was at a comfortable level and we all sat there admiring the “economic miracles” while that filth robbed us of everything they could,
    The western worlds biggest Companies fell over themselves to get in bed with the CCP dogs and now we are going to have to wrench ourselves away from their septic tit or die.
    Wasn’t it Helen Clarke that was the “first country in the world” to sign a free trade deal with these pigs.?
    A return to the status quo after this virus is gone will be traitorous to our children and grandchildren.



    • I’ve been concerned for a long time that most don’t realise the tyranny the Chinese communists built their rich empire on the backs of the peasant worker ants on minimum income and millions of deaths from overwork. Where workers died there were plenty more to replace them as no one could complain. Mao’s Great Leap Forward was brutal.



      • I take it you have read “Mao: The Unknown Story” the 2005 biography of Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong by Jung Chang (Wild Swans) and historian Jon Halliday? Essential reading for anyone who wants to understand how thoroughly wicked the Communist Party of China and the murderous Mao really are/were.



  2. I am not going to spread “conspiracy theories” but if you are interested in the latest (I believe) then search for the L strain and S strain of the CCP virus – the information first appeared on 4 Chan apparently – and prepare to be shocked and angry about the behaviour of the Chinese Communits Party. When this is over the west must do everything in its power to bring down the Commie bastards and help the Chinese people liberate themselves from 70 years of slavery.



    • Alice ,just did a bit of research on the CCP virus as you suggested,OMG it’s actually terrifying what that virus does to the human lungs ,some say the L strain will be the second wave and is far more deadly and infectious,it sounds like we are going to be in this for the long run,some years possibly.
      Try. “ninja nerd science”. on YouTube



  3. What did you expect the CCP to do? A homogenous nation (or any nation for that matter) will tend to act in its own best interests.

    Remind me again who decided all those years ago to make China incredibly wealthy (and to lift so many billions of people out of abject poverty)? I wonder if they imagined (or even cared) what the consequences would be a generation later.



  4. The first part of this exposure,
    staff from the Chinese government-backed global property giant Greenland Group were instructed to put their normal work on hold and source bulk supplies of essential medical items to ship back to China.

    A whistleblower from the company has told the Herald it was a worldwide Greenland effort – and the Sydney office was no different, sourcing bulk supplies of surgical masks, thermometers, antibacterial wipes, hand sanitisers, gloves and Panadol for shipping.

    The 2nd part of this in Australia and a continuation of the above link.
    This is the source of Ed’s post, and brings up further points.
    …. second Chinese property company….
    ….. Risland, formerly known in Australia as Country Garden, is a totally owned subsidiary of Country Garden Holdings, one of China’s largest property developers. …..
    ….. to publicise their patriotism by helping out the country [China] at a crucial moment

    China essentially treats Australia ‘like a shopping mall’
    27/03/2020 | 5min
    “All these Chinese Companies are front for the Chinese Government”.

    A very good interview, succinctly put, bringing up many more points of the shifting of medical products from Australia to China.

    So would there be a similiar system in NZ, if a journalist or whistle blower spoke up?
    The woke media would be shutting that down whilst pushing the guilt of the “yellow peril” of years ago, and apologies to be made, and it is only right that we should sacrifice our own in their unconscious bias.
    So they can go an hug a Chinese in Wuhan & stay there!
    Do they really believe it is in the all clear?
    What is wrong with having a very conscious bias now?

    They Chinese only had to ask and Ardern herself would have helped and wrapped up the packages for China.

    But the shame of admitting a problem, the political dynamics simply shows that Chinese do not care.
    But at least in that humanitarian effort, NZ would have known, would be ramping up and replacing its own supplies.

    It was the Chinese that believe in their “Chinese Supremacy” and created terror as expounded by these actions, and everyone else is expendable, if not to be put down. 🙁



  5. Pauline’s letter to the Prime Minister brings a major consideration of the economics that the CCP will be taking advantage of in Australia.

    A little scroll down past the audio link, to the letter!

    A good succinct letter with some good points.
    Pauline has the heart for Australia as her first concern. 🙂

    Where are the people that do not want NZ sovereignty to be given over to what ever form of global control, whether UNicornical, which is run by Woke socialist, communistic agendas, greatly used and influenced by “Chinese Supremacy” or “Islamic Supremacy”



    • Pauline Hanson is a true Nationalist, a Patriot …in a time of lightweight globalists – the scum Turn-coat-full-of-bull being an example.

      Australian Nationalism was strong post WW2.
      There was resistance to the Greeks and Italians coming in.
      This lasted until Whitlam was thrown out of office (the Yanks were in on that)
      Then they had Fraser
      Fraser opened the gates.
      First the Vietnamese, then the Lebanese. And it opened up.

      There was much more Japanese activity in AU in the 1980s than we ever saw in NZ.
      Mainly because AU had companies worth buying.
      The 1980s shit of Chase Corp, Equiticorp and all the other corpses has no appeal.
      Fletcher Challenge did not even lat 20 years.
      CHH tanked quickly (Chris Liddel saw to that)

      From Malcolm Fraser onward they opened the doors and there was a flood of disparate people (diver-shitty)- often from places that had civil wars.
      Vietnam, Lebanon, Sudan.
      Places that have civil wars are warlike people- its as simple as that.

      Pauline Hanson represents that traditional 1945 to 1970 view.
      It is not a bad one.
      For this her party was attacked by the lying Muzzies of Qatar via their mouthpiece All Jizzy Error in last years election.
      The Qatar muzzie scum should be banned from AU – their lying media – but it suited both the Liberals and Labour to have One Nation attacked without getting their own hands dirty.

      A part of the reason for the strong Nationalism was in WW2 when Australian was attacked by the Japs – all that mineral wealth – the Australian Govt wanted to bring their troops home to defend their country not fight more of Britain’s fabricated shit wars and Britain said No.
      Australia grew a pair and brought some troops home.
      This helped solidify Nationalism .

      Pauline Hanson -A true, traditional patriot.



  6. Are the Chinese using this companies CCP virus test kits.
    If not why not?
    The oozing stink of the “Chinese Supremacists” in spreading terror. by confusion, and lying.
    Now who else has great form in lying? , as the liars swallow lies so easily as well.

    ….. an accuracy rate of less than 30 per cent.
    The research prompted the Spanish Society of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology to formally recommend not using the tests.
    Now the Madrid government has decided to stop using the kits, with the Spanish health ministry asking the company to replace 340,000 supplies. ….
    …. an accuracy rate of less than 30 per cent. ….
    The research prompted the Spanish Society of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology to formally recommend not using the tests.
    Now the Madrid government has decided to stop using the kits, with the Spanish health ministry asking the company to replace 340,000 supplies. ….
    … Professor Leo Poon Lit-man, from the University of Hong Kong, said an 80 per cent accuracy claim was “perplexing” because the type of test was known to be inaccurate. ….
    ….. Czech media has also reported problems with Chinese-made test kits, with an official claiming 80 per cent of results were flawed. …..


    Our own media’s agenda is such that they do not want to raise these issues, or unless really pushed, then use every trick in the book to sort of superficially gloss over these major life killing issues in the name of solidarity, diversity, unified, having no problems with collateral damage.



  7. In New Zealand, who was really calling for the Chinese Students to be able to travel back to New Zealand, and now all those educational institutes are closed.
    This article a year earlier has not aged, and would be very much the same in NZ.
    …. one academic told me, ‘One of our biggest failings as universities in Australia …….
    Intimidation but also our increasing dependency on China leads to self-censorship and making decisions that are detrimental to academic freedoms.’ ……

    https://www.aspistrategist.org.au/chinas-efforts-to-curb-australias-academic-freedom-what-universities-can-do/ 4 Apr 2019

    This seems to be here in NZ when our “useful idiots” were espousing how great it was to have these students.



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