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China is killing ethnic minorities in order to harvest their organs, but globalists say America is bad for using plastic straws

The U.S. media is run by a cult of eco-fascist liberals who are willing to turn a blind eye to the true atrocities of our world in order to push their own, corrupt agenda. There may be no truer evil. The Independent is reporting on how China is killing religious and ethnic minorities at an “industrial scale” in order to fuel black market organ-harvesting schemes.

Meanwhile, the liberals of the United States are fighting plastic straws and crying about “safe spaces.” The Left seems to have a tremendous problem with grasping reality: The United States contributes just one percent to worldwide ocean plastic pollution. We are not actually the problem.

The only problem America has is with self-flagellating eco-fascists and corrupt globalists who despise the United States not for what it is, but for what it stands for: Freedom.

Lawyers from an independent China Tribunal presented evidence to the United Nations Human Rights Council which shows that China had been taking organs from Falun Gong religious minorities for 20 years.

The tribunal reported that detainees were “killed to order… cut open while still alive for their kidneys, livers, hearts, lungs, cornea and skin to be removed and turned into commodities for sale.” The genocide of the Falun Gong is the epitome of pure evil, by anyone’s estimation.

Yet, the eco-fascist “humanitarian” liberals only seem to care about pushing their anti-American global warming agenda. According to them, there is nothing worse, nothing more evil than a white American citizen.

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  1. I agree with the overall sentiment of the article. There are some terrible things happening in the world while the woke media onanise over plastic straws and ‘sustainability’ bullshit.

    Granted. But seriously, does anybody really think that China is killing people ‘on an industrial scale’ and harvesting organs while they are still alive?

    Whilst I support their re-education camps for the Uighurs as a proactive and sensible policy for dealing with agitating secessionist Muslims who stab people en masse in train stations, I don’t buy into the idea that China is as brutal as described here, frankly.



  2. how China is killing religious and ethnic minorities at an “industrial scale” in order to fuel black market organ-harvesting schemes

    If the government is doing it on an industrial scale, how is it black market? And then I read further and came across the words Falun Gong. They are religious nutters who will say just about anything.



  3. That is a very poor article.
    It would be nice if the source was shown.
    It is hysterical and easy to pick apart.

    1. USA is not ‘The U.S. media is run by a cult of eco-fascist liberals’. They are scum bags for sure but to a large degree ride the eco-train to push their society destructive narrative.
    2. Who knows what percent of the ocean plastic comes from USA. USA has nearly 5% of the world population and has high consumerism.

    There are too many contentions that are easily challengeable to bother to take this uncredited article at any value.
    It is like Ardern is run by ‘letters from school children’ and we know how stoopid that sounds… as well as dangerous.



  4. I am sure China is going to listen to some western left wing media.
    China will do what they want
    As regards
    South China Sea
    Stealing intellectual property.
    Manipulating their currency
    Sending opiates to the west – to dumb them (us) down even further.
    I’m worried about those things far more than some Yuighurs



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