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Deutsche Bank and VW in Crosshairs Over COVID-19 PCR Test Scandal

The global scheme is being allied a crime against humanity is coming to light; Biggest lawsuit in history coming to defense of mankind

As it becomes increasingly clear that the PCR test for COVID is able to be controlled to give the testers the results they want, a few brave souls are looking for answers. PCR Testing was developed in Germany and became the base of its pandemic response. Because of the German people’s well known tendency to follow rules (How did that work out for you last time meine damen und herren?) the world adopted the German model. Essentially, the Berlin pandemic response model went viral–potentially doing infinitely more damage than the COVID-19 virus itself.

Who’s behind this action? Leading the decision-makers in Berlin were board members of Deutsche Bank and VW–both known for egregious machinations of all kinds. A lawsuit is being assembled charging the companies, and the German equivalent of the CDC, and the entire World Health Organization with crimes against humanity.

The concept is this: If you run the PCR test at 10 cycles per minute you get no positive COVID results. If you run it at 60 cycles you get ALL positives. Running it at 45 cycles gives a ton of positives, without giving up the game that it’s all a scam. The goal is to keep the fear up so that draconian lock down measures and travel restrictions can be enforced, people can be submitted to constant testing, and entire economies can be destroyed.

“Take off your masks,” says Greek billionaire Alki David, who is considering joining the legal action against Deutsche Bank. “It’s all a scam!”

David made news last week when he offered a $1 million bounty to anyone who could provide bullet proof evidence of Dominion and Eric Coomer’s engineering of 2020 election fraud.

Even the Wall Street Journal makes it clear that Germany’s pandemic response is a failure.



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  1. Watched a Press conference this morning with King Donald. He was asked a question and he preied that they were doing an investigation into WHO and what goes on there.

    Is it all linked and inked by the CCP.
    The EU , being Germany and France have inked an agreement with the CCP for trade.
    cosco and the CCP have essentially cornered all the European sea trade via Greece.
    This will set the EU against Russia once more.
    Never trust the Krauts nor the Frogs.
    The Poles will leave the EU this year and join Britain free from the EU.
    Nato will be pissed but if Trump goes back then they will have to pay more as he withdraws more funding from them.
    Russia has already shut the door to the CCP.
    Lots going on.

    Even the Middle East is calmer than it has been for many years.
    Waiting for Iran to have another go at Trump. They will get a bloody nose or at least their leadership will.



  2. There is something strange about the article. While I agree with what they are doing, a few facts are wrong. It was not developed in Germany –it was developed by Kary Mullis , an American who worked in the USA. He got the 1993 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for developing the PCR process.
    Also I think 30 cycles is the optimum number –anything above that the false positives climb very quickly, although maybe that is why they say 45 to make there are plenty of false positives to keep the fear up.



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