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No Government considering making Covid-19 tracer app mandatory

RNZ reports;

The government is actively considering mandating the use of the Covid-19 tracer app, in a bid to boost the number of people scanning.

There are more than 2 million people registered for the app, but in January the average number of scans per day fell to 465,000.

At this afternoon’s Covid-19 update, Minister for the Covid-19 Response Chris Hipkins says use of the app increases significantly when there is an outbreak.

“We don’t necessarily prepare well, so when we’re in a position where people are feeling comfortable they are not always good at taking those precautionary measures, but when we ask New Zealanders to ramp up because we’re responding to something, Kiwis are pretty responsive,” Hipkins says.

Officials last year looked at whether people should be required to scan in with the app at big events and in places like bars and restaurants, where physical distancing is difficult.

One of the reasons the government has been hesitant to make using the app compulsory is the potential compliance cost, particularly for small businesses, Hipkins says.

“We will certainly be looking at how we can encourage greater uptake and I’m not ruling anything out at this point.

When asked by reporters why the onus would be placed on a business to ensure patrons sign in, instead of the patrons themselves, Hipkins said that was something that was being “worked through”.

Officials are looking at what tools the government could give to businesses to increase uptake of the app and what other countries are doing to encourage people to use tracing apps, Hipkins says.

“Experiences from around the world where they might have roaming groups of people walking around to encourage scanning uptake, that eases some of the pressure on businesses to have to do that for themselves.”

He points out that bigger shops, like supermarkets, are “well placed” to have a staff member at the front entrance encouraging people to sign in.

“I want to thank those supermarkets who are doing that. For smaller retailers where they may only have one or two people working at any given point in time that can be quite a big challenge for them.”

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    • Gjm if this shit becomes mandatory i will either downgrade to a dumbphone or do away with a cellphone altogether.

      Whats the bet ccp/huwawei or apple are in the background giving advice, cindy will end up making it law to own an internet and blutooth capable device to enable tracking everywhere. Its only a small step from there to a social credit system… im sorry your covid app says youre unvaccinated youre not allowed to use these services



  1. That tracer app, is all in the timing, like another lock down, with more community transmission cases.
    Then the real push would come.
    It would seem to be a precursor to vaccine passports.

    “With my team at the Institute for Global Change,
    I have looked at this from every angle and come to this conclusion:
    there is no prospect of a return to anything like normal without enabling people to show their Covid status,
    whether that means they have been vaccinated or recently tested,” Blair proclaimed.


    The amazing part is this
    also reports that the government plans to issue exemptions for ethnic minorities,
    in order to avoid charges of xenophobia and racism.

    One would think NZ will develop a version of this too.. 🙁



  2. I Googled “can a phone app contain spyware”. The answer is an unequivocal YES.

    The problem for a potential cyber stalker is getting access to the target’s phone in order to install the spyware. The five million potential victims queuing to help Cindy will install anything without checking. Even if they did due diligence, access to the phone has been granted & the malware can be installed later probably under the guise of an update.

    The programmes already exist & are similar to those available as ‘parential controls’. The government has shitloads of your money to buy the best so detecting the bugs & removing them won’t be easy.

    You now have your device reporting your finances, contacts, personal phone calls, texts, photos, emails & position directly to the Mad Queen.

    Feel better?



  3. We are told ‘Don’t worry, the Tracer app does not automatically send your data anywhere.’ The conditions/explanation in the App itself say that its purpose is to help YOU recall where you have been so that you can check whather you have visited a place that is under investigation. Onyl then need you send your diary to the tracer teams.
    What I want to know is, if no data is currently sent from the phone, how do the ‘authorities’ know how many scans have been made each day? Something stinks here.

    Next question – if one relies on Bluetooth and stops scanning the QR code, how would you know whether a QR code at any location needs to be scanned. There is nothing on the code notices (as far as I can see) that indicates whether the location is a Bluetooth-enabled one or not.

    And not to mention those without cell phones, or with older phones that don’t have BT, or are not capable of scanning QR codes?



    • It’s ok mate, twit twyford is going to be incharge of kiwi phones. A free phone for all those above the age of 12yrs. Paid for by th government on an unlimited plan for a year! That’s going to be a vote winner!



    • TonyB
      ‘We are told ‘Don’t worry, the Tracer app does not automatically send your data anywhere.’

      From the liars who said
      -10,000 new houses a year for ten years
      -End Child poverdy
      -No more people living in cars (which magically disappeared from media filth when Sir Winston appointed the wee girly)
      -All border staff tested
      -Front of the queue for rona vax

      If that lot stumbled across Truth they would not recognise it.



    • Tony i questioned that on kb ages ago. If ot dosent send any data then how do they know x amount of usets and scans per day??? A poster dosent report back to ashers and cindy, their scummy spy app does.



  4. If we are in Lockdown Level 3, most of us will spend most of the time at home. If we go out, it will be to go to the supermarket, and there will be a record of our transactions there. So, why the need for a tracking app? It’s not like we’re going anywhere?

    For example, in the last 48 hours I have only left my house once, to go shopping at Pac n’ Sav in Glen Innes. (My facemask was so tickly that I had to take it off. Besides, how do you lick your fingers to open those thin plastic bags in the fruit & veg section when you are wearing a facemask? (I had to do that 4 times, and got sick of it.)



  5. Clearly Hipkins has comprehension issue.

    In Wellington we have had no cases at all, as far as I know, except for one guy who came down from Auckland. I’m sure there are plenty of other towns and cities in the same situation. Why do we need this stupid app ? They are blowing this issue completely out of proportion.

    I have to go to Perth urgently because a close family member died last week and there is no other family over there. The earliest I could get a quarantine room for coming back was May 8 !! In Perth I will be able to quarantine in the family member’s house. Why can’t I do that here at home in Wellington? I would be happy to wear one of the crims leg bracelets if that would keep Chippy happy. If I could quarantine at home I could have gone to Perth last week. Bloody control freaks!!



  6. Govt : Your covid app information is private and confidential.

    Also Govt: publicly lists every place a rona victim has been so they get mocked for their many pak n save and kfc visits.

    Go fuck yourself govt arseholes, better yet go sit on cindys pet unicorns horn and rotate.



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