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Covid-19: New Zealanders have to wait their turn for vaccination – Chris Hipkins

Covid-19 vaccinations should be available to the public by the middle of the year, according to Covid-19 Recovery Minister Chris Hipkins.

From RNZ.

Hipkins told Morning Report it was hoped the first batches of vaccines would arrive by March, but countries being ravaged by the virus would be prioritised by the manufacturers.

He said early signs from Medsafe showed no issues with the vaccines New Zealand has secured.

The Covid-19 vaccine roll out will be the largest ever mass immunisation campaign in New Zealand’s history.

The government has secured various deals for vaccines, including for 7.6 million doses from AstraZeneca – enough for 3.8 million people, 10.72 million doses from Novavax – enough for 5.36 million people, 750,000 courses from Pfizer/BioNTech, and 5 million from Janssen.

“We’re expecting the vaccination campaign overall to take most of the year, it’s obviously a huge undertaking – we’re talking about vaccinating 5 million people,” Hipkins said.

“That’s never been done in New Zealand before, in the scale and in the timeframe we’re talking about.”

Border workers, health workers and high-risk communities will be top priorities once the vaccine is available.

“We’re also expecting there will be some population groups that will be harder to reach than others, and so we’ve got plans in place and we’re putting plans in place to make sure we reach them,” he said.

However, the National Iwi Chairs Forum has put forward six recommendations for the vaccine roll-out and said that the government wasn’t taking account of the risk to kaumātua and kuia.

Hipkins denied this and said they were aware there was an increased risk for Māori and Pacific communities.

“For older New Zealanders there is an increased risk there too. Many of our kaumātua will fall into both of those categories, we’re certainly very aware of that and we’re factoring that in in our planning.”

Australia’s vaccine roll-out had been pushed forward to February and there have been criticisms that the government’s plan was too slow.

However, Hipkins said we would be receiving the vaccines in a similar timeframe as Australia.

“They’re a little more optimistic on when they think the vaccines will arrive than we are. I’m being cautious and saying we know they’ll be here by the end of March.”

He said he was optimistic that there would a public roll-out by the middle of the year, but it depended on when supplies arrived in New Zealand.

“We’re expecting to see a reasonably significant number of vaccines, three different vaccine types arriving some time in that second quarter,” he said.

“The sooner they arrive, the sooner we can start making them available to the general public.”


Give it to everyone else and there will be no need for us to have it. They will be protected, and by default, so will we. It’s so untested on humans, let everyone else prove it is safe. So many reports of deaths from overseas makes it dodgy to say the least.

This vaccine is not like any other vaccine. Normal vaccines have a very weak sample of the virus. This stimulates the bodies immune system to produce antibodies that fight off the virus. These new vaccines have a sample of DNA from the virus that interferes with the DNA of the human

Injecting strands of DNA into a human is nothing more the genetic engineering and manipulation. Where are the Greens protesting about this?

Researching this post I went to DDG and found the following conflicting headlines. Frobes says these vaccines do not affect the DNA, then right below Bill Gates says it does. Until they can prove that it is safe, then why would anyone agree to have an unproven vaccine?

I guess the “Family of 5 million” are all taking the assurances from Cindy and Bloomfield that it is safe. Surely they wouldn’t lie to us, would they??????????

I will not be having it.

Check out the poll on this subject


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  1. Fuck off. They are known liars.

    As are many of their paid servants.

    Still never mind there is this.

    However, the National Iwi Chairs Forum has put forward six recommendations for the vaccine roll-out and said that the government wasn’t taking account of the risk to kaumātua and kuia.

    Hipkins denied this and said they were aware there was an increased risk for Māori and Pacific communities.

    “For older New Zealanders there is an increased risk there too. Many of our kaumātua will fall into both of those categories, we’re certainly very aware of that and we’re factoring that in in our planning.”

    So in their world do these kaumātua and kuia include all NZ’s kaumātua and kuia or just the ones with brown skins.
    What makes them more suseptable to this than those of us that not of their Maori and Pacifica categories and of course what about those in the population that are rough castes.
    My tax would have propped up a lot of them for years, do I get any recognition from them for that or is this a race based policy?
    Does this policy fit with their Maori Wards argument that it will make the community more inclusive?

    Is this Karmala Harris in drag.



  2. I for one will be at the back of the queue watching carefully for any signs of kaumatua & kuia dropping off the perch.

    May I extend to these selfless souls my thanks for forming the vanguard to test Gates’ garbage on human laboratory rats.



  3. I’m absolutely not an anti vaxxer as it’s obvious that vaccines for serious diseases like polio, diphtheria, rubella etc have massively helped the human race.

    However, I’ve never had a flu jab because exposure to minor viruses like influenza strengthens the immune system and they don’t seem to work very well anyway. I haven’t had flu for at least 10 years and I’m in my 70s.

    As for this Covid vaccine, I will resist taking this with every fibre in my body for the following reasons:

    a) Despite all the fear porn this Covid-19 is no more dangerous than influenza

    b) A successful vaccine for any other strain of coronavirus hasn’t ever been invented

    c) With a typical time frame of 10 years to invent and trial a vaccine, it’s absolutely ridiculous to expect that this one will be successful after only a year of development. It could potentially be a horror story of death and misery on a global scale

    My big worry is that severe population control measures will be put in place by governments to penalise those who choose not to be injected in this potentially fatal experiment: withdrawal of health services, financial penalties, non-access to public transport and air travel etc etc etc



  4. Im no anti vaxer but i cant promote or allow any of my loved ones to be admisyeted with a rushed vaccine with next to no research/testing on benefits and risks with it.

    Only ever had a flu jab once when i first went self employed as i couldnt afford time off sick… big mistake, both me and wifey got srverlely ill and bed ridden within 2 days of it and our taste returned about 7months later. Never again.

    I suffered and almost died of influenza when i was 17, even if covid were to be worse then that exp i still wouldnt take an untested vaccine , ill just take my chances.

    Let the lefty scared sheeple rush the vaccination station and lets prioritise maori, they deserve the repocussions of it.



  5. Any plan to distribute the vaccine first to Māori and Pacific people is inherently racist.

    Distribute the vaccine first to people susceptible to the virus; by age, by comorbidities and so forth. If somebody is obese, diabetic, etc. they are at high risk and should be first in line.

    This is a medical decision, not one based on skin colour.



        • It will be the same when the Pacific Islanders try to jump the queue. Some mealy mouthed overeducated idiot will be dragged out to push the dna theory.

          In fact the answer lies in the fat. Obesity amongst adults, which is a major determination of survivability, differed by ethnicity, with 63.4% of Pacific, 47.9% of Maori, 29.3% of European/Other & 15.9% of Asian adults obese.

          KFC, povi masima & a weakness for instant self gratification is what will kill them.



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