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Chris Bishop and Stuart Nash are in Bellamys. Chris leans over, and with a smile on his face, says, “I must say it’s most unusual, but the media are really tearing you apart for that police cockup.”
Stuart: “You mean when they attended a property, armed, and then walked away once the owner started to video them.?”
Chris: “No, the other one”
Stuart: “You mean when 30 of them visited a man whose wife had legally bought a now illegal gun and in the process of searching his house and out buildings, went through his 80 year old mothers undies drawer?”
Chris: “No, the other one”
Stuart: “you mean when we re-defined our election promise of 1800 new cops to now be an aspirational target?”
Chris : “No the other one”
Stuart: “you mean when they decided not to pursue the complaint about business fraud and instead redeployed the detectives to the Christchurch enquiry?”
Chris : “No the other one”
Stuart: “You mean when chief plod announced that they are now too lazy to attend all 111 calls and are introducing a new non urgent number, 105 that will see most calls relegated to the round filing cabinet?”
Chris: “No, the other one”
Stuart: “You mean when the chief plod warned off any criticism of Jethro, in his efforts to shut down any implied association with “Lawnmower Sellers”?
Chris: “No, the other one”
Stuart: “You mean when my armed police in Christchurch yet again visited a you tube poster not once but twice. The first time on a Sunday morning and the second time they closed off his street with 15 cops?
Chris: “No, the other one”
Stuart: “I give up! … Oh wait, I think I’ve got it!“ You mean when I lost control of them ??”
Chris: “THAT’S IT! I almost forgot about that one”

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  1. Have I missed something, I maybe behind the times as I don’t watch the tv news, like Cindy and have cancelled the newspaper and don’t visit that newspaper with a paywall so my knowledge maybe slightly a miss. But, the 4th commet up from the bottom, above by Stuart aroused my interest.
    The pink shirted rosser, with lady that went back to the car to get her gun in Christchurch that visited on last sunday. Did he comeback with 15 of his mates in the middle of the week to sniff out an 80yr old ladies underwear. After closing of the street for the raid. Wasn’t that a bit over the top?



  2. I live in Hastings and as I understand it Nash is very unpopular, even disliked, in his Napier electorate. He only has/holds the seat because it is a long time Labour fortress.

    Okay Chris Tremain held it for a while for National but that was a reflection of the esteem of the Tremain name not only in Napier but throughout Hawkes Bay. As soon as he stood down the seat went backto Labour.

    The uninspiring Geoff Braybrook held the Napier seat for Labour for years until Tremain came along. Braybrook was at least a loyal electorate MP – I am not sure Nash is and he seems to have very little respect in the community.



    • Nash gives me the impression that he’s more interested in spending time working on his abs in the gym. Another one like Trudeau trading on the name of his great-grandfather, Walter Nash.



  3. We wonder are those being visited in such a heavy handed manner are among the 100 odd on the “leaked” list received by Stuff? Meanwhile there are likely many who should deservedly be visited will be laughing along with the majority at such levels of manpower being wasted in such a bumbling manner as directed by the Wizard of Plod. Sure far from a laughing matter for those unfortunate to be in somebodies cross hairs especially getting a second visit by an armed mob that closed down the street. Perhaps the old adage of the thin blue line now more aptly applies to the authority to make such calls?



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