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Christians Under Seige?




Most readers will recognise which country this is. However, if you’re one of those ignoramuses who recently qualified from one of our ‘bums on seats’, ‘everyone gets a first’ useless polys pretending to be a university, then I’ll explain that the country is called France and it’s quite near Britain. In fact, it’s just on the other side of a stretch of water called the ‘English Channel’ (or ‘La Manche’ in French).

Can you see all the red marks of the map? What do you think they indicate? Good restaurants? Traditional hotels? Special tourist destinations? Garlic farms? Where to get the best foie gras? No, no and no.

These red marks indicate Catholic churches that have been desecrated and/or set on fire:

The situation is now so bad that in March 2019, France’s central criminal intelligence service, SCRC, reported that there were approximately 875 acts of vandalism against Catholic churches just in 2018.

The Ministry of the Interior recorded 1,063 anti-Christian incidents in 2018 (up from 1,038 in 2017) though not all of these would have been attacks on churches. To put this in context, while there were 1,063 anti-Christian incidents in France in 2018, there were 541 antisemitic incidents (up from 311 in 2017 – a 74% increase) but there were only around 100 anti-Muslim incidents – the lowest figure recorded.

So, anti-Christian and anti-semitic incidents are increasing and anti-Muslim incidents decreasing.

This is extraordinary. This is beyond extraordinary. Can you imagine the outcry and the howls of mouth-frothing rage from the progressive libtards and the mainstream media if just a few mosques in France were vandalised or set on fire in one year? We’d never hear the end of it. And the BBC and C4 News would have investigation after investigation into so-called ‘Izlumophobia’ and ‘racism’ in France. And the progressive elites would blame Maine Le Pen and Nigel Farage and Viktor Orban and, of course, Donald Trump for encouraging the supposed ‘far-right’ and naziism and so on and so forth.

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  1. Thats what you get from the EU policy of allowing thousands upon thousands of refugees (or not, most are there for the free money) from Africa, and the Middle East in, without any policy surrounding what and who are they. It will happen here too, Just wait and this crazy government and opposition (David Seymour exempt from this generalisation as he is speaking against this and the only one who is). I have no idea what happened to the National party it appears they have morphed into a socialist party too and NZ will be crawling with these anti New Zealand lifestyle attitudes. Actually churches are never going to speak out against them either so I am getting the feeling we are doomed to a socialist /communistic lifestyle.



  2. There’s a 150% chance that these were all done by lone wolves; that they’re 200% unconnected with each other and that True Islam had nothing to do with it.

    Mohammad was a feminist would you believe? (Sadly, I’m not making that up). He was so into tolerance and so were his followers. All opposers to Islam committed suicide by jumping on the swords rose petals of Islamic warriors pacificists. This happened wherever they went.

    Have you heard of instantaneous human self-combustion? Well, that’s similar to what is happening here. That Muslims with fuel propellants and matches were nearby is totally coincidental 312% of the time.



    • As these days so many follow all Walt Disney and Hollywood programs. we are to believe in anything. 🙂

      “Lone wolves” often known by our authorities, by a mosque and family, even if barely acknowledged, though it ratchets up their demands.

      A Known wolf that knows and follows a well known ideology with great reverence to its maniacal leader.

      A pack of wolves, running others as scouts, to find tender morsels for their unsatisfied wolfish diet.

      So lets buy in with “Dances with Wolves” as “wish upon a star” 🙁



    • Certainly not the ones who refuse to assimilate, abuse the locals and and their customs and destroy property they don’t agree with. There are some areas of Paris that are not safe for original Parisians to venture into, particularly women. It is too late for France.



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