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The 2019 Nobel Peace Prize has not been awarded yet. It will be announced on Friday 11 October, 11:00 a.m.

Cindy on the AM Show yesterday was very coy about this when asked by Garner.

Below is a brief description of the process involved in selecting the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates.

September – The Norwegian Nobel Committee prepares to receive nominations. These nominations will be submitted by members of national assemblies, governments, and international courts of law; university chancellors, professors of social science, history, philosophy, law and theology; leaders of peace research institutes and institutes of foreign affairs; previous Nobel Peace Prize Laureates; board members of organizations that have received the Nobel Peace Prize; present and past members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee; and former advisers of the Norwegian Nobel Institute.

February – Deadline for submission. In order to be considered for the award of the year, nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize shall be sent in to the Norwegian Nobel Committee in Oslo before the 1st day of February the same year. Nominations postmarked and received after this date are included in the following year’s discussions. In recent years, the Committee has received close to 200 different nominations for different nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize. The number of nominating letters is much higher, as many are for the same candidates.

February-March – Short list. The Committee assesses the candidates’ work and prepares a short list.

March-August – Adviser review.

October – Nobel Laureates are chosen. At the beginning of October, the Nobel Committee chooses the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates through a majority vote. The decision is final and without appeal. The names of the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates are then announced.

December – Nobel Laureates receive their prize. The Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony takes place on 10 December in Oslo, Norway, where the Nobel Laureates receive their Nobel Prize, which consists of a Nobel Medal and Diploma, and a document confirming the prize amount.

If they follow their own procedures, She will not be eligible for one THIS year. Wearing the head rag and saying they are us, didn’t happen until after the short list for 2019 was compiled. I guess if they wanted to do so, then there is nothing stopping them. Cindy this year and Greta next year


  1. If the Mad Queen gets the Nobel prize its a total joke. This is so wrong, nothing like the Nobel was started for. When they gave it to Barak that was totally WRONG also he had done nothing, only been the President for such a small time. He could have said no….. giving it to Cindy for wearing a hijab when women are stoned for not wearing one in many countries and for made up stories about children wanting to know if they are safe? She is the queenPTPM of nothing. I hate this COL.



    • I concur Lizzie. If Cindy the virtue-signalling accidental PTPM is awarded the Nobel it makes the whole gravitas of the award a joke, Cindy is a joke and the selectors will be a joke. Showing empathy during a crisis is a human emotion not an award winning skill. What a complete circus this is that she has even been considered by Nobel.



  2. God she looks a rag bag. My ordinary everyday hard-working ladies on my staff are better dressed and better looking.



  3. As a Licenced Firearm owner I regret the PM’s actions and statements reduced democratic process in this country. The disgraceful seizure of an event to be used as a means for self promotion and to disarm law abiding citizens qualifies for denunciation rather than an international award.



  4. The prize has no prestige at all in the eyes of intelligent informed people. The final straw was giving it to the violent war mongering savage – Obama.



  5. Trump should get it.

    President Donald Trump has threatened to destroy Turkey’s economy if the country goes “off limits” following his surprise decision to pull US forces out of north-eastern Syria.

    Mr Trump initially tweeted on Monday he had been elected on “getting out of these ridiculous endless wars” and that “Turkey, Europe, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Russia and the Kurds will now have to figure the situation out”.




    • Not to mentioning calming down the potential explosive posturing from NK’s “Little Rocket Man”. President Trump has the Kim Jong-un eating out of his hand and stopped him threatening the region. Trump withdrawing the threat of attack from the USA and hosting the “supreme leader” on the world stage, but not kowtowing to the demands of the little leader. That act alone should have been enough for recognition from the world. Not a dicky bird.



  6. Other than abusing members at the U.N and saying the world is ending I am unclear what the girl child has done for World Peace.



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