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Cindy avoids having to tell another lie?




Jacinda Ardern dodges questions about Treasury’s bungling of Budget information 
my “not talking face”

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Treasury Secretary Gabriel Makhlouf are batting away questions about Treasury’s mishandling of Budget 2019 information, which National Party staffers accessed earlier this week by simply searching Treasury’s website.

National Party leader Simon Bridges is calling for Makhlouf to resign after “smearing” the party by saying the information had been hacked from the Treasury website and asking police to investigate.

But police said that nothing illegal appeared to have taken place, Treasury said this morning.

Bridges said Robertson should also resign for backing Treasury, and Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters should apologise for saying that National had acted illegally.

The State Services Commission is now investigating.

“Treasury has known since Tuesday exactly what happened and they covered it up to hide their incompetence,” Bridges said this morning.

“They have sat on a lie, calling the National Party criminal hackers and calling in the police.”

He said Robertson was “donkey deep” in this.

“He does not have the moral authority to deliver the Government’s Budget today.”

Robertson said today that he was “very disappointed” that Treasury did not seek more information before referring the matter to police.

Once again we have another Liarbour minister not being truthful. Who believes he didn’t authorise the police referral?


  1. I’ve been around for too many years to want to remember, but the “what goes round, comes round” or “karma” thing never seems to work. People just keep getting away with it. I am sure she will continue to come up smelling roses. Got the media totally onside, the bias is so slanted I just cannot see how they get away with it, but they do.



  2. That’s one hell of a snarl Cindy. Not feeling the “kindness”?
    Cindy was missing from the budget flustercluck yesterday. She doesn’t want to get dragged into answering any tough questions so has gone into witless protection till the hacking accusation storm blows over.



  3. All is not happy in the COL camp
    Winston spent his entire time in reply bagging the Nationals and praising It’s COL partner, Labour, he cannot utter the word “Greens”
    James Shaw’s opening statement was very telling.
    “Mr Peters says that it’s not easy being him, but can I just say it’s not easy being me either, because I have to follow him. One of my regrets—and there weren’t many—about the 2017 election campaign is ending up with one fewer MP than him, and therefore I have to follow him every single time. It’s not an easy act to follow. In fact, I could sell tickets to this, I could fund the next election campaign off the back of it.”

    What a difference one seat makes, one is king with supreme power, the other along for the ride.

    The way these two talked, it is far from a COalition, it is two parties that despise each other, joined through separate agreements for the sole purpose of obtaining and retaining power.
    Talk about prostituting oneself for power and power alone.



    • Interesting comment from Shaw but he still does not get it. Even if the Greens got 2 or 3 seats more than NZF it would still be the same position. The Greens were glued to Labour so Peters and NZF had ALL the cards. If Labour/Greens did not agree with NZF’s demands then they would not be the Government. (Even if Winston had no intention of going with National he would still out negotiate Labour/Greens with one hand tied behind his back). NB. I am not a Winston supporter.

      Once again Shaw shows there is not much common sense or street smarts operating between his ears.



      • There is nothing between Shaws ears just an empty vessel which explains the noise he makes. His brain however is temporarily resident in his large intestines which is why it regenerates several times a day and lacks any accurate memory of ability other than pollute NZ with his odious shit.



    • As long as the NZ voter allow the scourge on to rule NZ Politics the whiff of corruption will exist, Winston Peters is their to support his Donors and if you don’t believe that look at why their is no cameras on our Fishing Trawlers which stops questions on dumping . How can a party with 7 % of the vote get 70 % of the pot from the budget and benefit the whole of NZ. So you people need to think about lies and deceit that comes with NZ First because as long as he is in Parliament it is all about him not on the benefit to NZ.



  4. Did anyone else take note that this photo would have been taken at a parliamentary press conference by one of the media. Thank you to that rogue msm for having the balls to post this awesome snarl on line. LOL!



  5. I wish we had a leader who would actually stand up and be accountable as a decent, honest human being and deliver on that promise of open, transparent government with no need to lie. Unfortunately Jacinda Ardern is not that leader.

    And for her continued lies and failures, I no longer consider her my prime minister either.



  6. It appears that Treasury does not think it is responsible for protecting sensitive information.
    Then neither am I.
    To hell with this having to remember numbers all the time – I could write my pin number on my credit card in thick felt pen.
    Used to be it was my responsibility to keep that information safe, but it appears Police have nothing better to do than chase folk who have accessed publicly available information.
    Just saying.



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