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Nostradamus posted this last night

“I’ve also posted this at Kiwiblog.

Jacinda Ardern speed-lists her achievements in Facebook video which has gone global

It’s been two years since Jacinda Ardern became New Zealand’s Prime Minister … To mark the anniversary, Ms Ardern was challenged to cram what she said were some of her key achievements into what was meant to be a two-minute Facebook video … but which ended up going 56 seconds over.

As a service for YSB readers, I’ve transcribed what she said were some of her key achievements:

We’ve created 92,000 jobs. We’ve built more than 2,200 state houses. We’ve banned offshore speculators. We’ve planted 140 million trees. We’ve got better cancer care through radiation machines, Pharmac funding, and created essential cancer agency. We’ve delivered cheaper doctor’s visits for over 500,000 people. We’re taking mental health seriously with mental health advisers in GPs and doctors clinics across the country. We’ve increased minimum wage to $17.70. We’ve hired 2,000 more doctors and nurses. We’re building more classrooms in schools for 100,000 students. We’ve brought unemployment to the lowest rate in 11 years. We’ve got the highest increase in wages in a decade. We’ve helped one million Kiwis pay their bills with the winter energy payment. We’ve boosted incomes for 384,000 families through the families package. We’ve increased school funding so parents don’t have to pay school donations and NCEA fees. We’re breaking the cycle of family and sexual violence with massive boosts in funding. We’ve deployed 1,607 new police officers. We’ve made state highways safer. We’ve banned single-use plastic bags. We’ve started the clean-up job on our rivers and lakes through planting trees and fencing waterways. We’ve supported young people into training and apprenticeships. We’ve introduced a free lunches in schools programme. We’ve provided more funding for addiction treatment, beds and services. We’re paying teachers, nurses, and police officers more. We’ve resumed contributions to the super fund. We’ve set standards for rental homes. We’ve extended paid parental leave. We’ve ramped up the research, development, and tax incentives. We’re helping homeless individuals into homes through Housing First. We’ve banned military-style semi-automatic and assault rifles. We’ve introduced the Zero Carbon Bill. We’ve started fixing run-down hospitals. We’ve invested in public transport, extended nurses in schools to cover decile 4 and 5 secondary schools for almost 30,000 extra students. We’ve passed the Child Poverty Reduction Act and have lifted between 50,000 and 70,000 children out of poverty. We’ve provided the first funding increase in 10 years to early childhood education. We’ve banned smoking in cars with children. We began the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Historical Abuse in State Care and in Care of Faith-based Institutions. We’ve set up a Suicide Prevention Office and developed a suicide prevention strategy. We’ve created Mana Ake, putting mental health support in every primary and intermediate school in Christchurch and Kaikoura. We gave families an extra $3,000 a year for the first year of a child’s life. We’ve boosted funding for air ambulances. We lifted the cap on gender reassignment surgery. We’ve banned microbeads. We’ve boosted funding for KiwiRail. We’ve reduced the prison population for the first time in a decade. We established Te Arawhiti, the Office for Maori-Crown Relations, to make the Crown a better Treaty partner. We increased New Zealand’s refugee quota. We’re leading on the Christchurch Call to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online. And we’re making sure New Zealand history is taught in all schools and kura.

This will keep the fact checkers busy!

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  1. Cindy loves the sound of her own voice and is all about Brand Jacinda. As any sales person will tell you, a great product sells itself. It’s when the product is a bit wonky that you get claims made that stretch the truth.

    In the wise words of Forrest Gump: Stupid is as stupid does…



  2. She didn’t add that they have spent 40 million on a dead end tunnel.
    Stopped roading development turning us into a second world country.
    Taken away our freedoms in speech and guns and property rights.
    About to create ruination for many farming people.
    Made business life a lot harder than it needs to be.
    Allowed oversea’s forestry companies to rip off carbon credits to sell to Air NZ
    What a piece of shit.



    • Even my special lady said to me last night, that she wonders why we stay here now and if there is not a better country to live in. Never ever said that before. Her Grandfather was a Labour MP in the First Labour Govt. Kinda leaves me wondering.



      • If you have independent means and are able to avoid “local politics” there are many countries that exceed NZ in quality of life. Many are cheaper as well with a decent climate.

        However, another option, if you have family here, is to studiously avoid politics and “news” and remain here. I did that for many years but the start of grandchildren got me looking more seriously at their future and that of NZ.

        A coach that I had high regard for said to me many years ago, look to your family and friends, fuck the rest.



      • Depressingly, I have been thinking the same thing as Viking. Casting around in my mind for some escape from the madness of this tragic failing little country.

        The worst thing about it is that there seems to be so little resistance. Either politically or socially. It’s crazy.



        • “seems to be so little resistance. Either politically or socially. It’s crazy.”
          Mystifies me as well. but I feel their is a subtle threat, that shuts down discussion, debate, and so censor’s and self censors one.

          I think there resistance out there, but it seems to be kept silent, and as the issues are “framed” in such a way to hide the real effects.

          Like I know where there are maori land claims coming up, and the Office of Treaty Settlements, hidden under gobbly gook maori name, The effect on Departments like treaty principles, that will effect other business’s and so things may have to be renegotiated so that the claims can go through.
          The problem is that people do not want to upset the apple cart, as then they sense they could lose everything or things may be so much reduced, but if you keep your head down, you may hope to wriggle free, but if not, then it is too late.
          The other big problem is to resist, creates stress, sleepless nights, and if you contact lawyers, it still is a lot of your time and money.

          Another issue, in one area, but maybe in many other districts, the extension of Significant Natural Areas, is being confirmed and ratified.
          All being pushed on from above, government departments as it is considered to be law, and regional and district councils, at rate payers cost have to comply, so is the mantra.
          The man from the government is here to help you mantra.
          Again very hard to resist this rezoning, as it is claimed to not effect one, and you can continue to do as you have already done before.
          They will not admit that it opens the way for other subtle changes, that may have costly effects on you.

          If you resist, as I found many years ago, in attending a public meeting, in a city, the well schooled Labour MP’s set up the issue that it should be their grand children’s rights, to walk where they wish. for legal walkways, and seen to consider that it should be open rambling. Resisting that, they effectively paint one into appearing like a paranoiac pariah.

          So enough of my rant, and keep chewing back at them whenever and where ever we can, and take joy out of even Shane Jones, Trump, and more importantly, use the points they make. 🙂

          edit, must be enough key words in there to cause the “moderation effect” 🙂
          See what I mean, the censor ship is ongoing even on this blog. 🙂 though I figure it is on auto systems, Ed, so no worry.
          Got to have a smile now and again. 🙂 🙂 🙂

          So now I know, even have to “self censor” on this blog, 🙂 though I know Ed will soon be onto it.
          and in advance Thanks Ed. 🙂



          • Thanks Ed, I see it is now out of moderation, and hope you do not mind this little comment as just putting this here to give a correct time, and place on the “recent comments”
            🙂 🙂
            and just to reaffirm, I have never supported Shane Jones, or Winston Peters, totally shifty like Ardern etc.., but sometimes it is good to take some key part of one of their points and to use it on certain issues, and of course, better still to hoist them on their own petard.



    • I think at last ccount there was 250 working groups doing what labour never did in oppersition. If each working group had half a dozen toadies on it there is 1500 people. Then there is all the support staff, note takers, typists, canteen staff, coffee makers, photocopier service man, the drivers, taxis, resteraunt staff, hotel staff, building and office supplies. The numbers are getting up there. No wonder Bob Jones likes Labour goverments, they do make the money go around!
      For 250 working groups, what have they achieved?
      Nothing than employed a heap of toadies and others!
      No policies have come out them!
      Election next year at some point, depending on when Whinestone collapses the COL. It looks to me as though he may need to do it to get his name back in the media for other than been an arsehole!



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