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Kiwi prime minister Jacinda Ardern arrived in Rarotonga yesterday for a holiday with fiancé Clarke Gayford and their daughter Neve. 

 New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern has chosen the Cook Islands as her destination for a family getaway.

The cheerful looking Ardern arrived in the country yesterday with her fiancé Clarke Gayford and their year old baby Neve.

They were greeted by prime minister Henry Puna and his wife Akaiti, Cook Islands Tourism chief executive officer Halatoa Fua and staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Rarotonga International Airport’s VIP lounge.

Ardern and her family was adorned with fresh garlands by prime minister Puna. Her arrival went relatively unnoticed by people at the airport.

Ardern and her family were then whisked away to their accommodation. It is believed they left for Aitutaki where they will spend most of their time while in the country, late yesterday. 

According to sources, Gayford will be using the trip to shoot for his Fish of the Day television show aired by Mediaworks in New Zealand. But an official source said that Ardern and her family were in the country “purely on holiday”.

The television show promises to “take you on a journey to stunning locations, introduce you to fascinating locals, and surround you with some of the world’s most amazing ocean ecology”. Gayford has been traveling from the tropical South Pacific to the icy islands before Antarctica, challenging himself to catch fish, learn about the species and location, and then unlock secret mouth-watering recipes for his Fish of the Day.

It has been a busy and challenging year for prime minister Ardern and this trip will provide her with an opportune time for a well-deserved break from the political affairs of her country.

The New Zealand prime minister’s office asked that their privacy during the trip be respected. Ardern, who turns 39 on July 26, became the 40th prime minister of New Zealand in October, 2017.

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    • Hypocrisy is as insidious as lying. I would expect no more from ‘dear leader’.
      So, did the Airforce fly her and the fisherman up there? Surely Jethro could have paid to fly them up on a commercial flight as a business expense as he is working on his fishing show.



    • For the elite, like Al Bore, Leonardo di Crap, Prince Chuck Up, Jimmy Two-Mums and our own prinNZess, they have special non-greenhouse CO2. Their CO2 does not contribute to the greenhouse gas effect like regular CO2 that us commoners use.

      That’s why they insist on us not flying, using “gas-guzzling” cars, having fun etc. while they can go on tax-payer funded junkets and holidaying in exotic locations. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact they don’t like seeing common people enjoying themselves or trying to get ahead.



  1. The Mad Queen flew Airforce from wellington to palmerston north then on holiday flight NZ572.
    Is she allowed to use Airforce plane for holidays?
    If Jethro is filming his fishing show there, is he allowed on the plane with film crew?
    Who’s the media toadies that went too on the junket?
    Are they having a wedding over there?
    Baby making in progres for a pre election boost?
    What are the offical duties the PM is in the Cooks for, seen as she says it’s only a holiday?



  2. I see that the nz media has been paid off, as there is no coverage of the Mad Queens, holiday in the Cook islands with transport provided by the Airforce to fly enough people in for a wedding!



  3. With any luck, she will come back with a stinking dose of the flu, like all the other travellers are.
    Seems staff have more money than employers these days and Fiji and
    Raro are the places to go. all coming back with wog flu.



  4. From FB.

    ” So does this mean that the NZ taxpayer is paying for the PMs unemployed pet piscator to film a self promoting tv show that has really low ratings?
    Please someone in parliamentary services confirm if Mr Gayford is self funding this or is NZs taxed to poverty families paying?”
    Comments are going 10 to 1 against her.
    Something has to give. We can’t keep going on being governed like this, Can We?



  5. Is the Airforce 757 still in Rarotonga?
    Has it comeback?
    Is the Mad Queen going to fly home on commercial?
    Will she deplane with smiles, giggles and chuckles, with some lame excuse?
    Barry Soper is the first I have seen covering her seceret flight!
    All NZ will know tonight as it will be on the news!
    Whats Mediaworks getting out of this?



  6. What needs to be confirmed is why all tracking has been recently removed from NZ7571, we know it is flying there is a utube video taken in Wellington.
    Why would RNAF remove tracking on this aircraft but leave it on NZ7572.
    I am convinced Winston took NZ7571 to South America. It could all well be above board, by why all the secrecy?
    The other really alarming fact is the press appear to be almost 100% “nothing to see here”
    Not a squeak from them.



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