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Jacinda Ardern Left Reeling as Voters Prepare to Oust Her as PM

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden has been left reeling after new polls suggest she will suffer a devastating loss and be ousted in the upcoming election.

The humiliating defeat has been on the cards for a while as Ardern’s grip on power has slipped in recent months due to the public rising up and rejecting her authoritarian brand of politics.
The country, which has seen huge waves of anti-government protests as the cost of living crisis continues to wreak havoc, will vote in 2023 with a new Kantar poll confirming that Ardern will suffer a landslide loss.

Rebelnews.com reports: In more bad news for Ardern, Labour is also dealing with internal chaos with rogue MP DR Gaurav Sharma accusing Labour of rampant bullying and gaslighting within Parliament.

Sharma, the party’s Hamilton West MP, went public with claims of bullying, misspending of taxpayer funds and other dirty laundry in an explosive 2,624-word Facebook post.

It is reported Labour will hold a special caucus meeting this week to discuss the claims.

Last week, it was revealed that Ardern’s popularity has tanked to just 30 per cent as preferred PM, marking her worst approval rating since coming into office in 2017, with at least one pollster predicting she will be dumped at the next election.

The Daily Mail reported:

David Farrar, a leading political pollster who works as a consultant for the National Party, says he believes it’s ‘more likely than not’ Ms Ardern will be voted out at the next federal election.

“The National Party has led most polls in the last few months. It’s going to be very close, but I’d say it’s more likely than unlikely there’s a change in government,” he said.

“She’s an excellent communicator. Hundreds of thousands were watching her daily press conferences.

“People were nervous but loved seeing her in control. It was almost unsafe to criticise her.”

Ardern’s Zero-Covid strategy kick-started the government’s fall from grace with New Zealanders weary after two years of oppressive lockdown conditions which saw the nation isolated and left behind as the rest of the world learned to live with Covid-19.

While the strategy had initial success and was widely praised in the global media for eliminating cases in the first wave of the pandemic, New Zealand was left locked down and languishing behind as the economy and social order suffered.

Earlier this year, Ardern’s harsh governance sparked a wave of protests as freedom campaigners set up camp on parliament grounds in Wellington demanding an end to tyrannical restrictions.

Large-scale protests have grown since with thousands of Kiwis joining in anti-government marches in cities around the country.

Ardern’s soft stance on China has also come under fire as Beijing continues to cause friction among pacific nations and escalates aggression against Taiwan.

Ardern dismissed her decline in the polls as a ‘reflection of the times’.

There’s absolutely no doubt increases in inflation are hurting New Zealanders. We have a responsibility as government to do what we can to support them through,” she said.

New Zealand has advantage as well. I do look to those causes of optimism – low unemployment, low relative debt and the fact that we have our borders, tourism coming back. Those things will give a boost.

Last week the NZ media reported that hundreds of New Zealanders were suffering through a freezing Winter living in their cars with those on the ground describing the conditions as ‘heart-breaking’.

In July, a 72-year-old woman died while living in her car on an Auckland suburban street in freezing conditions.

More anti-government protests are planned in the coming weeks as the nation’s cost of living pressures and soaring inflation continue to hit Kiwis hard.

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  1. Ed

    An interesting article until I saw Farrar being quoted as an ‘authoritative’ source, at which point (given his known sentiments), doubts started to surface, and a Tui billboard-type response came to mind.

    Thanks for posting it despite that.



    • Farrar repeating the “she is an excellent communicator” BS. I could have got up behind the podium every day and recited the propaganda lines spewed out by her PR department and there is no way I would call myself a good communicator.

      People like Farrar are just really lazy thinkers.

      If I was to say anything about Ardern I would say she is a relatively good C grade actress.



      • I ended up getting banned from Kiwiblog permanently for referring to Ardern as an evil communist.

        It was not done by him be one of his left wing moderators. I phoned him and he said he would fix things but he did not keep his word.



      • She’s not even good at communicating. For starters, she haltingly reads bullshit written by her office hacks, sounding like a third former in a class speech competition.

        And then… oh, I can’t be bothered. We all know she’s fucking useless.



    • Verity Johnson is a woke millennial who thinks she knows everything, her ‘we love Jacinda’ makes me sick right down to the toes let alone the stomach. Yep she is correct about nude nut but not particularly for the reasons she chooses as far as I am concerned. If he owns 7 houses good for him, if he is against abortion that is also fair enough, he can have thoughts of his own for FUCK sake. All leaders of the major (did I say that)and not quite so major political parties are useless, and we could absolutely do with new, fresh, people who actually stand for what they say they do, and don’t pretend to fulfil the voters wishes but have absolutely no intention of doing so and just want a good go at the trough of taxpayer money. We definitely do not want tired and pathetic like we have and that goes for all parties.



  2. Yes but will the right delete the impact of her destructive regime, roll back her racist divisive laws? Or, as usual, adopt the lefts policies like mandated vaccinations & monkeypox marriages? The right always waste their mandate. They have been trained and marinated in the fake conservatism developed from the 1960’s. Gate-kept to lose. Stiff upper lip and pillow for biting at the ready, get ready to be reamed, Luxon fans.



  3. Man charged with murder after death of Remuera woman Pauline Hanna

    A 69-year-old man has been charged with murder of Pauline Hanna, 16 months after the Remuera woman was found dead in her home.

    Police have confirmed an arrest has been made into the death that happened on April 5 last year.

    The man is due to appear in the Auckland District Court later today.

    Hanna died in her home in the Auckland suburb of Remuera on Easter Monday last year.


    This will be interesting.
    Hanna had worked at Counties Manukau District Health Board as an executive project director and was involved in the Covid-19 vaccine rollout.



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