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Cindy Lying Again?




Northland pharmacist says Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has her facts wrong over supply of flu vaccines

A Whangarei pharmacist says Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has her facts wrong after she claimed there were no issues with the supply of flu vaccine.

“There’s been huge issues and they’re not improving at all,” Angela Heswall told Newshub on Thursday.

Heswall’s comments follow Ardern’s Wednesday press conference where she flatly denied there were any problems with the supply of flu vaccines.

Her denial came after medical professionals told the Epidemic Response Committee that the vaccination programme was a “debacle”. When confronted with this information, Ardern said she disagreed.

“We wanted to be prepared and we have more flu vaccines than we would normally offer as well, so I disagree with that assessment of the flu vaccine. We know we moved early.

“It’s not finished, I should add. That will be a rolling campaign.”

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern disagrees with frontline health workers saying there’s an issue with flu vaccine supplies

There is no “debacle” when it comes to the supply and distribution of flu vaccines in New Zealand, the Prime Minister says.

On Wednesday, NZ Medical Association chair Dr Kate Baddock told the Epidemic Response Committee that GPs have been unable to access the vaccines due to them being held back for more vulnerable people, describing it as a “complete debacle”.

“I don’t want to see what happened with flu, happen with a COVID-19 vaccine,” she said.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday afternoon, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern didn’t mince her words.

Seems to me like she is bereft of any idea what is actually happening in the real world. Every day the issue of availability of PPE for front line workers is mentioned and will not go away. This signifies that we are being lied to by those who know something but are too afraid to be honest with us.


  1. I wrote to SLG about this very thing yesterday.
    Got an instant reply saying that communication volumes are high and I will get a reply sometime.

    She’s had direct feedback from multiple front line sources that isn’t flattering and her response is a very firm “My advisors tell me …”
    Get new advisors then.
    We’re these the advisors that didn’t tell you to screen at the borders the moment it was known a viral pandemic was afoot?
    Get new advisors.



    • Ardern has advisors?
      I thought she made all her decisions on ‘Feelz’ after overseas phone calls from her International Socialist Youth chums??



    • For a useless mob where the whole top ten of the Cabinet are drawn from – Political assistants; Unionists, Teachers, and NGO employees -you can understand why Ihumatao was a cock up, less than 300 houses of 10,000 built, hardly any trees planted …

      .. you just know everything they touch will be a cock up

      These critters ‘in charge’ are between 38 and 48 years of age.
      They are not going to learn new skills now and are stuck on their incompetence and maturity level of 20 year olds at Uni where you have no real responsibility.
      Well, maybe taking orders for Fish n chips but not actually cooking them!
      A mere conduit.
      Ardern is merely a lightweight conduit for the awful UN

      the ‘year of delivery’ was last year.
      Nothing happened,.
      They are not capable of delivering ‘a better world’



      • She’s delivered something this year that’s for sure; the political and economic version of a hereditary illness for future generations.



  2. Haven’t been offered mine yet, here in Waimate. I am aware that some people here have had them, one of the problems being towards the bottom of the alphabet.



  3. I hope she keeps responding like this and a few might finally wake up and start to question her BS.

    The medical practice we go to sent out an email today saying they are holding another clinic for flu jabs on April 29 and will have other clinics when vaccine becomes available. It is obviously being rationed out.



    • Our centre would open a clinic from 9-12 on a Saturday and go home by 10am because they’d run out – and they didn’t even advertise the clinic – you only got to know about it if you rang up and asked.
      Health service delivery in this country is seriously mismanaged at all levels.



    • Princess Cindy, known and loved visitor of kindergardens, has even lost the support of early childhood centre owners and staff after forcing them to open when they know it isn’t safe to have toddlers playing together and then returning to spread their germs to teachers and at home.



  4. Editor: “Cindy is lying again?”

    If she says “Good morning” to me I’d be checking my watch, followed by my wallet. From the time when she told Bill English there’s no need to lie in politics she has been lying. That hasn’t changed. It’s not a question anymore.

    You should remove the ? and leave an ! in its place 🙂



    • Is she lying again, or still?
      Is there a space between one bare-faced lie and the next or is it just one long flow?



  5. Actually, I don’t think she deliberately lies. I really think she just doesn’t know half the time and makes shit up the other half. To be an effective liar needs huge intelligence and a damn good memory. She has neither.



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