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Paula Bennett claims Beehive staffer has ‘no faith’ over complaints

Paula Bennett claims to have been contacted by a Beehive staffer who alleges to be “one of the victims of a perpetrator”, and says their complaints haven’t been taken seriously.

Bennett, deputy leader of the National Party, said on Thursday the woman – along with “a number of other people” – has laid complaints over many months. 

She said the victim claims to have not been taken seriously by the Prime Minister’s Office and has spoken of feeling “extremely unsafe and actually fearful”. 

“She expressed to me that they’re at the stage now where they’re seeing people having panic attacks, crying, and really serious anxiety,” Bennett said in Parliament. 

“They’ve taken the really extraordinary step because they feel they are not being listened to or taken seriously to actually come to the deputy leader of the opposition to hope that they can be heard.”

Bennett said the complainants have expressed a “range of different allegations”, which she said she would not go into detail about “at this stage”. 

She said complaints were made to both the Prime Minister’s Office and the Labour Party, and that the complainants have been told to keep quiet. 

“They now feel like there’s a witch-hunt on to find people who have spoken to the media and Newshub earlier this week,” Bennett said. 

Newshub revealed on Monday that Labour has been forced to review an internal investigation into bullying, sexual harassment and sexual assault by a Labour staffer. 

The complainants told Newshub the party had done nothing to improve its processes since the sexual harassment allegations at last year’s Young Labour summer camp.

Bennett said the complainant spoke of intimidating behaviour, “and I suppose they have absolutely no faith in the process that will come from the Prime Minister’s Office and that they will be heard and be taken seriously”. 

When asked what Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern should do about the situation, Bennett said: “Well, she talks about leadership, and actually providing a safe environment, and I believe that action needs to be taken immediately.”

Bennett added: “I believe that these people actually work in her office and work in the Beehive and as such that is not just a party matter that is an employment issue that is within her own office.”

Ardern said on Tuesday morning that it “hasn’t been raised as an employment issue but rather a party one”. 

Bennett said she’s not sure what the complainant talked about “would cross a criminal threshold, but it would certainly cross an unacceptable behaviour in the workplace threshold”. 

She said she thinks it is “extraordinary” that someone who works within the Beehive “feels they have to go to the deputy leader of the opposition to get action taken and they are absolutely scared”. 

“I’ve spoken to the Speaker myself and expressed that I believe that he as the head of Parliament, has an obligation to provide a safe work environment,” she said. 

“If anyone else wants to come and speak to me, I will absolutely keep their confidence.”

The Prime Minister’s Office has been contacted for comment. 

And we can just hear her response.”arr um. yeah, um arr, yes, no, arr, um……..

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  1. It’s beyond belief that they could play Russian roulette with staffs minds when confronted about something as bad as this. Another of Jacinda promises on mental health have been tossed down the drain just to cover for someone she knows very well or is one of her staff. Really we cannot have a Prime Minister in our Parliament or Leading our Country when her ambitions are put before serious sexual assaults.



    • Couldn’t agree more. It’s that inner conflict that arises when their personal safety clashes with their blind faith to their tribe and ideology.
      Maybe the cops could turn up to the Beehive with their guitars and they make it all better with a few waiata’s.



    • I imagine most of the complainants have endured a form of bullying or verbal sexual abuse that does not constitute a crime.

      They will also be wanting to keep their job, or at least, find employment in Wellington.

      It is not easy to walk out of a job without a decent reference .



  2. Caring Cindy has those she favours and those she dismisses. The 12 women are not useful to her like the protected Labour creep. Comrade creep must be a true believer and supporter of Cindy’s socialist nirvana.

    You can’t get him, he’s supported by the Party.

    I feel dreadful for the victims of this Labour creep. The victims will be feeling powerless and have every right to seek out support with Paula as a friendly port in a storm. They’re certainly not getting that from their Labour party.



    • Being a leader of a political party requires ruthless pragmatism so in that respect Cindy’s response may be expected.

      But Cindy baby has a bigger problem. She has built a castle out of playing cards with nothing other than a manufactured image of caring & kindness. That castle is incredibly vulnerable to the perception of those she’s been bullshitting for three years.

      Expose her for what she is & the CoL are toast.



      • Yes Nasska, but if she was truly ruthless she has to be seen to be taking actions to:
        1. Lance the mess and any future fallout;
        2. She must do whatever she believes is publicly best for “Project Cindy”. In this case, there will be more mileage looking after the accusers and looking caring towards the women and quietly losing the perp. Hanging the perp out to dry, may be dangerous as he may know too much, so he has to be looked after to keep him quiet.
        3. Squashing the women creates the risk the story will not go away and it will come back to bite her, at a most embarrassing point in time.

        So, a ruthless leader makes the problem go away for good and ensures their reputation profits.



        • …..” makes the problem go away for good and ensures their reputation profits”…..

          Yes. That’s what John Key & Helen Clark would have done but neither handicapped themselves in advance by pretending to be nice or inclusive. PriNZess from all accounts is an absolute bitch to work with but because her rep for kindness must be preserved in the eyes of the electorate she is hamstrung in any situation where fairy dust spread by unicorn farts won’t do the job.

          Presently she can’t do what needs done & if the pressure stays on she can’t do nothing. With any luck she’ll implode under the stress.



          • “but neither handicapped themselves in advance by pretending to be nice or inclusive. ”

            yes, your right about PriNZeess, and it seems her unicorn farted fairydust and her phoney niceness are already starting to be her undoing….

            As according to this morning’s RNZ news, some of her tarnished fairydust is blowing back in her face from the Christchurch Muslim quarter. Those ungrateful muslims are getting upset that the PriNZess and media focus has shifted off them….oh dear, they were exploited by PriNZess, move on people.



    • Being one of her ‘Inner Circle’ he will also know things about Ardern that she would rather not be made public.
      Expect him to be offered a well paid role in another Government Agency soon…



  3. Where are the Green and Labour MPs that walked out of parliament in 2015? Why are they not supporting these complainants too?

    Where is Mau and Moa? They are normally vocal about this. Maybe the hand that doles out 27k per day for being an MC can not be bitten, but damn.

    The hipocracy from the left and the amount of victim blaming from them. Holy fuck it is disgusting.



  4. Oh diddums… poor little petals feeling undervalued and bullied and not having a safe environment… sob….

    Paula Bennett us just buying into the pathetic victim shield mentality and it simply confirms my belief that the Nats are just as woke and soggy as the rest of them.

    Sad weak little flowers. Makes me vomit.



  5. More of the left eating their own. Fact is, you can’t trust a lefty, they are in it for themselves. As Angry said, there will be collateral damage. To bad, never mind. This is how the Labour party franchise rolls.



  6. Well, that’s my lunch completely ruined. The one good thing about this is it has made a lot of people take more of an interest in the upcoming summer camp trial. Something Labour have spent the last year or so desperately trying to make us forget about.



    • Probably not. The Left are quite happy to have rapists and pedophiles in their ranks. Weinstein got away with it for a very long time. Epstein almost got away it. Roman Polanski still gets away with it. Islamic rape gangs got away with it for forty years.

      I do wonder what line Weinstein crossed for him to become a pariah. The Left used to sing his praises quite literally.

      It surprised me that Leftards went on about “rape culture” a few years back. They made a huge song and dance about it. Non-Leftards went “What the Fuck are you on?” in response. You know, we try to incarcerate rapists and possibly even beat them up if we can. It made no sense.

      With the Weinsteins of the world, that puzzle has been resolved. In Leftard world, rape, pedophilia, sexual molestation are as common as mud. It’s endemic. Ardern, for example, is trying to cover it up through the ignorance-ploy. Earlier, we had the Youth Labour Camp molester. He still hasn’t faced trial and I’m not convinced he’ll even face trial next month. Labour is protecting him.



  7. An on another matter of openness and transparency:



    there’s the question about the employee that isn’t a director but still is and only had a conflict of interest for a little while, so that’s ok.
    Turns out all the directors of the company that he isn’t a director of have visitor passes to parliament, including him.



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