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Do it! Aitutaki urges NZ prime minister to marry

There are stunning options if Jacinda Ardern and Clarke Gayford choose to marry in the Cook Islands, say locals, but scepticism that they’ll go through with it. 

Fresh flowers strewn across the beach of Aitutaki’s exquisite One Foot Island; reached by vaka over a crystal clear lagoon.

That’s the stunning image of a Cook Islands wedding being painted for New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern and her fiancé Clarke Gayford this week.

As the couple enjoy a holiday in the Cook Islands with their one-year-old daughter Neve, tourist operators are keen to show them just how special this place is.

Back in New Zealand, there is lighthearted speculation that their prime minister is eloping. Veteran political commentator Barry Soper wrote yesterday: “Last Easter, Ardern got engaged to her partner Clarke Gayford and at some stage, presumably, a wedding will occur. Why not offshore, away from the prying eyes of the media?”

Cook Islands News sources expressed scepticism – but wedding celebrants were still happy to sprinkle some stardust.

A private wedding on one of Aitutaki’s secret motu might do the trick, said marriage celebrant  George Williams – and if Ardern was looking for something extravagant, One Foot Island would be the best place to start.

Williams, who celebrates about 40 weddings a year, said any weddings in the Cooks would definitely involve the stunning beach and the couple sailing on a vaka over the calm and crystal clear lagoon.

Destination Cook Islands manager Nina Webb said if Ardern wanted privacy,  she too would recommend One-foot Island or Honeymoon Island.

Ardern’s visit to the Cooks comes after

Cook Islands Tourism Corporation board members and senior management travelled to Aitutaki last week, to hammer out plans to improve lagoon health, signage, waste management, and visitor capacity.

Wedding celebrant Stephen Doherty said anything could be arranged for a special event like the New Zealand prime minister’s wedding.

On the poolside, there are a number of wedding packages widely advertised that involve setting up archways of fresh flowers. So too, romantic beach weddings hidden on Aitutaki’s private islands.

Aitutaki is prized for its turquoise waters. A wedding on the island would surely be an escape to paradise – or an escape of fantasy. 

Not an engagement ring in sight

Nah not a chance. Cindy will milk a wedding next year about July /August just before the election for all it’s worth. Jethro will stay on the porch until after this event because Cindy is the bread winner. Once the election is over, all bets will be off and the games will commence.

Thanks to Jan for the link to the Cooks newspaper. He/she hasn’t yet got the courage to join us here on ysb. Give her/him a shout out and give then the courage to join us.


  1. “Cook Islands Tourism Corporation board members and senior management travelled to Aitutaki last week, to hammer out plans to improve lagoon health, signage, waste management, and visitor capacity.”

    And along comes SLG with our cheque book?



  2. Why is Cindy wearing her ‘engagement’ ring on the wrong finger? Is she not enthralled to be betrothed to Jethro? Is it that she does not respect tradition, is she actually not in favour of marriage? Is it some kind of statement that she is wearing the engagement ring on her 2nd finger, not the traditional 3rd finger? As a long time married old bag I don’t care where she wears her engagement ring, but I do remember I was proud and ecstatic to wear my engagement ring. I just find it mystifying that a newly engaged person is not proudly displaying her beloved’s promise to the world.



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