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Nadda, Nein, Non, Nyet, No Way, Not a chance, Forget about it, Don’t even think about it, Never, Not now, Not ever. No means no. And, not only no, but fuck no!

It’s on: NZ-Australia travel bubble cleared for a one-way take-off

Australia has finalised a deal for a limited travel bubble between New Zealand and select Australian states, with flights expected to start arriving from across the Tasman within weeks.

However, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is reluctant to make the arrangement reciprocal.

Deputy PM Michael McCormack said New Zealanders would be able to fly to NSW and the Northern Territory from 12.01am on October 16.

There will be no requirements for visiting Kiwis to complete 14 days quarantine, but they will not be allowed to travel from any designated virus hotspots in that country.

Mr McCormack said health officials had assessed New Zealanders as low risk for transmitting the disease to Australia.

“This is the first stage in what we hope to see as a trans-Tasman bubble between the two countries,” he said on Friday.

“I have just gotten off the phone with [NT] Chief Minister [Michael] Gunner, who says the fish are biting and the beers are cold and he wants to see as many of his New Zealand cousins and friends as possible.”

NSW and the NT were included in the bubble after accepting the federal government’s definition of a ‘hotspot’.

Under the definition, New Zealanders from places with more than three new cases in three days will be excluded from quarantine-free travel.

But the move signals intensified pressure on states to bow to the Commonwealth hotspot definition – which could also trigger more interstate borders reopening.

On Thursday, Mr Morrison had flagged travel beginning between NZ and NSW and South Australia, because they have also opened their borders to other Australians.

Mr McCormack said SA was not part of Friday’s announcement because it had not yet accepted the federal government’s definition of a hotspot.

“South Australia are very close to agreeing to these terms and to agreeing to be the next jurisdiction to come on board,” he said.

Allowing quarantine-free travel from New Zealand will also free up more places in hotel quarantine for returning Australians. Mr McCormack said there would be 325 more places a week in Sydney alone.

“Safe travel of New Zealanders to Australia will enable space in the quarantine system to be freed up for Australians returning from other countries,” he said.

“If Queensland were to agree to this definition, around an additional 250 quarantine places could be freed up.”

But Australians hoping to cross the Tasman will have to wait a little longer, with the New Zealand government not yet satisfied with Australia’s infection rates.

New Zealand is pursuing a COVID-19 elimination strategy that requires criteria that must be met before its borders open to people from other nations, and will not yet reciprocate on quarantine-free travel for Australians.

“If Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister in New Zealand, wants to have Australians going to New Zealand, then that will be up to her and New Zealand as to how those arrangements can be put into place and under what conditions they can be put into place,” Mr McCormack said.

Ms Ardern said on Friday that it was still too early to allow Australians to enter New Zealand.

“We have resisted that because we want to keep New Zealanders safe,” she said.

“We will not open the borders for quarantine-free travel with Australia until it is safe to do so, because doing it too early risks losing all of the freedoms that we already have in our economy. “

Mr McCormack hopes the bubble will also lead to Kiwi sheep shearers coming to Australia.

The move could also potentially allow Pacific islanders to spend two weeks in New Zealand before coming to Australia to work during this summer’s harvest.

“They can come and pick fruit, shear our sheep, fall in love,” Mr McCormack said.

Cannot wait for the election to be over. All this covid shit will suddenly go away. Cindy is a control freak who loves nothing more than having the stupid kiwis under her thumb. If she agrees to this at this stage, questions need to be asked why not sooner. Protecting the border was all they had to do. With the second lockdown of Auckland as a result of this failure, there is no way she will allow any Aussies into the country until after the election.

In the mean time businesses still suffer.

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  1. To be fair another 3 years of Cindy and it wont be necessary to have a return ticket or 14 days in isolation because like what happened in the last labour government it’ll be one way traffic and “the last person to leave NZ please turn off the lights “



  2. If the aussies can’t get in with out quarantining, our restaurants, cafes and tourist industy might as well shut up shop now. As the kiwis all go on holidays in the sun to aussie. The islands will open up as they will not want to miss out on the money too!
    Fuck the reno say’s everybody, I’m outta here!
    You just watch watch, I’m betting the mad queen will be on her private jet and first out the gate. It won’t be her to turn off the light!



  3. Cindy says we’re not ready yet. WTF is she waiting for? It’s not going to get any better than this.
    Winston, you bastard, you owe us big time. You’re toast, so please torpedo these arseholes on the way out.



  4. ScoMo clearly had enough of Ardern’s obfuscation over opening the borders as she clearly put everythin on hold until after the election. ScoMo decided an FYou was required when he opened the Aussie border to Kiwis. Cindy has lost the upper-hand with Aus so is now dangling travel to the Islands as a possibility.

    COVID-19: Cook Islands’ travel bubble talks resumed, making ‘good progress’ – Jacinda Ardern

    New Zealand has continued to report new cases of COVID-19 over the past week, but all infections were detected in new arrivals staying at managed isolation facilities.

    Ardern said she spoke to Cook Islands’ Prime Minister Mark Brown – who succeeded Henry Puna on October 1 – a couple of days ago to “check-in” and resume work on the travel bubble.

    She confirmed that no other Pacific nations have expressed an interest in opening their borders to New Zealanders at this time.



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