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Sweden’s Approach to Virus Wins Accolades

Harry Painter

Scientists criticized the move on February 9 as premature, but the policy has been a success, say Swedish government officials.

“There are no indications that the opening increased spread, so we assess that it was relevant and correct,” Karin Tegmark Wisell, director-general of the Public Health Agency of Sweden, said at a press conference on March 3.

Famously, Sweden was one of few countries that chose not to lock down its citizens and economy in 2020.

‘Persuasion, Not Coercion’

Sweden took a different approach to the pandemic than other countries, says Twila Brase, president of the Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom (CCHF).

“Not locking down was a controversial position at the time, but Swedish health officials held to it,” said Brase. “Anders Tegnell, [Sweden’s] chief epidemiologist, was instrumental in that decision. Officials used persuasion, not coercion.”

Sweden has one of the lowest COVID-19 mortality rates in Europe, at 1,614 deaths per million people, compared to lockdown-heavy Britain’s 2,335 per million, for example. Sweden also took on a smaller debt burden than lockdown countries such as Britain.

Sweden’s approach protected its economy, says the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, a free-market advocacy group.

“This year it’s projected to be 5 percent larger than before the pandemic, versus a two percent gain for Germany and one percent for Britain,” stated the free-market organization’s newsletter, on February 15. “The level of extra debt Sweden has had to take on is a fraction of that in lockdown countries.”








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A Hands-Off Approach

Sweden’s Public Health Agency in 2020 touted its focus on clear, consistent messaging and personal responsibility instead of lockdowns.

Tegnell defended his nuanced approach to the pandemic, saying in a September 2021 interview that Sweden’s legal system forced them to “focus on areas where we really can see that there is a high level of threat.”

Sweden’s COVID-19 deaths exceeded neighboring countries in the early stages of the pandemic because they were not more vigorous in protecting nursing home residents, says Joel S. Hirschhorn, founder of the Pandemic Blunder Newsletter.

“Like the U.S. and some other nations, nearly half the COVID deaths were in nursing homes and nearly 90 percent of deaths were in people 70 years or older, again similar to the U.S. and other nations,” said Hirschhorn.

“It is also important to note that generally, the Swedish population is healthier than Americans, with fewer chronic comorbidities, especially obesity,” said Hirschhorn.

Treatment Worked

The verdict is in on other approaches taken to protect people from the virus, and not just from Sweden, says Brase.

“Various Indian and South African countries, as well as South American countries, likely did better than the U.S. because they used early treatment,” said Brase. “Many of them were already on hydroxychloroquine to prevent malaria,” she said. “And in Uttar Pradesh, a state of India with more than 240 million people, the government distributed early treatment kits including ivermectin—and the cases and deaths plummeted.”

Other public health measures have not worked as expected, says Brase.

“Scrubbing surfaces was mostly stopped after it was recognized that the virus spread through the air (aerosolization) and, at some point in 2021, it was acknowledged that the plexiglass barriers in schools did virtually nothing,” said Brase.

Vaccines Less Effective

Another measure that failed to live up to its promise has been vaccines, says Brase.

“The vaccines didn’t work to stop COVID, stop transmission, [or] decrease viral load,” said Brase. “They provided no sterilizing immunity, so they really are not vaccines. In some countries, the vaccinated are suffering higher rates of hospitalization, such as in Scotland and Israel.

“The injections may have decreased severity of disease for the especially vulnerable, but they also caused death and damage to some of the vaccinated, and we don’t yet know the full impact of the genetic injections because there was insufficient study before injections,” said Brase.

“In addition, it appears the vaccines given in the midst of a pandemic may have led to the long line of variants we experienced,” she said.

There is one lesson from all the approaches to the pandemic, says Brase.

“A virus is a virus, and it’s impossible to control a virus,” said Brase.

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  1. Lies, damned lies and statistics.
    While it appears Swedens strategy has been good for them, I am cautious about the numbers unless there is an agreed standard to the definitions.
    If someone rides their motorcycle into the front of a log truck they did not die of the dreaded Covid. They may later have been shown to have had ingrown toenails or haemorrhoids but they didn’t die of those either.
    Sweden has no need to inflate their figures to fuel the panic porn.
    I wish we were Sweden.



  2. ……”they also caused death and damage to some of the vaccinated”…….

    To our leaders they are not real people, young fit & healthy people with a future. Rather they are collateral damage sacrificed at the altar of political expediency & appeasement of our new masters of the WHO & NWO.

    At the end of this month we will remember the dead from conflicts NZ has been involved in. Fields of slaughter where the cream of our young men were ordered to die. It seems that they gave their lives for fuck all.

    Now we mandate our young to die to save the reputations of the like of Ardern & Bloomfield. We have learned nothing.



  3. Thanks for the article, Ed. It helps keep things in perspective.

    I will however make 2 points.

    [1] I refrain from using any information from WorldoMeter. At times they are like fact checkers. During 2020, they were posting death stats in the US from WorldoMeter that were between 15% and 40% higher than the CDC’s figures. And the official source of data for the deaths is actually the CDC. So WorldoMeter might update say on say Tuesday of a week, deaths for the previous week, and the CDC the official source, might publish 8 days later the stats from that same week, which at times were significantly lower than WorldoMeter.

    Even when the CDC posted that only 6% of the deaths were “from” Covid, (the other 94% had co-morbidities, WorldoMeter were still posting the CDC’s total death plus their add-on.

    Research I did, is that WorldoMeter is a “counter” site, not a “stats” site. They claim to be able to have up to ten/five second intervals accurate stats, not only on Covid deaths, but on mobile phone sales, computer sales, births, deaths, and a host of other data etc. It’s nice to see a spinning number representing “global births”, but it is only a figure generated out of historical data probably 2 or 3 years old or longer if from census data, and multiplied by estimated growth figures, broken down into an hourly or minute change.

    They are not a stats company yet guppy mouth idiots (not you ED) use WorldoMeter. In fact during 2020 the daily publishing of stats on Covid deaths and infections, on Stiff and Ferald, as supplied by the Ministry of Tooth were identical or close as dammit to the WorldoMeter site.

    Taking births as an example, to get an accurate figure, you would either have to have data hooks into every hospital in the world. But no such data hooks exist. And that does not take into account all the births in China, Africa, India and even Gloriavale, that may go unreported, or delayed in reported. So the figures are wildly inaccurate.



    • [2] Previously it was though that between 5% to 20% of people catching the flu were asymptomatic. Recent research using serology testing i.e. looking for anti-bodies, show that between 65% and 85% of people with the flu are asymptomatic.

      The Southern Hemisphere Influenza and Vaccine Effectiveness, Research and Surveillance (SHIVERS) Serosurvey, in 2015, provided information about the immunity that people in the community have against influenza. Data identified around one in four people were infected with influenza during the 2015 influenza season and that four out of five children and adults (80%) with influenza did not have symptoms


      On average, roughly 20% of the unvaccinated had serologic evidence of influenza infection, but up to three quarters of the infected were asymptomatic. The proportions did not vary significantly between seasonal and pandemic influenzas.


      The Coof is not much different. In fact these estimations wil apply in some form or another to most viral infections.

      Under estimating the infection rate, leads to an over estimation of risk.
      The actual Covid infections are likely to be far higher than 659,175 perhaps as high as 2.5-3 million, and as we know deaths “from” covid will be far less than the 299 deaths “with” Covid.

      Deaths from co-morbidites “triggered” by Covid will be somewhere in between and probably not much different to deaths from the flu or pneumonia which in the same time period would have been over 2000.

      The figure of 299 is of course far less than the deaths “from” or co-morbidities “triggered” by the vaccines.



      • As a note:
        In 2015 the NZ population was 4,600,000. 20% (flu) was 920,000.
        In 2020 our population was 5,000,000.
        Flu / Pneumonia deaths in deaths in 2017 were 838.

        659, 175 total cases / 2.25 = 292,266 per year.
        Covid deaths per year = 299/2.25 = 132

        But according to Bloomfiedd 292,266 is greater than 920,000.
        And 132 is greater than 838.

        We are supposed to believe that Covid spreads quicker than the flu, and is more virulent than the flu.

        Masks and lockdowns did nothing to stop the flu. And by our own govt “beliefs” about Covid should not therefore have stopped the the more contagious and virulent Covid.

        I refude the premise of the govt’s stats and arguments. It is highly flawed.



      • 🙂

        On WorldoMeter, if they were a “stats” sites, for real-time births, you would you need hooks into every hospital. Managing that data and keeping feeds functioning for world stats, would require, an army of staff. Needless to say, no-one in the hospital systems have ever heard of WorldoMeter, and in any case the data on births is covered by privacy.

        But tracking non hospital births you would need another army of staff worldwide with clipboards and hand counters standing over every birth. Does anyone anywhere recall a Mr Tweedlee from World’o’Meter standing over their wife’s birth giving with a clipboard and remote device ready to update the website? I thought not.

        You would need an army of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands worldwide to achieve ± ten second interval tracking.

        As last look, WorldoMeter was being run out of a flat somewhere in Europe.



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