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Cindy Too Narcissistic To Understand The Hurt She Is Doing!




Human rights activist and author Yasmine Mohammed says the reaction by some Islamic fundamentalists to International Women’s Day shows there is a real problem in the Muslim world with “the inequality of men and women”.

Over the past couple days, a series of rallies in Pakistan, which marked International Women’s Day were marred by violence as rocks, shoes and mud were thrown at the participants.

Commenting on the issue, Ms Mohammed told Sky News what was seen in Pakistan reflects “a pretty sad situation”.

“We talk a lot about patriarchy and misogyny in the western world but if we really want to see clear examples of patriarchy and misogyny then all we have to do is turn our gaze to the Muslim majority world,” she said.

Ms Mohammad said the men who pelted those women with rocks don’t want them to “have any sense of empowerment”.

Even Nike have gotten in on the act. Supporting and promoting a repressive symbol of male dominance over women is just the kind of thing we have come to expect from a company that has gone woke.


On the eve of the Christchurch shootings, Cindy will be picking out her best hijab. Looking in the mirror and asking Clarke, does my bony arse look big in this?


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  1. Im always very wary of Friday the 13th but not this one ,after seeing that pic on this blog of our gutless coward of a leader with her veil and customary hang dog face I’ve come to realise nothing more horrifying can possibly happen today…Yeeeeee,Haaaaaa.



  2. So there we have it real truth. Listen to the above clip with the woman who wrote Unveiled and she puts it very plainly. Jacinda is supporting fundamentalist Muslims. She maintains this facade of supporting womens’ rights, but when she kneels at the feet of the real leader Mr 7% of our country and he only appointed her so he could have his wicked way with NZ and knew she was so stupid she would go along with it, she’s just a figurehead, actually believes in suppression and putting women down. WTF does she think she is doing? The fundamentalists she supports would have her head off as soon as they became more powerful. Its an absolute disgrace what this counter has come to. The original suffragettes will be rolling in their graves.



  3. Stupid Little Girl playing dress-up with things she doesn’t understand making NZ vulnerable to evil manipulative forces. Cindy’s western liberalism is feeding radical islam.
    Worst PM EVER!!!!!!!



    • waikatogirl,Its the pinnacle of hypocrisy for her to be a feminist and then because of a photo opportunity put the hijab on and parade around like some nouvel woke Muslim woman.
      That Piece of clothing is a less obvious more acceptable symbol of the hold Men in that religion have over women,I wonder if ardern would put the full burqa on if the controlling muslim men instructed her to?
      To be fair I for one would rather see her in one ,LOL.



    • Good idea. How would you prevent the socialists from de-platforming the people they don’t agree with? They have a good track record of stopping speakers that provide a viewpoint contrary to the narrative they’re trying to spin.



  4. I hate seeing the Burka (or even hijab) legitimized as ’empowering’, or a woman’s right to wear it, or something to defend as part of liberal cultural relativity.
    At the very best it is a warning that the wearer has some link to an ideology that is repellent and dangerous to one degree or another.
    The wearer might be a victim of that ideology, or a ‘live and let live’ moderate, or they might actually hold some very reprehensible ideas.

    We are not talking about putting on a sun hat, like it was a woman’s choice – At the essence; the veiling or woman is about them being a vessel for the honor of men. It has nothing to do with the value of women, or simple modesty. It is in the same twisted mentality that sees a rape victim punished, since the woman brings shame to the family {or rather the men-the only ones who count}.

    On another note, Nike hijabs; I hate seeing sportspeople compete in religious garb.
    Yeah, a nun wear a habit. But if the nun wears a habit, then they don’t need to be in fucking track and field.
    Similarily, if you can’t enter a boxing ring without a hijab then it shows that even a feminist who sees that as a legitimate woman’s sport, or even suitable for a religious Muslim is affected by some cognitive dissonance.
    Does she wear it to please men-folk, or some repressive state oppression decree (like Iran sportswomen or chess teams), or like I said before are they a victim or that ideology, or a ‘live and let live’ moderate, or do they hold some very reprehensible ideas.
    I would rather just see an individual, but the hijab is a barrier in every sense of the word.

    No Sir, I do not like it.
    I even noticed Muslims in a martial arts setting failing to bow to the front, or bow to teachers or students.
    I kind of feel sure, that is your right – but you either accept the Martial Arts culture (in my case Japanese) and understand the tradition and what makes it different or you do not. You then reject it.
    So come and train, but if you can’t fucking bow then you should not be endorsed as a practitioner/karateka.
    Nor hold a grade, and certainly not have a black belt or instruct others.
    i.e. I respect your right to practice your beliefs, but this in no way means I have to accommodate you or have different expectations around what it means to participate.



  5. So here am I watching the lead items on 3news and they advice enthusiastically that Kanoa Lloyd (who still hasn’t been snapped up by the talent scouts at NASA) will be asking SLG if NZ is safer since 15 March 2019, followed by some sympathy piffle about Golly Gee.
    In the blink of an eye, we’re on Jones channel for something more intellectual – Hogan’s Heroes reruns.
    Did you know Bob Crane was the Weinstein of his time and was murdered by person/s still unknown.



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