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Cindy’s Bestest friend does a u-turn




Macron makes a U-turn, vows an “intractable fight against political Islam”

Macron “has vowed an ‘intractable’ fight against ‘political Islam,’ which he said seeks secession from the French Republic.” Something very strange is going on with Macron in his sudden U-turn from full multicultural appeasement to condemning “political Islam” and seeking to protect the “French Republic.” One must remember that Sharia is divine law in normative Islam, and to try to divorce politics from Islam renders one an apostate. Macron has therefore in effect rebuked and condemned normative Islam. This sudden flip-flop by Macron is likely due to upcoming elections in May; polls show that he is neck-and-neck with anti-globalist Marine LePen, who has risen in popularity due to her stance on Muslim migration. The revolt of the yellow vests is another headache for Macron. If France’s culture is to be saved from Islamization, the French public will do well to vote out Macron despite his posturing about “political Islam,” a threat he has chosen to ignore all along, right up until election time.

I wonder what Cindy thinks of this u-turn by her new friend. With all her posturing and bending over backwards to try and appease these people here. How will she get on when she meets Macron in Paris next month.

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  1. Both political animals, Muslims are a vote at the end of the day, Jacinda certainly wants ‘ours’ to vote for her. becomes a numbers game. is Golriz currently the closest thing that we have to a Muslim politician. I think that we will see Muslim candidates soon, maybe starting from Christchurch.



  2. Macron is backtracking so fast he better watch out he does not trip. During his election campaign he said there was not such thing as French Culture and his best friend Angela M. says countries should be prepared to forgo their sovereignty. Now we have Macron seeking to protect the French Republic. Merkel and George S will be on the phone by now.



  3. Has anyone noticed the number of comments on KB? Often there would be 400 plus ( although hundreds were posted by Liabour Trolls ( Specially spelt it that way for dearest Fairydust). Hopefully, there are automatic “Go to Jail, do not Pass Begin” cards for the likes of Ztev and Muttonbird. I am really enjoying the cut and thrust of this blog and the level of freedom is affords us who like to call a spade “A Spade”. It’s not that I wish DPF any ill will, I still think his blog is excellent and he is a very decent chap, but the moderation has just gone a bit far…. One poster I would like to see here is Longknives, I miss his insight to matters judicial.



    • Whilst I used to like Kiwiblog, I have come to realise that DPF is too much of a liberal for me.
      So this site is a breath of fresh air.
      The moderation is killing Kiwiblog and like many things (eg Crusaders name change) it was not even asked for.



      • I can handle the actual moderation, as annoying as it is & its heavy bias towards the bland, the socially conservative & the Godaddled.

        What is fucking KB is the incredible wait to get comments out of moderation. It destroys the flow, the debate & the inherent spontaneity of the blog.



        • If by Left Wing you mean socialist then…..no. DPF is a Liberal, through & through though a financial conservative.

          That offers a clue as to the way KB has changed. As a liberal he is genuinely shocked that the Christchurch massacre could have occurred & is moderating his blog out of existence to ensure that he doesn’t encourage a repeat.



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Saggy on Have Your Say
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