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The Five Deadly Lies Of Jacinda Ardern And Her NZ ‘Government’

Written by Guy Hatchard

The Government should be your single source of truth not lies

September 4th 2020 PM Jacinda Ardern in the New Zealand Parliament:

“I want to send a clear message to the New Zealand public: we will share with you the most up-to-date information daily. You can trust us as a source of that information. You can also trust the Director-General of Health and the Ministry of Health…Otherwise, dismiss anything else. We will continue to be your single source of truth. We’ll provide information frequently. We will share everything we can. Everything else you see—a grain of salt.”

This is one of the most oft repeated and misleading lies of Jacinda Ardern. In fact whistleblowers from within government departments including nurses, doctors, and officials have reported that they have been instructed to refrain from revealing to the public the true extent of adverse events and deaths following vaccination, thus hiding the real risks.

The excuse presented to employees by the government was that ‘a medical emergency’ justifies the expedient of hiding the truth. Moreover the risks of Covid itself have been consistently over blown to stoke the fear narrative. Based on this lie, the government has refused to acknowledge the import of published research.

The Virus Spreads Because Of The Unvaccinated

October 4th 2021 PM Jacinda Ardern quoted in Stuff:
“The vast majority of New Zealanders eligible now are being vaccinated, but the virus is finding our unvaccinated individuals. A boundary is not an ironclad way of protecting ourselves against Covid; a vaccine is.”

Even before the start of the NZ vaccination roll out in February 2021, the government was warned that the vaccine allowed transmission. Dozens of published papers since show that there is little or no correlation between transmission and vaccination.

The government failed to call out false information in articles published by the media and sponsored by vaccine interests pretending that Covid spreads 20 times more easily among the unvaccinated. This created unnecessary fear of the unvaccinated and overconfidence among the vaccinated. It has divided our nation.

It has led to an economic disaster for businesses who are required to discriminate against the unvaccinated. It has caused personal hardship for thousands of highly qualified and experienced NZ professionals and greatly reduced the pool of qualified individuals in NZ.

This lie was the false basis for mandates.


The Vaccine Is Entirely Safe

22 October 2021 PM Jacinda Ardern quoted in the NZ Doctor
“The vaccine we are using in New Zealand is safe and effective.”

This lie has been repeated again and again in the saturation government advertising which has cost millions. Individuals known to be vulnerable to vaccination adverse effects including people with a history of anaphylactic shock, past reactions to vaccination, etc have been denied information which might enable them to make informed choices.

They have also been denied exemption to vaccination. Young people who have very little risk of serious covid outcomes, yet a relatively high risk of vaccine injury have been left completely uninformed.

There Is No Need To Require Reporting Of Vaccine Adverse Events

December 15 2021 Astrid Koorneeff Director National Immunisation Programme writing on behalf of Dr. Ashley Bloomfield
“An accurate measurement of all adverse events [subsequent to vaccination]  is not required”.

This is among the most damaging of lies.

Faced with a novel vaccine with a short period of testing developed by a company with a history of medical harm lawsuits against it, the government refused to institute mandatory procedures which would correctly evaluate the extent of any adverse effects.

Instead they continued with a voluntary system. A Medsafe website records that only five percent of adverse effects are reported. This has enabled Jacinda Ardern and the government to publicly deny the extent of adverse events and death following vaccination by pleading insufficient information.

Heart Disease Affects Only Three Out Of 100,000 Vaccinated Individuals

15 December 2021 letter to DHBs Dr. Ashley Bloomfield Director General of Health:

“Myocarditis and pericarditis have been established as very rare but serious adverse events associated with the Comirnaty vaccine….these conditions are usually diagnosed, investigated and managed effectively within our health system…

In New Zealand, the true incidence of vaccine-associated myocarditis is unknown as the onset of symptoms occurs in the first few days after vaccination and is potentially under-reported. However, the overall rate of this event in New Zealand is reported to be around 3 per 100,000 vaccinations.”

How can any rational person say in the same paragraph that incidence of myocarditis and pericarditis is underreported in NZ, but also assert an absurdly low rate for incidence? In fact a new study puts the risk of myocarditis to be higher among vaccinated males under 40 than from Covid itself.


The latest careful assessment of incidence of perimyocarditis in the published literature puts the incidence as low as 1 in 2,000, not 3 in 100,000.


Multiple reports from individuals reveal that it is common practice to turn recently vaccinated individuals experiencing symptoms of myocarditis away from NZ general practices and hospitals without treatment or a report of cardiac problems.

This is mediated by another myth that myocarditis is a ‘mild’ disease that is short lived.

That’s a frightening lie.

The damage to the heart from acute viral myocarditis is typically permanent, and the three- to five-year survival  rate for myocarditis has historically ranged from 56 to 83 percent.


Whistleblower reports from emergency rooms around NZ report that facilities are being overwhelmed with cardiac cases among vaccinated individuals.

Taken together the misinformation effort by the NZ government led by Jacinda Ardern has irreparably changed the character of our society and caused needless suffering for thousands.

About the author: Guy Hatchard PhD is a former senior manager at Genetic ID a global food testing and certification company. He is an advocate for natural medicine.

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  1. The vaxxed are becoming deranged and a danger to humanity.

    Has the bitch had her boster yet?
    Has the bitch jabbed her daughter Yet?
    How old is that poor sprog? Coming up 5.

    When is the bitch leaving this mortal coil.
    Most Labour PM’s have died in office or shortly thereafter.
    Only the nasty Clark survived that rule.



  2. The damage to the heart from acute viral myocarditis is typically permanent, and the three- to five-year survival rate for myocarditis has historically ranged from 56 to 83 percent.

    Although myocarditis is talked about most, all three “cartiis” are relevant.

    [1] Myocarditis is inflammation and damage to the heart muscle.
    [2] Endocarditis is inflammation and damage of the inner lining of your heart’s chambers and valves.
    [3] Pericarditis is swelling and irritation of the thin, saclike tissue surrounding your heart.

    All three have long term consequences.

    In the days of my parent’s generation, getting Endocarditis / Myocarditis, was typically a death sentence. In may father’s case, he was not allowed to serve in the military as he was considered a high risk. He suffered years of bad health, and had to wind down his business and shut it at age 40, despite high demand for his services, and get a sedentary desk job. He was dead 4 years later.

    He lived a full life, despite not being able to do everything he wanted, But it was always with him knowing it would one day take him to an early grave. There was no solution, and today’s solutions are still quite invasive.

    We see from the NZ health navigator, website that “
    Myocarditis is inflammation of your heart. Most people with this rare condition have mild illness and recover without complications.

    I call horseshit on this.

    From the internet wayback machine, the specific page for myocarditis was only put up on the 4th December 2021. Prior to then, heart disease was all lumped together with no real specific data on

    All heart disease is treated as serious. We constantly see advertising about it, and certain foods are rated with the red tick as to be heart friendly.

    Further more, the same health navigator treats rheumatic fever (often caused by strep throat) as serious, as it also damages the heart, usually endocarditis, but not always. So a big emphasis on endocarditis in children (caused by strep throat and/or rheumatic fever) having long term and serious consequences, but endocarditis and myocarditis (caused by the big pharma vaccines) as nothing to worry about.

    Heart valves damaged by rheumatic heart disease can occasionally get infected during certain types of operations and dental work. Your child may need extra antibiotics to help protect their heart. This is why it is important to remember to tell every doctor, dentist or dental therapist that your child has had rheumatic fever before they have any medical procedures or operations.


    And the Mayo clinic do not see myocarditis as “a mild illness and recover without complications.”

    And the CDC don’t even mention endocarditis.



  3. The gold standard for testing new medicines are “blind randomized placebo trials”. None of these experimental drugs have been tested. All rushed through under urgency by brainwashed state drug agencies. Until very recently even Trump was crowing about his light speed approval of the vaccine. He sounded like a vaccine salesman. The vaccine industry have been in a permanent state of manufactured “panic” since the 80’s and are pushing through a whole bunch of expensive vaccine medicines with no testing. The buffoons in charge, such as Jabcinda, have been targeted by Schwartz’s disaster scenario planning training, which butters their Pavlovian nature up. Preparing them to implement totalitarian control to save the children. Jabcinda is like a hypnotised dog, following the commands of her controllers. Schwartz is a bent spook, working on behalf of pharma, to make billions for his buddies by enslaving the world. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Schwartz_%28futurist%29



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