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Cindy’s “Fairydust” Gone?




The Waterton Chronicle

New Zealanders are inexplicably not impressed with Jacinda spending the last two years gallivanting around the world telling everyone how great she is while her squad of Inepitcons allegedly “run” the country.

Although she refuses to talk about it, preferring to focus on more important things like appearing for 3.4 seconds on the Late Show, and the barely legal-sized snapper that First Dad Clarke caught yesterday, people are losing patience. 

Speaking from a Beijing palace, where she is attending a “Propaganda & Censorship” seminar with good mate and self-appointed communist dictator Xi Jinping, Ardern said there was nothing to worry about. 

“Look, I reject whatever the people think or say” she said, alarmingly for all of us. 

“Frankly, if the All Blacks had done their one job those idiots back in New Zealand wouldn’t even be thinking about all the promises we haven’t managed to get around to doing”. 

“It’s all good though, I’m sure our Women’s T20 team will do their bloody jobs and take everyone’s minds off silly things like houses, infrastructure, and hospitals”. 

“If not, we’ll probably just make up some stuff about the opposition” she added, gaining an enthusiastic nod of approval from President Xi next to her. 

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    • Wrong. I doubt they will waste their time. These leaders have a vastly more experienced intelligence service who will have painted her as a “show pony” with zero talent. They will laugh and nod then ignore her completely. She will be consigned to the greta file.



  1. I read where they all pushing for the grand Trade Deal (supposedly would be the biggest in the world , however they measure that).

    It is this that I use when I have had debates about Brexit with those that would be in the Remain camp if they were Poms. I say imagine if a big trade deal was done with the ASEAN group of countries and then several years laters a HO for the group was setup in say Jakarta employing bureaucrats from in the group. Then over the years it morphed into a quasi political organisation with many of the laws and regulations for the group being legally and automatically applied in NZ without us having any say. Would you be happy with that, because that is exactly what happened in the EU ?
    I usually just get blank stares.



    • Could happen! If you had suggested that 4-5 years ago I would have scoffed at the outrageous suggestion but the world has proven anything is likely these days. The left just need an agenda and a good line in propaganda…



    • I think you are way off track here Ross.12.
      I know what you are getting at.
      But the RCEP countries are just too big and powerful and with entirely different philosophies and cultures that there will never be any sort of union other than trade.
      With the TPP, maybe, but once again you have got widely different nations eg the Latin ones and the Asian ones.
      RCEP is going to be just a low grade trade deal.
      Bot a high grade(sic) one like the TPP.



    • It is something that the likes of the British when joining the EU had, forcing the meat industry in NZ to a costly compliance.

      required the inspectors who worked with meat workers on the slaughter chain to inspect the heads of all sheep to look for signs of disease.

      Dr McKenzie knew this was unnecessary because there were no signs of disease on a head that couldn’t already be seen in the normal inspection of the carcass, but it was demanded by Britain as a requirement of accepting our exports.

      The head had to be skinned, adding huge cost to sheep processing. Three or four extra butchers had to be employed on each chain, as well as one extra meat inspector.

      It always starts with an easy thin edge of the wedge, gaining compliance and change, and then changes to human rights, immigration, to eventual full law changes in other different fields.

      Same as halal certification, that in fees that seem small, finances the spread of islam.
      It also spreads across to other totally unrelated industries.



  2. Don’t worry about SLG she’ll pick up a few tips from the Thai King:


    “ Strict lese majeste laws prohibit insulting or defaming the monarchy and carry a prison term of up to 15 years for each count. Because of these restrictions, the media — including CNN — can only report certain details about senior members of the royal family.”



    • Neither had any to begin with. I’ve known of “what’s in it for wynston” for 30 plus years and the only reputation he has had among his colleagues is that he is a fucking nasty crook. He has little regard for anyone other than himself. Even his family comes second plus he has a couple of predilections that get well concealed by the media.



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