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Ukrainian Official Admits She Lied about Russians Committing Mass Rape to Convince West to Send More Weapons

A top Ukrainian official has confessed that the government lied about Russians committing mass rape in order to convince gullible western countries to send more weapons to Ukraine.

Lyudmila Denisova, the former Ukrainian Parliamentary Commissioner for Human Rights, was fired following a vote of no confidence in the Ukrainian parliament which passed by a margin of 234-to-9.

Parliament member Pavlo Frolov specifically accused Denisova of pushing misinformation that “only harmed Ukraine” in relation to “the numerous details of ‘unnatural sexual offenses’ and child sexual abuses in the occupied territories, which were unsupported by evidence.”

In an interview published by a Ukrainian news outlet, Denisova admitted that her falsehoods had achieved their intended goal.

Denisova noted that Italy’s Five Star Movement was originally “against the provision of weapons to us, but after [her] speech, one of the party leaders… said that they will support [us], including by the provision of weapons.”

Despite the fact that her claims about mass rape were false, they were repeatedly amplified by legacy media outlets like CNN and the Washington Post.

“The media was quick to put this woman’s BS claims out but couldn’t care less about correcting the record,” writes Chris Menahan.

Indeed, there have been innumerable outright hoaxes and falsehoods throughout the war where so-called ‘fact checkers’ have been noticeable by their absence.

These include radiation leaks at besieged nuclear plants which turned out not to have occurred, the media’s complete misinformation about what happened on Snake Island, the ‘Ghost of Kiev Hoax, as well as the ‘attack’ on a Holocaust memorial that never happened.

“When, for example, I spoke in the Italian parliament at the Committee on International Affairs, I heard and saw such fatigue from Ukraine, you know? I talked about terrible things in order to somehow push them to make the decisions that Ukraine and the Ukrainian people need,” she said.

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  1. Despicable as Ardern.

    ….. human rights activists have criticized her dismissal. …..

    ….. nor any other legislation ordinarily allows for premature dismissal from her office. Lawmakers, however, made use of martial law, …

    …. considerable time abroad after Russia attacked the country on February 24.
    He says instead of traveling to Russia or Belarus, where she could have worked to free Ukrainian prisoners, or alleviate the suffering of people in occupied Kherson,
    Denisova was staying in “warm, peaceful western Europe.” …..

    …. what is happening now is totally arbitrary and damages the office of Ukraine’s human rights chief.” ….
    …. her dismissal could “severely disrupt the important work that needs to be done in these times of conflict.”
    The UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine says Denisova’s removal “violates international standards.” ….

    ….. Denisova, meanwhile, claims the presidential office pushed for her removal. She says it “did not approve of my work, which aimed to gather and analyze information about human rights violations in occupied areas.” She will contest her dismissal in court. ….

    Note how the devious rivers of filth flow through those Commissioners of Human Rights as if it is the normal way of keeping their noses in the feed trough & live-style.

    A stupidity of activist Education



  2. Note how the rivers of filth remark made by the purveyors of that statement , one Woods, has been amplified all around the world.
    Obviously he didn’t make it up and should be slung out of this country for using it.



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