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Australia obligated to shut down all coal-fired generators by 2030

Australia needs to stop burning coal by 2030 if it wants to help limit global warming to 1.5 degrees, a new report warns.

Climate Analytics says the government needed a national plan to phase out remaining coal-fired plants, and needed to take them offline faster than the existing timetable.

Such a plan would help provide the energy sector with certainty, the report released on Thursday said.

The report noted that while 10 coal-fired plants had closed since 2012 another 19 remaining plants remained in operation and were responsible for generating 60 per cent of Australia’s electricity.

That must stop if Australia was to honour it’s obligations under the Paris accord, said Climate Analytics chief executive Bill Hare, who pointed to the current bushfires in New South Wales and Queensland as a sign the country needed to curb emissions rapidly.

“The realisation that climate change poses an existential threat to Australia is certainly hitting home right now,” Mr Hare said.

“Australia must play its part in fighting climate change, and it could start by switching from coal to renewables in its own electricity system.”

The report, using data from the recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, says phasing coal out completely by 2030 would allow Australia to do its bit.

It warns just half a degree more warming above 1.5C would see the death of nearly all of Australia’s coral reefs.

It also warned that Australia faced longer bushfire seasons, less rain and more drought due to climate change.

The report stated that at the slow rate coal-fired plants were being shut down across the country, Australia would still emit twice more than what it was allowed to under the Paris Agreement.

This made it the only OECD country in the G20 that relied on coal for more than half of its energy supply.

In a decade, half of these plants – which the report said were already technically obsolete – would be 40 to 60 years old.

The report says Australia has natural advantage when it comes to renewable energy resources and should jump on this to move to a carbon-free energy system.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said if Australia had cut its emissions it would still be facing its current bushfire season.

Speaking to Neil Mitchell on 3AW on Friday, he said higher emissions targets would destroy regional jobs.

Asked if the number and intensity of the fires was the new normal, Mr Morrison said it was certainly the advice he’d been receiving.

Meanwhile, climate protesters picketed a meeting of state and territory energy ministers in Perth demanding stronger government action to address climate change.

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  1. I am backing PM Morrison. Common sense is essential in the face of zealots thinking removing 60% of the countries electrical generation capacity in such a short period is a good move for Australia. People and nations need to move forward. The notion we can sit back, wear sandals, and live a simpler life is not a runner in a practical sense.

    We know China continues to build coal powered electricity generation plants. No sitting back in their plans. No country can be as complacent as the Doomers suggest.



  2. I tend to go easy on China building more power stations as they are the worlds manufacturer, so much of their coal use is on behalf of you are I to make our jeans and toys.
    Then their are countries like India which has plans to build many more coal fired power stations until the 2030 at least, they have got a dispensation from Paris as they are a developing country.
    But really what use is India to the world, it does not make or export anything the world needs,
    Vietnam and Turkey are also building lots of coal fired power stations, they are both big countries.

    And I have seen African leaders say they need to exploit their oil reserves to improve their peoples lives and they are not going to listen to the UN or Paris.

    These are the facts that we need to get across to the Greens and Genter and Swarbrick and Ardern and bridges.



  3. Australia is a continent of fires. Always has been.
    Worked in North Sydney back in the sixties in a backery at Cremorne. From the up stair I remeber the fires ringin the skyline all through the Karingai National Park and recall driving through miles of fire burnt land on weekend up towards Tamworth.

    Been to Lorne south of melbourne after the Ash Wednesday fires. Staye with people who lost thier houses and nearly there lives.

    The doifference now is that Australia has a much larger population, spread out a lot more and persist in building amoung gum trees. They refuse to do burn outs when the weather allows so the feul load just gets bigger and bigger and even the dumbest stupidest aussie knows gum leaves abd wood burn really well.
    Then of course there is the volatile gum oil. Hot days gums release that and it is extremely volatile. About the same as petrol as a comparison.
    I recall that in the Ash Wed fires people tried to out drive the spread of the fire along the coast and got incenerated. They calculkated that the fire raced along at about 80 MPH. so no escapingit.

    The weird thing was how it burnt some houses and yet the one next door remained.
    I stayed with a couple who lived about a mile from Lorne on the land side of the main highway. The sand on the beach was glassified by the heat of the fire.
    History shows australia burns. It the dumb bloody humans the liove there that make it worse.

    How do we think the Abo’s got so black?



    • Indeed Viking, Australia always had naturally occurring bushfires, and will always have them so long as my fundamental orifice points towards the ground.

      And the naturally occurring bushfires this season are at the same level that they have always been.

      What has changed is not so much climate effect, but the number of arsonists. This year the authorities have captured a number of arsonists, but alas the evidence of their acts so frequently goes up in smoke.

      When the temperature in eucalypt forest areas nears 40 degrees you have the perfect storm for spontaneous combustion, and the number of days this occurs has remained stable !



      • It doesn’t have to be even 40 degrees – mid 30’s makes the eucalyptus oil start evaporating, and a spark from a fire half a mile away will make the tree explode into flames. I’ve seen it when I lived in Oz back in the ’80’s driving along out the back of Sydney – quite frightening.



    • The natural risks have been exacerbated by the greens/conservationists forcing a prohibition on the clearing of litter and flammable debris on the forest floor. Nothing to do with ‘climate change’. More to do with inappropriate management.



  4. Climate Change, Climate Strike, Climate Emergency,.
    “burn” the evidence, until it was exposed by Climate Gate.

    … climate scientists against the free speech rights of global warming skeptics. ….
    …. Scientists hail Mann’s lawsuit as a necessary defense against efforts to erode public confidence in the scientific consensus that climate change is an urgent threat, while free speech advocates have rallied ….
    ….. “Instead of molesting children, he has molested and tortured data,” Mark Steyn wrote …..

    … threatened legal action if the accusations of data manipulation and misconduct were not retracted. …..

    In an abrasive response, National Review editor Rich Lowry penned an article bearing the headline “Get Lost.”

    Practically taunting Mann to sue, Lowry said the magazine looked forward to prying additional documents through the discovery process because it would only discredit Mann further.

    “He’s going to go to great trouble and expense to embark on a losing cause that will expose more of his methods and maneuverings to the world,” Lowry wrote. “In short, he risks making an ass of himself. But that hasn’t stopped him before.”

    Mann’s litigation threat was not an idle one: He sued for defamation in D.C. court in 2012. In response, the magazine argued Mann was violating D.C.’s anti-SLAPP law, which aims to swat away lawsuits that target speech about matters of public interest. …..

    History of Australia is ignored, and then when it is shown in a twisted form to make the data match. the Climate warming theory
    Just as the exposure of the scientists tormenting of the data that was found when East Anglia University emails were released, but now hidden away, and green washed.



  5. Two people amongst others worth following in this whole debacle. Tony Heller who posts a youtube video every day and Joanne Nova http://joannenova.com.au/ and https://realclimatescience.com/ else just go to youtube and type in Tony Heller. His voice takes getting used to but he knows his stuff and dismantles every bit of the fraud, line by line. Piers Corbyn from the UK, Patrick Moore, Judith Curry, Roy Spencer, Anthony Watts, John Christy, … Start with these and follow their links…. There is real science out there and its not the IPCC, or NOAA or NIWA or indeed NASA, although many of the scientists who work for these organisations are good but have been silenced. Most of the stuff the put out is accessible to laymen.



  6. How do the fire engines get out to fight the fires.
    Are they magic electric fire engines?

    How do the hose pumps work?

    These people tell so many lies it becomes ridiculous.

    The OECD is not your friend.
    Neither is the IMF or World Bank.
    People whinge about China lending to places then taking control when they cant pay the debt.
    The World Bank has been doing this for over 50 years. Wake up.

    Splitting out fuel sources into coal and other hydrocarbon sources is just splitting hairs in a divide and conquer style.

    This is the CIA World fact book I have been using for more than 15 years.
    It is the most useful thing the CIA does.


    This lists
    …Electricity – from fossil fuels measures the capacity of plants that generate electricity by burning fossil fuels (such as coal, petroleum products, and natural gas), expressed as a share of the country’s total generating capacity..

    Much of Africa is high with 85% + from fossil fuels as energy needs.
    The Pacific Islands are way up at over 80% with Tuvalu at 96% and Nauru at 85%
    But still they will bleat about climate change while burning fossil fuels for most energy needs and delivered distances by diesel powered ships.
    Wa wa wa

    Australia is at 72% for fossil fuels while OECD South Korea is at 70% and Japan is at 71% fossil fuel for national energy requirements.
    Netherlands is at 75% and also in the OECD
    To add insult to injury Netherlands is banning the sale of Diesel and Petrol cars from 2030 so where will the electricity come from in that country closer to the Polar cap than the equator?

    To add to this Germany is still trying to phase out nuclear power so where will this cold country get its energy from?

    …Germany is the sixth largest consumer of energy in the world.[5] Germany imports more than half of its energy.[6] For example, Germany is the fifth-largest consumer of oil in the world. Germany largely imports its oil from Russia, Norway and the United Kingdom, in that order.[7]

    Germany is also the world’s largest importer of natural gas. Over 22.6% of its primary energy use comes from gas.[8] Germany imports gas from the Netherlands and Norway. However, it also imports gas from Russia via the Nord Stream; in 2016, Germany imported 49.8 billion cubic metres (bcm) of gas from Gazprom.[9] A terminal in Emden opened for gas from Norway in 2016.[10]

    Because of its rich coal deposits, Germany has a long tradition of using coal. It is the fourth-largest consumer of coal in the world. Domestic coal mining has been almost completely phased out. This is because German coal is a lot more expensive to mine than importing coal from China or Australia. Germany has the largest national market of electricity in Europe…

    Interesting read.
    So Germany Imports coal from Australia because it is cheaper to source than digging up their own coal.
    And from China.
    Delivered by diesel burning ships.
    The ironies stack up.
    That food miles carry on was just for shits and giggles, right!
    Big bad China and Russia supply fossil fuel energy requirements for Germany.
    How convenient.

    The lies are ridiculous.
    MSM are in on it.
    It is all about Kontrol. Totalitarianism by whatever brand.
    India has a space program – although their moon lander crashed recently- but hey they are a ‘developing country’
    China is the worlds manufacturing engine – but developing.
    Yeah, OK.
    No punishment for you (pssst, small print, we need cheap goods like Germany needs cheap coal from AU )

    This is all about punishing white people and countries that got off their arse in the 1800s and built health and education systems and had people intelligent enough to understand that paying taxes makes the whole greater than the sum of the parts.

    The undeveloped or underdeveloped countries were too lazy or too endemically corrupt and sometimes just too dumb to make sacrifice for the good of the ‘big village’.

    So lets reward them now!

    The totalitarians at the UN and various NGOs are simply punishing the countries that got their shit together and are weakening them deliberately. It is about Kontrol.
    Scott Morrison is standing up for his country as did John Howard.
    President D J Trump is for the USA.
    In NZ we got no-one.
    Notional sold us out on the $1.4 Billion a year for 10 years deal on some f….ing climate accord stuff written by an eight year old.

    And fools are standing around with their dick in hand weeping about an imaginary enemy- Mr Globby Warming.
    If you thought an imaginary friend was a sign of mental health issues, this imaginary enemy is just as bad.
    Its a con.

    PS The Great Barrier Reef did not exist 12,000 years ago.
    The Abos have been around longer.
    In fact they walked where the Barrier Reef was less than 20,000 years ago.
    …this most modern form is only 8,000 years old, having developed after the last ice age….
    Wa wa wa



  7. I have just finished reading Cofessions of a Greenpeace Dropout by Dr Patrick Moore. I would relly recomment it. I think I know more on the issue than any MP in Parliament today with the possible exception of David Seymour. If any of the others know more than me they are totally dishonest.



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