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No warming has taken place in the United States since 2005, yet the media refuses to discuss the real scientific data

One of the greatest differences in viewpoint between mainstream and independent news sources has revolved around climate change. While the mainstream media has created widespread panic by publishing one article after the other “proving” that man-made global warming is destroying the planet, the independent media has largely urged caution, stressing that the science does not support this theory.

Mainstream media outlets like CNN and MSNBC have been quick to pounce on this exercise of journalistic caution, calling it yet another example of fake news. But do the facts substantiate their claims? Not at all. In fact, 14 years of data collected by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) prove that the independent media has been wise to exercise such caution.

This data confirms not only that temperatures in the United States have not increased in the past 14 years, but that if anything, they have actually decreased slightly.

The end of inaccurate, manipulated weather data

As reported by Real Clear Energy, NOAA began recording temperatures at the 114 newly built temperature stations which make up the U.S. Climate Reference Network (USCRN) back in 2005. These temperature stations are evenly distributed across the lower 48 states, and are located far from urban areas where false temperature readings are common.

Real Clear Energy explains:

Prior to the USCRN going online, alarmists and skeptics sparred over the accuracy of reported temperature data. With most preexisting temperature stations located in or near urban settings that are subject to false temperature signals and create their own microclimates that change over time, government officials performed many often-controversial adjustments to the raw temperature data. Skeptics of an asserted climate crisis pointed out that most of the reported warming in the United States was non-existent in the raw temperature data, but was added to the record by government officials.

The USCRN thus provides the first untainted, accurate climate data recorded in the United States since the global warming hysteria first began, and far from proving what so-called experts and media outlets have been claiming, the data shows zero warming since 2005. In fact, temperatures in the United States are now likely slightly lower than they were back then.

This is in direct opposition to the claims of climate activists who insist that specific areas of the United States have shown marked increases in temperature over that time period.

Furthermore, scientists believe that it is likely there have been no temperature increases in the U.S. since at least the 1930s, since the raw temperature readings collected by the USCRN virtually match exactly what was recorded 80 years ago.

And, with the rapid increases in urban development that took place during that time, temperatures are actually likely even lower than those captured by these weather stations.

Real Clear Energy explained:

If anything, the raw temperature readings should be adjusted downward today relative to past temperatures (or past temperatures adjusted upward in comparison to present temperatures) rather than the other way around. If raw temperature readings are the same today as they were 80 years ago, when there were fewer artificial factors spuriously raising temperature readings, then U.S. temperatures today may actually be cooler than they were in the early 20th century.

So, yes, fake news is bad and dangerous. But each one of us can help stop its spread by making sure of the real facts of any news story – including the true, scientifically-backed facts about global warming.


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  1. Heard a piece on RNZ last night, Ryan interviewing NZ’s original climate scientist who counted CO2 in the atmosphere 1970s versus today. There was lots of saying how bad it is and most of it is “water vapour”. So, Mr Lowe, with Ryan were telling us how bad the increase was, but gave no evidence of impact or actually say the biggest cause of the rise was a 60% increase in NZ’s population since the 1970s. If, everything these scientists say is correct. The only way to fix the planet is depopulation, but have we ever heard this uttered .by Ardern or other Climate Change Believers? Not a chance!



    • I agree – dep-population is the only answer
      Someone did bring it up with Peter Williams, but he got shot down in seconds.

      Its not hard or drastic
      Just one child per woman and then tie her tubes.
      Over 50 years or so the population would start to fall.

      It is madness that countries like Pakistan have 100,000 people, or Nigeria, Or Uganda, on Egypt
      all shithole deserts with few resources



  2. CO2 changes FOLLOW temperature changes. That is the simple, basic fact that gets conveniently forgotten or hidden.

    Most of the CO2 is in the oceans (about 50 times more than there is in the atmosphere according to Piers Corbyn).

    Here is a something we all know about to illustrate what happens. You are at a barbecue and you give one mate a beer from the chilly bin and another a warm one from the carton. They open their bottles at the same time. Whats happens ? We all know the guy with the warm one will have his frothing out of the bottle and the guy with the cold one will lose nothing. This is because the warm beer has been heated or the temperature is higher relative the cold one . So the “degassing” of the beer requires a temperature increase FIRST.
    Similarly when the oceans are warmed they will “degas” some of the CO2 they hold and the CO2 level in the atmosphere will increase. It needed the temperature to increase first.
    This is a simplistic explanation of what happens in the ocean.
    Because it is only the surface which has the temperature increase it takes time for the circulation of the sea water to end up releasing the gas. Currents obviously play a big part.



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