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A dozen climate protesters nearly run over by a train they tried to stop by standing on the tracks… because momentum is a real thing, unlike climate change


When she’s not busy calling for mass executions of uncooperative politicians, climate child Greta Thunberg is inspiring her deranged cult members to disrupt commerce as a way to “save the planet.”

According to reports, a cohort of Greta worshipers in the Northeast has been throwing their bodies in front of coal-filled freight trains for at least the past month in the hopes of stopping these fossil fuel payloads from reaching their destinations.

Video footage of an incident in Worcester, Massachusetts, as one example among many, shows a handful of rabid climate activists almost getting run over by one of these freight trains while it was en route to New Hampshire. Similar incidents have occurred at various other points along the same track.

An activist group known as “350 New Hampshire Action” reportedly took ownership of at least one of these dangerous stunts, announcing that nobody was hurt but that the trains “refused to stop” – as if they somehow should have turned right back around and gone back to the coal mine.

But momentum is a real thing, unlike climate change.

And the Darwin award for 2019 goes to: Greta Thunberg’s brain-dead climate army

Reports about the most recent train incident in Worcester reveal that climate activists were darting across the tracks with flashlights – flashlights that were presumably powered with fossil fuel-derived electricity – in the expectation that the train would somehow stop on a dime for them.

Little do these idiots realize that it takes a moving freight train about a mile to a mile-and-a-half of distance to come to a full and complete stop, even after the emergency brakes are applied. In other words, jumping in front of a moving train while hoping that it’s going to stop for you is absolute idiocy.

But what else would you expect from the climate crowd, which gets its “education” from George Soros-backed climate children who have no idea what they’re talking about beyond what their scripts tell them to say? You might even call this phenomenon climate retardation, where mentally ill group-thinkers gather together to broadcast their ignorance by engaging in ridiculous climate stunts.

Earlier this month, another climate group known as the “Climate Disobedience Center” engaged in a much broader effort to stop the transfer of coal via freight train because, according to the group, the average coal power plant “pollutes the river and causes asthma and contributed to climate change.”

The Climate Disobedience Center, whose members all appear to be entitled white leftists, reportedly blocked a freight train that was heading to Bow, New Hampshire, all while taking photos of themselves for social media.

“It is crucial that the actions that we take not be one-off actions,” stated a spokesperson from 350 New Hampshire about the purpose of these stunts. This spokesperson went on to state that such protests will “continue until the power plant is taken offline once and for all,” referring to the Merrimack Station power plant in Bow.

The reason why we’re linking these groups and their actions to the rhetoric of Greta Thunberg is that the leaders and founders of 350 New Hampshire have publicly admitted that they received their inspiration from the Swedish Antifa member, whose own climate rhetoric is becoming increasingly more violent.

“The climate apocalypse is coming,” reads a propaganda piece in The New Yorker that sounds as if it was written by Greta or some member of 350 New Hampshire.

“If you’re under thirty, you’re all but guaranteed to witness it … you can accept that disaster is coming, and begin to rethink what it means …”

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  1. How are these people going to charge their phones if they are successful in denying power supply to the community? Could it be they have not thought that far or their instructions did not cover that eventuality?

    This is mindless stuff aimed at disruption. I doubt it has much to do with progressing humankind as we know it.

    I would want the power supply maintained and these protestors moved aside in the wider community interest. I am picking their support within the community using the power supply is minimal.



  2. Above
    Greta worshipers in the Northeast has been throwing their bodies in front of coal-filled freight trains

    More’s the pity.
    These protesters are chickens.
    The trains cant swerve to get them.

    At least a truck could swerve and take a couple of them out.
    Given the typical sanitary habits of smelly lefties this would reduce the planets noxious gas emissions for each one successful hit on the scoreboard!!



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