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‘Climate Vaccines’ Are Coming For Cattle, Then For Humans

Who gives Bill Gates and a bunch of lunatic bio-scientists the right to inject life-altering substances into all the cattle (and other livestock critical for food) of the world? No one!

How about all of the humans on Earth? No one!

One Health thinking is off the rails: first, ‘climate change’ (the ecosystem) is causing diseases in animals (the pivot), which are jumping to humans (the targets).

This phony scheme is fraudulent from end to end, and if it is not stopped, it threatens all life on earth.

I wrote in January that the only way to stop these genetic maniacs is to take away their keycards and their containment suits, immediately escort them out of their laboratories, permanently ban them from any other scientific research for life, and then raze the buildings to the ground. 

If you can’t grasp the seriousness of this, then you may be marked for depopulation ⁃ TN Editor

‘Climate vaccine’ developer ArkeaBio has raised $26.5 million in Series A funding, the company announced last week. ArkeaBio aims to fight climate change by vaccinating livestock.

Suppressing Methane Emissions

A vaccine being developed by the company is designed to prevent animals from releasing methane emissions. Once vaccinated with the AkreaBio shot, an animal’s immune system is supposed to create antibodies that will target methane-producing microbes.

The Boston-based startup secured its first major investment in late 2022 from Breakthrough Energy Ventures, an investment fund founded by billionaire Bill Gates.

“Our vaccination-based approach allows for much-needed decarbonization of global meat and dairy products across multiple geographies, supporting greater sustainability in agriculture,” the company explains on its website.

Pharma Industry Eyes Climate Vaccines For Humans

While ArkeaBio hopes to deploy the vaccines worldwide for livestock, it has not yet announced plans to develop climate vaccines for humans.

But human-targeted ‘climate vaccines’ do appear to be in the works. Researchers at Gingko Bioworks, a biotech firm also backed by Gates, have floated mRNA injections as a measure to ‘mitigate the impact of global warming’.

The World Economic Forum has also expressed support for ‘climate vaccines’.

The biggest push, however, is coming from the pharmaceutical industry, as vaccine makers claim vaccines are a “critical response to the climate crisis.” In December, pharmaceutical giant GSK wrote on its website that “[i]n the face of climate change, vaccines play a crucial but underestimated role.”

AstraZeneca last year declared ‘climate change’ to be a public health crisis, sparking concerns that the pharma industry may play a role in climate mandates. The declaration came two months after drugmaker Sanofi’s Executive Vice President of Vaccines Thomas Triomphe penned an article titled “Vaccine innovation is a critical response to the climate crisis.”

Climate Vaccines Required For Vaccine Passports?

Pharma industry chatter about ‘climate vaccines’ comes as the World Health Organization, which has warned of an impending ‘climate pandemic’, is developing global vaccine passports.

If ‘climate vaccines’ for people are developed, the WHO could demand that the vaccine passports display a person’s ‘climate vaccine’ status together with other so-called “immunizations.”

A status showing that a passport holder who is not up to date on any scheduled vaccine could lead to the denial of that person’s right to travel between nations or even within a nation.

An Efficient System … For Denying Travel Rights

In June last year, the WHO announced the launch of its “digital health partnership” with the European Commission. The joint program will involve the development of global vaccine passports among other “digital products to deliver better health for all.”

According to the WHO, the passport system will allow “global mobility” and protect people not only from “future health threats” but those that are “on-going”.

“In June 2023, WHO will take up the European Union (EU) system of digital COVID-19 certification to establish a global system that will help facilitate global mobility and protect citizens across the world from on-going and future health threats, including pandemics,” announced the WHO in a statement.

The globalist organization clarified that this will likely include a global vaccine passport, much like many Western countries used during the COVID-19 pandemic:

This partnership will work to technically develop the WHO system with a staged approach to cover additional use cases, which may include, for example, the digitisation of the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis.

Expanding such digital solutions will be essential to deliver better health for citizens across the globe.

As a “first step”, the WHO and European Commission will “ensure that the current EU digital certificates continue to function effectively.”

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  1. A view here of just who is driving, influencing & controlling behind the scenes in even a bigger global picture of the WHO & the UN with other international institutions.

    ’Global Governance’ with Chinese Characteristics: Xi’s Weaponization of the W.H.O.
    1 hour 18 minutes : 30th April 2024
    With a good brief in this link being more on the pandemic, & WHO treaties. etc.;– that I slid by in placing in my notes below from the transcript.

    A skim for those 2LDR; but there are also many more interesting points made than I quote & are not included and also a wider context can be found in the source link below
    This is from the full transcript

    ‘Global Governance’ with Chinese Characteristics: Xi’s
    Weaponization of the W.H.O.

    pg1 ……. the Chinese Communist Party is using
    with great effect, potentially devastating effect, is the weaponization of a multilateral
    entity, a supra national agency called the World Health Organization. ……..

    pg2 ……… two treaties. One involving international health regulations, the
    other new pandemic accord, both of which would have essentially the same purpose. …..

    pg3 ….. leader of the Chinese Communist Party, XI Jinping,
    recently quoted Mao Zedong, …….. that Chinese Communist Party had three magic weapons.
    They were propaganda, united front work and the People’s Liberation Army.
    United Front Department is a huge department in the Chinese Communist Party, and its purpose is to infiltrate organizations. …

    pg4 ….. to hollow out ….Western democracies …
    …. seeking to control from the inside international organizations like the World Health Organization.
    So this is a massive effort. It is organized. ……

    ……… [Ethiopian, named Tedros Ghebreyesus] controlled asset of the Chinese Communist Party. ….

    pg5 …… China has in its mind to lead the world into its system of global governance.
    And they are using the World Health Organization to effectuate that. …..

    pg6 …. The World Health Organization started imposing the China model in dealing with the pandemic. ….

    ……… “One Health” is an almost like a made up concept that says that human health is so connected to animal health, is so connected to plant health, is so connected to the environment that the Who has the right and the responsibility to surveil all of
    these aspects of life on earth,
    ……. right to surveil them, and then they have the right to censor people if they disagree with what the assessment [00:18:00] is on this.
    So “One Health” has survived. It’s all of the drafts. It’s still in there.
    And by the way, under “One Health”, they connect everything to health.
    So it’s not just pathogens. …..

    ………… also, you know, pollution, it’s depression. It’s gun violence. It’s, you know, anything that that’s convenient for them at the moment to want to surveil, …. …. connected to “One Health”, … … right to, …. surveil it and to censor anybody who is in disagreement.
    …. alluded to ,….. … instituting, ….. censorship industrial complex, which is that the various countries are going to be surveilling us on social media and, and censoring anything that we say that is contrary to the W.H.O. narrative.

    ….. instituting something akin to the China Social Credit system through these new digital IDs that the European, that that the World Health Organization is rolling out in connection with the European Union and these digital IDs, again, …. ….go to the World Economic Forum website …

    pg7 ….. y, XI Jinping is waging a war against the world through the World Health Organization and wants to be the head of the global governance also and impose the China model on the entire world. ……

    ….. We can’t just have this vote occur by ambush, which is what they are planning. ……

    pg9 ….. out of the 15 specialized UN agencies that they have about one third were under the leadership of actual members of
    the CCP. ….

    pg10 …. the CCP thinks about international organizations.
    It’s a vehicle for advancing the CCP’s agenda or the new order with Chinese characteristics.
    They do have a vision, by the way, for strengthening the architecture of global governance.
    The UN, they have said so many, many times …..

    pg 14 [james Lindsay …. a little historical context] …. now believe that they’ve waged their revolution.
    They’ve grabbed enough power to where the [00:41:00] next step is to start to consolidate their power and to purge their enemies, and to do further damage to their international enemies.
    They are explicitly signaling that they are willing to use Maoist style purges, or directly using the language of Mao Zedong to do this on the international scale, …..
    …….. look at how China runs itself and how it manages itself and how it treats its people, a particularly people who don’t support or go along with it. ….

    pg 16 ….. James Lindsay: [00:44:51] The concept of sovereignty ….

    ….. But if we can’t run the experiments, we can’t find out. And we
    obviously learned in the pandemic that we cannot necessarily trust these authorities,
    especially when they’re run by a hostile enemy ……

    pg 18 [James Lindsay] …. beats his drum is that [00:50:00] national sovereignty is the problem.
    It prevents us from, in his own words, becoming a global meta organism with one brain, one heart, one soul.
    That’s coordinated, of course, through the United Nations. …..

    ……. mesh with the agendas that a CCP Communist Party would also claim to espouse. …..

    ….. defunding and getting away from withdrawing from these organizations, United Nations, World Health Organization, UNESCO and so on could not be a higher [USA] national priority at this point …..

    pg20 …… “One Health” is being pushed through, not only the UN offices, but now through the Health and Human Services, all the way down [00:56:00] into our local public health offices. …

    ……. “One Health”, we’re seeing the equalization, the diversity, equity and inclusion put into a world perspective.
    It really is just an ideology that levels humans with that of bugs and plants, animals and the environment …..

    ….. [James Lindsay]: The failure of the global community and the World Health Organization in its management of Covid 19 and their attempt, which was partially failed but somewhat successful, to railroad individuals into complying with
    edicts that were not even in their best interests. …..

    pg 23 ……. [James Lindsay] [Boeing] …..They missed their production target for military contracts.
    They missed their quality target, but they hit their. Environmental target and they hit their
    social justice target the diversity, equity and inclusion targets.
    They hit those at 100%, but they missed every other every other target that they have.
    That’s a smoking gun.
    Proof that there is a misdirection of resources.
    Boeing is wasting its resources on these political entities.
    But how did Boeing, for example …..

    pg 24 …… all compounded by the ESG environment, which is designed to constrain Western business ….
    ….. a second layer of infiltration into our business environment …..
    ….. direct pay to play access through the Chinese business firewall, …..
    ….. , honeypot of financial opportunity for our companies and making them pay very high prices to get in. …..

    pg 25 …… standard practice of the Chinese playbook, …..
    ….. access to everybody’s technology, know exactly what’s coming down the pike …..
    …. the steady erosion of our competitive advantage, [01:13:00] in addition to what you’ve
    described about ESG, which I think is incredibly insidious …..

    pg 26 …. their control and exploitation of international institutions like the World Health Organization is just one means of securing that kind of hegemony at the expense of our national sovereignty, but not theirs.
    And with, I think, the most [01:14:00] malevolent of purposes in mind in terms of actually creating a global governance arrangement, …. of … Chinese characteristics.
    The full transcript link here:—

    So many more good little aspects, that bring a full context of just some of points I have copied/paste here

    As touched on there, it would be that Islam, Socialist-Communism, Enviro-Greens, WEF all align in agreement in a globalist course.
    As they push & pull in their influences, powers, so it would seem the CCP are quietly agreeable & are figuring on riding that wave, for themselves to gain that hegemony for themselves.
    Not even Russia’s multi



    • The Chinese have teamed up with the globalists and treasonous Americans in high places from the state house to the White House and to the board room. Also, let’s not forget the World Economic Forum and the Bilderberg Group who met this weekend in Spain. There is no place in America China has not infiltrated.

      Karen Kingston has written a number of articles on the nearly 600 page 2020 US/China Economic and security document, which very clearly articulates that China’s goal is to not just have countries around the world adopt their authoritarian regime, that people do not have individual human rights and your rights come from the authoritarian regime. . . . They (CCP) not only want us to accept that, but they want us to embrace it. What does it mean not to have individual human rights? It means you are dispensable.”

      It gets worse. There was a new national security law enacted this past March in China. Now, Xi Jinping says China’s laws are international laws. If you say anything that could harm Xi Jinping and the CCP’s ultimate rise to power, China has the authority to come get you. You are not safe anywhere. This was repeated by a former Chinese national, who is now a US citizen along with another colleague from Hong Kong . . . They gave testimony (in Congress) in the CCP House Committee in May. They said nobody is safe from China’s regime. The government will put out bounties on activists’ heads . . . . You can be subject to kidnappings, attacks.

      What Xi Jinping did was he decided to become the mob boss. There were articles just last week on the Mexican drug cartels. China is now the preferred country and is their business partner when it comes to laundering their money as well as for the fentanyl and cocaine supplies. China became the mob boss.”



  2. This shit is dreamed up by people working in bubbles in swipe card access buildings . The covid narrative fell apart when the deplorables wouldnt follow the rules. There are at least 3 to 1 non followers nowdays.



  3. The methane from animals thing is such utter tosh. A couple of hundred years ago there were far more large animals on Earth than today, the vast, uncountable herds of wildlife in North America, Africa and Asia, before humans started to slaughter them in such prodigious numbers. If any species needs injecting and culling it is humans and that nice Mr Gates and his mates have that well in hand.



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