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CO2 plays an important roll for the survival of our planet. Carbon Dioxide is essential for plant photosynthesis and rise of CO2 can be directly linked to the greening of the plant. At the moment climate change and global warming are being presented as a global threat to our species. According to environmentalists, sea levels and temperatures will rise, resulting in a global breakdown for human civilization. This is based on climate models and numerous environmental studies around the world. According to the IPCC our carbon footprint needs to be reduced. The use of natural gas, oil, coal and any other fossil fuels need to be reduced to zero. The anthropogenic (man-made) influence has to be eliminated to save the planet. According to some climate models, the planets temperature will increase to a level that will cause drought and famine for a large portion of the population in the very near future. In the future our energy needs will have to be reduced so much, that all travel will need to be cut back completely. In the future only environment friendly approved energy resources will be permitted such as, wind energy, solar energy, geothermal, biomass and hydroelectric as clean alternatives. This would deprive developing nations the possibility of building an economy and developed nations of keeping their economies.

Why global warming is good for us

Climate change is creating a greener, safer planet.

The biggest benefit of emissions is global greening, the increase year after year of green vegetation on the land surface of the planet. Forests grow more thickly, grasslands more richly and scrub more rapidly. This has been measured using satellites and on-the-ground recording of plant-growth rates. It is happening in all habitats, from tundra to rainforest. In the four decades since 1982, as Bjorn Lomborg points out, NASA data show that global greening has added 618,000 square kilometres of extra green leaves each year, equivalent to three Great Britains. You read that right: every year there’s more greenery on the planet to the extent of three Britains. I bet Greta Thunberg did not tell you that.

The cause of this greening? Although tree planting, natural reforestation, slightly longer growing seasons and a bit more rain all contribute, the big cause is something else. All studies agree that by far the largest contributor to global greening – responsible for roughly half the effect – is the extra carbon dioxide in the air. In 40 years, the proportion of the atmosphere that is CO2 has gone from 0.034 per cent to 0.041 per cent. That may seem a small change but, with more ‘food’ in the air, plants don’t need to lose as much water through their pores (‘stomata’) to acquire a given amount of carbon. So dry areas, like the Sahel region of Africa, are seeing some of the biggest improvements in greenery. Since this is one of the poorest places on the planet, it is good news that there is more food for people, goats and wildlife.

But because good news is no news, green pressure groups and environmental correspondents in the media prefer to ignore global greening. Astonishingly, it merited no mentions on the BBC’s recent Green Planet series, despite the name. Or, if it is mentioned, the media point to studies suggesting greening may soon cease. These studies are based on questionable models, not data (because data show the effect continuing at the same pace). On the very few occasions when the BBC has mentioned global greening it is always accompanied by a health warning in case any viewer might glimpse a silver lining to climate change – for example, ‘extra foliage helps slow climate change, but researchers warn this will be offset by rising temperatures’.

Another bit of good news is on deaths. We’re against them, right? A recent study shows that rising temperatures have resulted in half a million fewer deaths in Britain over the past two decades. That is because cold weather kills about ’20 times as many people as hot weather’, according to the study, which analyses ‘over 74million deaths in 384 locations across 13 countries’. This is especially true in a temperate place like Britain, where summer days are rarely hot enough to kill. So global warming and the unrelated phenomenon of urban warming relative to rural areas, caused by the retention of heat by buildings plus energy use, are both preventing premature deaths on a huge scale.

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  1. The big bogey man is the doubling of CO2. Lets assume our base level is about 380ppm. According to Happer, a doubling of CO2 will raise the temperature by 1degc. So we need to get to 760ppm for that to occur. ( we are a tad over 400ppm at the moment). To raise the temp by a further 1 deg C the CO2 needs to double again, to 1520ppm, and to raise it by a further 1 deg to 3040ppm. The last time the CO2 concentrations were this high was probably around 400 million years ago when the greening of the earth sucked most of the CO2 out of the atmosphere. The earth can easily cope with a 3 deg rise in temperature without massive catastrophic consequences. During the Eemian 115 thousand years ago temps rose at the poles by 6 deg and at the equator by 2. Life ( including polar bears) survived. The bigger problem is if we drop to 180ppm. Green life becomes extinct. And that is a far bigger problem.



  2. What sort of tiny minded reprobate politicises the weather.

    We all breath CO2 out with every breath. People have an intimate affinity with CO2, as we are all making it. To turn a product of our own mouths into something the loopy allocate 10-minutes of hate to, shows an immeasurable sleepless evil.



    • More importantly meat, and where is comes from is being slurred by the lefty green media, and ‘woke’ WEF idiots. Gates wants to get rid of livestock and create artificial meat from plants.

      So plants are “in”, but plant food, CO2, is out.

      It is all an agenda. World control.



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