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Grief-Stricken Father Jailed for Social Media Posts Criticizing Court System After Son Dies in Mother’s Care

The cruelty of the family court system and Big Brother are colliding in this disgusting case.

A grieving father, robbed of his now deceased son by the notoriously unjust family court system, is being held in a Michigan jail for making social media posts about a judge he believes put his baby boy in harm’s way.

Jonathan Vanderhagen lost a custody battle for his son over two years ago, and his son died shortly after while in his mother’s custody. He had warned the court about the mother’s history of unstable behavior, but his pleas were ultimately ignored by the female judge and court referee.

Deborah Vanderhagen, Jonathan’s mother, is raising awareness about what she feels is a grave injustice that is being committed against her son.

“His lawyer said something is going to happen to this child. You need to get him away from the mother. There are too many red flags. And the judge said, oh that is in the past,” said Deborah Vanderhagen.

A police report filed following the untimely death of two-year-old Killian cleared his mother from liability in his death, but the Vanderhagen family disagrees strongly with that assessment. They feel that if Killian was taken care of properly, he may be alive today.

“He was so full of life,” Deborah Vanderhagen said while recalling memories of her beloved grandson. “I am trying not to cry.”

Jonathan Vanderhagen was vocal about his anguish on social media, assigning blame toward Judge Rachel Rancilio for granting sole custody of Killian to his mother. As a result, Rancilio complained about her safety, and the Macomb County Sheriff’s office charged Jonathan with malicious use of telecommunications services as a result.

He refused to be muzzled despite the court infringing upon his 1st Amendment rights. He went back on social media and continued to raise public awareness about corruption the court following his arrest.

“Dada back to digging and you best believe I’m gonna dig up all the skeletons in this court’s closet,” Jonathan wrote in a social media post after he posted bond.

As a result, a judge determined that Jonathan Vanderhagen violated his bond conditions. He was placed in jail on an astronomical half a million dollars bond, more than what is recommended in for rapists and murderers in many cases.

“He just wants justice. He don’t want to kill anybody. He don’t want anybody physically hurt. He wants them to acknowledge what they’ve done and get justice,” said Deborah Vanderhagen.

Jonathan’s attorney, Nicholas Somberg, believes that this is an egregious case of government overreach meant to silence a public opponent of judicial tyranny and scare away other potential whistle-blowers.

“This case is about the 1st Amendment and every person’s freedom to criticize and redress our grievances against the government in a public forum,” Somberg said. “Mr. Vandenhagen is a father grieving the death of his son and speaking out against the system that failed both of them. He has never threatened anybody, has no criminal history, and is no flight risk.”

“A $500,000 cash bond is what you would expect for a murderer or rapist. I can’t think of any other reason to set such an astronomically high bond other than to intimidate and punish him for his speech. We are fighting this case not just for my client but to defend the constitutional rights of all of us,” Somberg added.

The jury trial against Jonathan Vanderhagen is scheduled to begin on September 13.

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  1. Killian Jake Vanderhagen
    12/24/15 – 9/22/17
    The Nightmare Before Christmas Baby. <3

    Sweet baby Killian was born with hydrocephalus and was nearly two years old when he unexpectedly passed away. From birth, Killian had a shunt implanted in his head. This little trooper was presented with many challenges in life and continued to beat all of the odds, achieving more and more as time progressed. Exceedingly as the months and year passed, his progress deemed more and more positive. The amount of love that Killian received throughout his life is unimaginable and he is SO very loved and so incredibly lucky to have touched the lives of so many people. He brought out the best in Jonathan by far. Killian is the sweetest little baby and lived vicariously through Jonathan and his music; where his eyes would light up and his little hands would attempt to mimick his fathers'. His smile and laugh would brighten up the darkest of rooms. Through thick and thin Jonathan has been at his side, fighting and cheering him on, experiencing the best life possible for the both of them.

    For those of you that know Jonathan, you know he has a heart of gold and would do absolutely anything for anyone and everyone. As soon as Killian was born, Jonathan's life revolved around his son. Our friends noticed that he'd stop coming around to spend his days with his beloved Killian.

    Jonathan would commit all of his time ensuring that Killian was well taken care of and in good spirits. And he was! 🙂

    As many of you know, Jonathan was a single parent and fought for sole custody of Killian which he made clear as day. Killian's happiness was Jonathan's happiness. He loved Killian more than life itself and continuously fought for him. I've never known a father that devoted their entire world around their child like Jonathan did. He truly lived his life for his son! Jonathan is nothing short of an exceptional father which shined through and through. It is with a very heavy heart that Killian has passed.

    Also, as many of our friends may know, at this point in time, there will be two separate funerals for Killian.



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