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Bangladeshi “Migrant” Sentenced to 42 Years in Prison For ISIS-Inspired Attempted Murder

A muslim woman has been sentenced to 42 years in an Australian prison for attempted murder in the name of islam. Known as the “Tiny Terrorist,” Momena Shoma, a migrant from Bangladesh on a student visa, had stabbed her homestay host in the neck while he was napping. She says he was an easy target.

Justice Lesley Ann Taylor slammed Shoma and her Islamic State beliefs as the IS fanatic refused to stand in the dock, handcuffed, shackled and staring unflinchingly ahead through the slit of her black niqab.

Delivering a huge 42-year maximum sentence to the 26-year-old Bangladeshi, Justice Taylor told off the prisoner in a lengthy and pointed sentencing, which appeared to miss nothing.

She told Shoma that instead of being a grand jihadi she was an “insignificant criminal” with “transitory notoriety”.

Shoma became the first person in Australia convicted of violent jihad for trying to murder her homestay host in his suburban Melbourne house with a kitchen knife she’d brought in from Bangladesh.

She stabbed Roger Singaravelu in the neck, intending to murder him, as he took an afternoon nap with his five-year-old daughter in their rumpus room on February 9 last year.

“At the scene, you told police that you had come to Australia to carry out the attack because you were ordered to do so by the caliph of Islamic State,” Judge Taylor said in her sentencing remarks today in the Victorian Supreme Court.

The diminutive Shoma, who comes from an upper-middle-class family in the Bangladesh capital of Dhaka, had committed a “chilling” and “cunning” attempt to murder Roger Singaravelu, Justice Taylor said.

She said Shoma’s assault was “was an attack on a fundamental value of Australian society”.

But Justice Taylor scoffed at the notion expressed by Shoma in a Whatsapp message before the attack saying she was “gathering courage”.

Judge Taylor said Shoma had hoped her victim would die, had no remorse, had refused to denounce her jihadi ideology and had poor prospects of rehabilitation.

On February 9 last year, Shoma stabbed Roger Singaravelu in the neck at his Mill Park home in northeastern Melbourne after he had become an emergency fill-in host to the international language student under the Australian Homestay Network.

Shoma had only been in Australia eight days after arriving on a student visa to study at La Trobe University when she attempted to fatally stab Mr Singaravelu to “trigger the West”.

Wearing a black niqab and kneeling beside him as he slept in a chair, Shoma had yelled “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) and stabbed him so forcefully the knife embedded in and fractured his spine.

The court heard Shoma had brought a kitchen knife all the way from Bangladesh and had practised with it on a mattress days before the attack.

In an email to her sister back in Bangladesh, Shoma wrote “I can get over my fear … I love u for the sake of Allah … delete these emails”.

Shoma then downloaded videos about IS executions over two days leading to the afternoon of February 9, 2018, when Mr Singaravelu was asleep with his daughter on a mattress in the rumpus room.

After her arrest in Melbourne, Shoma’s younger sister allegedly stabbed a policeman who went to the family home in Dhaka to further investigate Shoma.

Asma-ul Husna, 22, who is also known as Shumona, reportedly yelled “Allahu Akbar” as she stabbed an officer who had come to the family apartment.

After her arrest, she allegedly told police, “You are disbelievers. The rule of Islam should be established in the country. If necessary, we should do jihad.”

I suppose she is just one of the many peaceful immigrant refugees who is simply trying to have a better life, as the left would say.

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  1. Oh it’s coming here alright! Remember the Global Migration Pact kicks in next year.
    New Zealand will be swarmed with religious nutjobs like her..
    Diversity- Just so ‘Enriching’ isn’t it?



      • It is a lot worse, a student in Sydney got 36 years for terriost attack on his neighbour. The student visa’s are totally out of control and have been for years. Australia never signed the migration pact, but don’t need to, Melbourne and Sydney are overflowing now.
        I agree headgear should be taken off them, she refused to stand in court as they all do.



  2. The Ockers got it wrong.

    They should have stripped the murderous scum of it’s headgear and told everyone that as it had happily entered and used the country bareheaded that is the way it will remain – for the next 42 years.



  3. That style of individual is simply not wanted in New Zealand. Probably not to desirable where she came from either.

    This story of extreme Islamic belief to the point this woman reached is surely a matter for any other citizen to be concerned about. That concern is not any phobia. It is justifiable concern that a reasonable government will take full account of when looking at refugees, immigration, and any mass influx movement of people into another country.

    Having confidence in your government in these issues is a separate matter.



    • NO!

      In cases like this the death penalty simply creates martyrs.

      Far better to make it live 42 years eating only pork and shellfish-derived food, bare-headed of course (including shaving it’s hair) and answering to white, male, preferably christian prison officers while working dawn to dusk every Friday.



    • I think following the Christchurch shootings most New Zealand Schools embraced Islam.
      My kid was ordered to wear Islamic colours to School and listen to the Islamic prayer on the day of (one of) the Mosque memorial services.
      Could you imagine this happening for any other ethnic or religious group?



  4. Some Questions?

    So the gun ban was precautionary, AR-15s were banned as a preventative measure (even though this was the world’s first truly lone wolf mass murderer). The argument goes why take the risk with AR-15s if even one of them is involved in a future shoot-up then it’s worth banning them.

    Doesn’t the same apply to psycho Muslims too? I mean, it’s evil on a whole new order to want to murder someone while they’re asleep because “They were an easy target”? Surely, if it avoids one situation where a lodger tries to murder a landlord in the name of Allah, then a ban on importing muslims from terrorist hot beds is worth it?

    Equally, does this mean that potential landlords now have a good basis for turning down muslim lodgers, to avoid the potential for being stabbed in the neck while you are asleep? Surely, it’s worth it even if it only prevents one neck-stabbing murder?

    Of course, there would be nothing to prevent progressives from opening their homes up to potential neck stabbers muslim lodgers if they wanted to embrace this particularly chilling aspect of diversity. But then again, that’s not the socialist way – their inclusiveness only applies to other people.

    I’m sure I could think of other examples where we could apply the gun-ban precautionary principle (ban cars to save the road toll, abort all male babies to prevent them abusing women, euthanise all National voters to reduce carbon emissions….. I think we’re on to something here libtard loons!



  5. Sorry Bangladesh that’s you’re lot.. it only takes one to spoil it for the others.
    The amount of inbreeding these humans grow from means few have the mental depth for empathy and free thought.
    We as a strong community are better off if they just stay where they are. Chalk and cheese, oil and water… Never heard of a Bangladesh restaurant so what can they provide… diversity, Uber drivers..
    (I’m a bit bitter today)



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