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In the Name of Equity, California Will Discourage Students Who Are Gifted at Math.

By Robby Soave.

California’s Department of Education is working on a new framework for K-12 mathematics that discourages gifted students from enrolling in accelerated classes that study advanced concepts like calculus. …

Its overriding concern is inequity. The department is worried that too many students are sorted into different math tracks based on their natural abilities, which leads some to take calculus by their senior year of high school while others don’t make it past basic algebra. The department’s solution is to prohibit any sorting until high school, keeping gifted kids in the same classrooms as their less mathematically inclined peers until at least grade nine. …

Many schools offer advanced mathematics to a select group of students well before the high school level so that they can take calculus by their junior or senior year. It’s done this way for a reason: The students who like math (usually a minority) should have the opportunity to move on as rapidly as possible. For everyone else… well, advanced math just isn’t that important. …

If California adopts this framework, … the state will end up sabotaging its brightest students. The government should let kids opt out of math if it’s not for them. …

The framework seems to reject the notion that some kids are more gifted than others. … It’s absurdly naive to think there’s nothing innate about such outcomes, given that intelligence is at least partly an inherited trait.

Imagine if we prevented some kids from advanced sporting opportunities because not all kids showed equal sporting talent.

So goes California, so goes the USA then the rest of the west.

Let’s lower the standard of education to show how woke and caring we are. No one has the right to be seen as being better than anyone else.

Wait for Maori to try the same here with their stone-age ideas. Trying to inflict their language on every school in the country, at the expense of more important subjects, can only lower the standard of education for everyone.

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  1. Unfortunately well entrenched along with learning to read and comprehend what the writer is writing.
    Look at what the treaty says and what it is now supposed to mean. Interpreted by the Learned of Law.



  2. Don’t worry about the intelligence levels in our young people here in Gayotearoa it’s all taken care of , Spotty Hipkins is already spouting that old line “having young people learn a second language is necessary to boost their ability to learn in their other subjects” So will it be Spanish, French, Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic ? no F—king way it’ll be an unknown language that only a couple of hundred thousand people are able to struggle spouting a few dozen words or phrases of, a stone age muttering that has no relevance to 90% of the kids that are about to be forced into learning by that POS Willie (” you’s fellahs” ) Jackarse and his government controlling Bros.
    Shame on the cowardly H / F creature for not standing up for NZs “other peoples” rights.



    • If they learn Arabic, then they can “truly” read what is in the koran, hadith & sira.
      Nahh they will then be able to go along with it all.

      Learn Chinese and they will understand the “good” advice of Mao Tse Tung.
      Yepp, then be convinced to go along with it.

      Learn English?
      Find out how to repudiate good manners mana of ‘Western Civilization’.



    • Relax. I hope they make Maori compulsory. Then all non maori forced to learn it will have the same attitude English speaking South Africans had towards learning Afrikaans ( and vice versa). Remember that forcing Black students to be educated through the medium of Afrikaans is what triggered the 1976 Soweto Riots…
      Learning a relevant 2nd Language is important for brain development. If someone chooses to learn Maori, all power to them. I’d be learning Manderin…..



      • Id really like to down tick that, instead ill just say that if you want to learn ooggaboogger thats up to you id rather not. As you said better to learn the language we will be speaking when we end up as a republic of China thanks to Cindys lot



  3. Nz kinda has, going from school cert to ncea was the biggest mistake in nz education, way to dumb down students.

    Then last year “due to lockdown” students at school and uni got handed extra points just cuz, somehow being locked at home with nothing to do they all fell behind on their homework, tenns spend every waking minute on devices but could manage to zoom for school.
    I pity employers in a couple of years when these muppets start to join the workforce… if they choose to work i guess.



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