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Coming To An End?




Oh dear, how sad. Never mind.

How many lies is it up to now? Yesterday she said in her press conference that the sexual predator was stood down when the complaint was made. I recall that what she said was it’s got nothing to do with her, or her office. That’s a matter for the Liarbour pardy.

When will she learn that Sexual assault is not a trivial moment. It is a crime and we in New Zealand need a Prime Minister that will prosecute a crime like this. Not someone that is hell bent on hiding it.

This has been an absolutely appalling way to treat the victims. The buck stops at the top. Well it used to when we had people with integrity and principles. Those in Cindy’s office are so short of anything like integrity. This will be passed over as a slight embarrassment. With the connivance of the MSM no-one will be held accountable.

Mallard has advised the complainant to go to the police. Given Labour’s long-running attempts at covering this up, if I was her – I’d be very careful about putting myself in the hands of anyone from the Labour party ever again. She’d just be dobbing herself in to the very people who’d failed to protect her in the first place.

I thought the police could take action even if a complaint hasn’t been made. Silly me, plod is firmly in the circle of Cindy and this bunch of Liarbour deviants. If the chief plod can run interference for her over Jethro’s lawnmower rumours, then I guess they will not be interfering in this. Thanks to Cindy’s lack of leadership and weak decision making, the credibility of the Police has taken a major hit. With yesterday mornings report on police bullying, even rank and file police have no respect for the police hierarchy and call Police HQ “Bullshit Palace” Ouch!

No doubt Cindy has another overseas trip organised. While she is away, party president Nigel Haworth will fall on his toothpick, shoulder the blame and hopefully take the heat off their dear leader.

Update on developments today. I’d say the shit has well and truly hit the fan when you get a letter like this sent to our lying Prime Minister

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  1. So will Cindy be slow roasted today? Will she hold the rapist in her office to account? The victims are saying it is bullshit that the accused was stood down from his job as he has been seen around the Parliament precinct.



  2. Copy from HYS.

    Apparently, the complainants have been to the police.

    An Official Information Act request was lodged by Newstalk ZB to police on July 5 asking several questions relating to the release of the Francis Report on May 21 this year.

    The following are the questions and the police response.

    • Have there been any complaints with the police from Parliament after the urging of Speaker Trevor Mallard for the aggrieved to do so? Yes two complaints have been received by Wellington Police District.

    • What is the nature of these complaints? Both allege indecent assault.

    • Are the police actively investigating? Yes.

    &bulll; Are charges pending? The investigation is in the early stages and no charges have been considered yet.

    • What is the nature of the charges? Not applicable, no charges have been considered yet.

    • Does the investigation, if there is one, involve more than one person? There are two complaints and each involves different victims, witnesses and alleged offenders.

    • Have interviews been done with the alleged offenders? No. the investigation has not reached that point yet.

    • Does the person still work at Parliament? The alleged offender from the first complaint no longer works at Parliament. Police declined to answer this question in regards to the alleged offender in the second complaint due to Section 6 (c) of the Official Information Act 1982 as it will prejudice the maintenance of the law, including the prevention, investigation, and detection of offences, the right to a fair trial.

    The answers to the questions were a long time coming.

    By law Official Information Act requests should be answered within 20 working days, unless an extension is sought. It was 36 working days after the request was lodged before answers were received even though no extension had been sought. Initially, a senior advisor for Ministerial Services with the police said the answers would be given several weeks earlier. Then she said it was being “reviewed.” When asked why she said, “everything gets reviewed, just for quality.”

    Quality control of plain obstruction? You decide!



  3. Cindy is still saying in her interview this morning that she didn’t know sexual assault was part of the complaints and that she must wait for the report from the QC Marie Dew. Has Cindy been living under a rock? The accused man was stood down 5 weeks ago due to the nature of the attack but Cindy is saying she still needs clarity.



  4. Last night Maggy W. posted on KB the following Trotter blog on TDB


    Well, in the words of Trotter, the Silly Bint and her party hierarchy have now less than 24 hours to do something other than:

    1. frowny face;

    2. Say she is frustrated (I’m not prepared to help her there);

    3. Wag boney finger;

    4. Say she understands peoples’ concerns or that she gets the message.

    None of the above is good enough. Last week your paid party laswyer made out people wanted to be molested at the Waihi camp and got a deal, this week you are telling us:

    1. You didn’t know about the allegations; but
    2. The “well connected staffer” has been working at home, and away from the office.

    Question: If, you didn’t know about the claims why is he not working in the office and 2. How does his work of “preparing for 2020” require him to be working in the PM’s office on the taxpayer dime?



    • Paula Bennett interviewed this morning. Duncan asked Paula why the victims didn’t go to see Ardern directly if they were not getting heard through the party. Paula, they said the victims spoke to Cindy’s PM staff and got the distinct feeling Cindy was not interested.



  5. More on Stuff so its all over now,

    Why would you hire a QC to do an investigation?
    QC’s are legal animals, not detectives.
    Surely you should hire someone with the relevant skills, not a political junkie.
    Both lots do the same shit.



  6. How can you stand the victims down from entering buildings and then because you have been caught out with a blatant lie say now your most valuable person in your office was stood down when the new investigation started .

    One lie after another especially when it is now been alleged that he has been seen in the building by another complainant.



  7. Anyone with even half a brain knows she is a disgusting liar, and so are most if not all of her liebour and col members. How long is this charade going to last for? Its a bloody disgrace and time they were held to account. Surely the MSM cannot still cover all this up, they were the ones so crazy about the me too movement, are they so infatuated with the col that they don’t care what is going on in the ptpm office? I never imagined this could happen in New Zealand.



    • Has the first child had her MMR vax?
      A pic of that, or even a statement to that effect might influence others who need to get their kids vaccinated.
      Instead we get cutie-pie look-at-moi twaddle.

      Was the plane bs a set up?
      Does the PM often fly stand-by?
      If you get a seat because the booked pax doesn’t show up, do they tell you who they were? Is that a privacy breach?
      It’s ok when the left do it?



      • I would have thought that AirNZ would bump passengers to seat her and her party.
        She would not be flying alone. Child minder, secretary, body gaurd as a minimum.
        The story is bullshit by a compliant media and is just Cindy bin Lying, doing what she does best!



  8. Where is Whinestone hiding getting his old rugby injury fixed?
    Here is one of his most important days in his career and he’s missing in action.
    Maybe Barry Soper could go and interview his boss, if he’s in NZ that is. He could be having surgry in Thailand, maybe?



  9. Ardern does not realise how bad this is for her.
    Is she had fired the staffer and stood Hawthorn down when it first came out.
    She would have looked good.
    But for some reason she is standing by them.
    That’s great news for us in 2020.



  10. Labour Party members, victims and supporters write to Jacinda Ardern demanding she takes action:

    “What has been outlined in the stories is nothing short of sexual assault. What has been outlined as the party’s process in addressing this assault is nothing short of enabling. “



    • Where is Tova O’Brien? She was practically wetting herself over the JLR allegations and affair. You couldn’t keep Tova away from the camera reporting on every little tantalizing tidbit. Where is she now that Labour and her hero Jacinda are in trouble? What about the victims Tova, don’t you care?



  11. Labour’s big ticket announcement today is to launch their fight against suicide. It implements holistic values across all departments. What a load of bollocks with the backdrop of sexual assault under her own Labour leadership. Victim lead response it is not.



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