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NZTA directed by minister to stop blanket speed limit reductions

From RNZ

Transport Minister Simeon Brown has issued a directive to NZTA and councils around the country to cease blanket speed limit reductions.

This week, the coalition has removed the mandatory requirement and deadline for authorities to submit and then implement speed management plans.

In a statement, Brown said work would begin on a new policy ensuring speed limits took into account travel times and the views of local communities as well as safety.

“Our coalition government wants to see a transport system that boosts productivity and economic growth and allows New Zealanders to get to where they want to go, faster and safer.”

Variable speed limits would be allowed on roads approaching schools during pick-up and drop-off times, rather than permanent reductions, Brown said.

“I am writing to Road Controlling Authorities throughout the country to notify them of the changes and to advise them that work has begun on the new [policy].

“This allows them to stop work on current speed management plans until the [policy] is put in place.”

Not before time. Good on them for reversing Liarbours stupid speed policy. Now all we need is for them to put all the present low speeds back to what they were.


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  1. This Government just get better and better don’t they? That was so confusing for everyone, other than the mentally challenged Green Party people. I was going to ad the Maori party people but as Maori are sure to have invented the motor vehicle I am sure they already were happy with what liarbor had to inflict the new speed limits on us.



  2. Not sure.
    If you look at they way people drive round this town then they shouldn’t be allowed to drive.
    Small slow speed accidents can write of a vehicle these days as I have just found out.

    There are other vested interests at work. Insurance companies who are charging more and writing more off a lot quicker.
    There is a shortage of panel beaters, ask any of them

    Van got rammed from behind by a mad woman.( truly she was. she abused my guy for her misdemeanor and even a big tingan lady who witnessed it offered to get out of her vehicle and give her a bash. I kid you not,)
    All my drivers fault according to her and plod. The video shows otherwise ( and plod who keep this secret even finished up agreeing with me. should have charged the tar but can’t be bothered with the time and paper work. decide we were both insured and ran away as fast as her car would take her.)
    We are the ones with the buggered van and the insurance company no longer goong into battle for us They just write it of and send us a bill for the excess. well fuck that.

    Around our local residential streets house are now being built with no car parks nor garages. ecven the older houses who have a garage now don’t have one car anymore but 2,3,4 so the streets are filled with parked cars, which I would argue the council should allocate car parks on the street for per house residents only.

    Tauranga of course has all these oldies many of who should not be driving but it’s their right..
    The test is too easy. One of the govt’s rolled over and allowed it to be softened up. all that idi was increase the problem. Now it might be ok in fielding or Te Awamutu or Cambridge and such spasely populated places but its not that clever in a big city especially one like ours that has been denied sufficient NZTA funds for the last 40 years or more punching more andmore Port traffic onto our roads.

    Bu being a Nat stronghold that ain’t going to change.



    • Living rurally with a lad about to hit 15 ,I think it is too hard to get a licence. He won’t get a full licence to 17 years old! I got one 3 days after turning 15 and the main car I drove was a v8 falcon with 3 on the tree. It is/was a great help to the families when mum or dad didn’t have to drive kids all over the place cause they coul do it themselves



      • But hey you can vote for Council at 16.
        as it stands, this applies from 2025.

        the LIEbour cunts snuck this through just before shutdown.
        Tried to do it for General (National;) elections as well.

        Lets see this reversed.
        Schoolkids that do not have to pay for Rates – which are generally rising at double inflation or worse should have no say.
        In Fact, one rates bill, one vote.
        This was fucked up by Liebour in 1989 (Bassett in fact ) and should have been corrected

        Mahuta may have been quiet this year but did a lot of damage before exiting the swamp. .



      • Pay more rates or take a bus. If that doesn’t work get yourself an ebike.
        You could take a horse and cart to town.
        Grab one of those fancy hosses from one of those fancy stables, hook em to a cart that hangs on the wall and way to go.
        Should do 50 KPH and run on a bale of straw for a couple of days.
        Uh and don’t forget to take to a plastic bag and pick up its shit.
        Enjoy yourself.

        Lat us know which day and we will come for a coffee.



    • …Small slow speed accidents can write of a vehicle these days as I have just found out….

      So if slow speed can write them off anyway, why not speed up the traffic.
      Sounds like it makes no difference.

      NZ productividy is for shit.



  3. Our speed limit was too low to begin with most countries open road is 120k we got 100k now most roads in the South island or at least from the top to the middle are 80k, all in the need for “safety” or more like at 80k an ev is more efficient so can go more kms at that speed thanks green wankers, my manual v8 hates 80k its not geared for that



    • On the 4 lane motorways 120 is a safe speed.

      The biggest issue with fast vs slow drivers is the difference in speedo readings. Many Jap import cars read 10% high, whereas some NZ cars read 5% low. My car reads reads 110 at 100 actual. It varies car to car. Nissan Leafs standardly read 10% high.
      So nervous ninnie who travels at 95 to avoid a ticket is actually traveling at 85.

      And you are right about all EVs, their range is affected by speed. If the advert for range reads up to 500km, that is for city driving on the flat @25°C. Open road range will drop to 350km, @25°C, on the flat at a fixed speed.

      Many Prius drivers drive like pensioners to get a better mpg, in order to justify their purchase.

      Some speed limits that were 100k were dropped to 80k, and then dropped to 60k in some places. All part of pushing coal powered EVs, and 15 minute cities by making long distance travel slower and take longer.



    • Trieu. I had a 1986 Audi 90. Nice wheels. It was the old 3 speed auto.
      It had a sweet spot at 60 km /hr and 110-115 in third.
      It was not geared for NZ goat tracks.

      the wretched speed cameras came in circa 1992 while I had it; plus before the merger of the traffic cops at the same time one could ‘do alright’ on the open road esp as most country (traffic) cops were finished by 7pm



    • I have noted that with the 110 km section of the Waikato enhanced goat track (often under repair) that I set my cruise control to 109 (using phone GPS)
      Speedo reads about 114-115.

      In the 40 km of 110 km stretch from Akl to Hamilton when set at 109 , I pass no-one
      In other words people want to drive faster. Even the little Nissans and Toyotas. Esp Toyotas.
      I often get passed. But hey, I do my thing.



    • and like psuedo ehtedrine they should unban Ivern=mectin and make it a supermarket product and then remove the name on Extacy as well.
      We will then have well people who are happy.

      No one ever died of either of those Meds that the god botherers and big pharma stopped.

      that was another key and funny fuck up.
      Don’t ya just luv the nats and their enablers.



  4. They also need to clamp down hard on cyclists and close all those dangerous cycle lanes painted on roads. There are some tight winding roads, like parts of the Wellington coast, that should be closed to cyclists entirely. Severe penalties should be imposed for not keeping left and holding up traffic.



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