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Missouri Governor Pardons McCloskey’s on Bogus Weapons Charges

Missouri Governor Mike Parson pardoned Mark and Patricia McCloskey on Tuesday from the bogus charges issued against them by the Democrats, according to reports.

This means that the McCloskeys, both lawyers, will not lose their law licenses or their rights to bear arms.

Last June, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple who proudly defended their property and lives from BLM terrorists, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges and agreed to forfeit the firearms they used in their defence last year.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: A Livestream of the militant mob clearly showed they entered through a gate into a private community.

Mr. McCloskey explained during his on-camera interview last year that he announced to the Marxist mob that they were on private property and that’s when they became enraged.

“Somebody forced the gate, and I stood up and announced that this is private property. Go back. I can’t remember in detail anymore. I went inside, I got a rifle. And when they … because as soon as I said this is private property, those words enraged the crowd,” he said.

McClosky said one of the militants pulled out a loaded pistol magazine and clicked them together and said ‘you’re next.’

“We were threatened with our lives, threatened with a house being burned down, my office building being burned down, even our dog’s life being threatened. It was, it was about as bad as it can get,” McCloskey said.

McCloskey believes that the only thing that stopped the crowd from approaching his home was his rifle.


  1. Good news but I wouldn’t trust either of those 2 with a gun going by the way they are holding them, especially the woman she appears in be holding the pistol like she’s looking at a fine wine in a glass, LMFAO.



    • Barefoot and armed.

      An improved result from earlier for them.

      I agree RT. The woman’s stance appears indecisive.
      The guy in the top picture has a good stance.
      Gun in ready position, not pointing at people nor waving it aggressively.

      One small win in a sea of adversity.
      BLM is just one gun pointed at us in the current environment ….in a very aggressive stance.
      Stand firm against the odds.



    • I am sure that if pushed by the BLM protesters she could have fired it to shoot well enough, revtech. OK so she doesn’t look as if it is her usual stance, but maybe she didn’t have the need to go to the shooting range on a regular basis prior to the BLM march. Maybe that has changed in her life now, and she would have become a regular. Poor woman she does look scared of them all, and how terrifying would that be?



  2. And should a BLM-equivalent ever happen in little old NZ, and some brave individual present even an air pistol in defence of their property, one wonders about the result, or would Plod ‘automatically’ side with the ‘supposedly peaceful’ protestors and arrest the property-owner?

    Given the current political climate, methinks the latter…



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