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Communism from Liarbour AND Now National




Our future as a free living country is now under serious threat. Why would National support Liarbour in the following instances.

Received this from ACT;

On Wednesday, three hours was a long time in politics. At 1pm, Simon Bridges told journos at Parliament that Labour had wasted its way into deficit. By 4pm, National was voting for Labour’s hare-brained scheme to spend $300 million on a taxpayer-backed venture capital fund. The biggest beneficiaries will be the politicians who get their photos taken with the grant recipients. ACT has always favoured lower company taxes for all over handouts for politically-savvy businesses.

And This gem;

Phil Wants Your Land

Being responsible for KiwiBuild would shake most people’s confidence to the core, but not Phil Twyford’s. Phil now wants to take private land for his developments by force. The Urban Development Bill allows a new state agency, Kāinga Ora, to compulsorily acquire private land for housing developments and other projects. National voted for this.

Lets read that again. “National voted to support Liabour compulsorily acquire private land.” 

In any other country that is communism. I thought we had the public works act to enable property to be acquired by the councils and govt as a last resort. This has got nothing to do with that.

ACt  continue

What Could Go Wrong?

Well, Twyford’s officials have told him: ‘There is a risk that giving [Kāinga Ora] access to compulsory acquisition will increase the frequency with which these powers are used. This could potentially reduce public confidence in property rights.’ It was better when Phil was just wasting a lot of money and making a fool of himself. Now he’s undermining our system of property rights that’s taken centuries to evolve.

The Real Problem

In the 1970s, 13 new homes were consented for every 1,000 New Zealanders compared with just 7 last year. The median price of an Auckland section has increased by 903 percent since 1993. The Urban Development Bill lets Kāinga Ora override the RMA. But if the RMA retards everyone building homes, why just change it for one government agency? ACT has a far-reaching policy to tackle the RMA, infrastructure funding, and the building consent process,

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  1. “Lets read that again. “National voted to support Liabour compulsorily acquire private land.”
    “Now he’s undermining our system of property rights that’s taken centuries to evolve.”

    What are National thinking????? I thought the Nats would reform the RMA once they gained a landslide election win but apparently not. Why am I not surprised at their treachery joining the red march toward socialism or full communism for NZ?

    I was intending to only give Act my party vote but National have now lost my electoral vote. If Act have an electorate candidate ACT will now get my 2 votes ✔️✔️



  2. I cannot believe they would do this. It’s such a shame as they would romp home if they became what they are supposed to stand for. A party for the middle thinking NZers. This is just too woke for me, I have no idea what they believe in any more, but think its not for me. I don’t know how many candidates Act have to put forward in the electorates but believe they are the only ones that stand for the values I adhere to. I feel very sorry that National have turned int this pathetic group of follow the PTPM they have not a point of difference now. I do wonder if like Teresa May, Simon Bridges would be far better as a MP rather than as a potential PM. We need a Boris to wake us all up.



  3. At risk of sounding like Mikenmild from KB, how will this be different from what we have now?
    Public Works Act 1981
    s.16 Empowering acquisition of land
    (1) The Minister is hereby empowered to acquire under this Act any land required for a Government work.
    (2) Every local authority is hereby empowered to acquire under this Act any land required for a local work for which it has financial responsibility.

    In the early 1950’s, my parents had land taken for State Housing under the 1928 Act.



  4. I had a better look at the Public Works Act 1981, to see if I could answer my own question.
    Section 22 of the Act relates to “Only land required for essential works may be compulsorily taken” and was repealed “on 31 March 1987, by section 2(7) of the Public Works Amendment Act (No 2) 1987 (1987 No 67).”

    I can’t find the amended section to see what it says.

    Section 18 “Prior negotiations required for acquisition of land for essential works” still stands without any amendments with subsection 2 stating:
    If, after a period of 3 months,—
    (a) the owner fails to respond to any invitation issued under subsection (1); or
    (b) the owner refuses to negotiate with the Minister or the local authority, as the case may be; or
    (c) an agreement for the sale and purchase of the land is not made with the owner under section 17,—
    the Minister or local authority may, within 1 year after notifying the owner under subsection (1), proceed to take the land under this Act.

    Buggered if I know what’s going on…maybe Phil just wants his handle on a piece of legislation with a ponsy Te Reo inclusive title.



  5. It’s plain frightening.

    With all the changes taking place in the likes of UK, USA, National seem to have their head in the sand.
    They are not an opposition and Bridges has lost the plot.

    I can’t believe the speed Labour are implementing marxist policies and NZF should be a handbrake on this lurch to the far left.
    We need a Trump or a Boris .
    Is there anybody out there?



  6. Further to the above:
    Section 40 of the Public Works Act 1981 relates to “Disposal to former owner of land not required for public work”
    This is where the land is no longer required for the purpose for which it was taken under…(eg the Raglan Golf Club carry on)
    “…..shall offer to sell the land by private contract to the person from whom it was acquired or to the successor of that person”.

    A few years ago the government started selling off the State Houses that had been built on the land acquired from my parents…they were never approached to see if they wanted to buy back the land as required by the Act.

    Maggy W…if you are reading this and knowing that you are a recent import to the District, this ramble is for you.
    The state housing area that you travel back and forth through, was known as “The Fitzgerald Block”. It was taken under the Public Works Act from the Fitzgerald family that owned the house on the corner of Wainui Road and London Street..( bare section right on the corner which had a few Highland Cattle on it)
    Those double storied State units in London Street were also sold off a few years ago and were never offered back to the Fitzgerald family. (Bill Fitzgerald (son) was a realestate agent and he never knew that he could have had first dibs on those houses when put on the market)



  7. Significant Natural Areas, SNA, are being expanded on in many Districts.
    Another take (said to be just a rezoning) from private people, that ultimately will control what they can or can not do with the land.
    Yet in the mean time, those councils demanded rates with menaces.
    No compensation for lose of value, once marked down.

    Another push also by District Planning Councils, that blame Regional Councils, that blame Government, that says the laws were always there, but it would be Labour, Greens, and NZ First, that are pushing from behind the scenes,

    Many with “sustainability” “enviromental” degrees, that are employed with superior living wage, office, vehicle, staff, etc… costing the rate payer a fortune, expanding their fiefdom.



  8. This makes me physically sick. Can’t stand the thought of either of these parties getting a look in, yet were guaranteed to get one. Australia is looking pretty good right about now and that’s saying something..



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