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EU Declares Citizens Who Refuse Bill Gates’ Digital ID Will Be Excluded From Society

The European Parliament and member states have reached an agreement on the mandatory roll out of Bill Gates’ Digital ID which has inbuilt features designed to exclude people from participating in society if they do not comply with the globalist agenda.

Here at the People’s Voice we have been warning the masses for years that a key plan in the globalist agenda involves Digital IDs and Central Bank Digital Currencies to lock humanity in a digital prison – and the European Union has just admitted that we were right all along.

The elite have always denied these plans, describing anybody who dared to expose their plans as “conspiracy theorists” who need to be muzzled on social media, frozen out of society, and in some cases thrown in prison.

But now the globalists are making their move.

But you do not have to submit to their authoritarian plans. It’s not too late to fight back. In fact, there are millions of people around the world who are rising up against this tyranny. We’ve got all the details coming up.

Member of the European Parliament Rob Roos broke the bad news about the globalist institution’s plans to roll out the mandatory digital IDs designed by Bill Gates with mass enslavement of humanity in mind.

To be known as eIDs, the digital identity technology will grant the political elite in Europe with the power to freeze people’s bank accounts, stop them from buying flights, groceries, basic necessities, and participating in society in any meaningful way.

And if you don’t believe this is what they are planning, you haven’t been paying attention.

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is launching a project to advance the agenda, which will ensure all members of the public will be forced to participate in the scheme.

The project is based on what’s known as “digital public infrastructure,” aka, DPI. The UN’s justification for demanding that the human race be imprisoned with “digital IDs” is the supposed necessity to reach the UN’s sustainable development goals (or SDGs).

That’s right, they are blaming climate change for this one too.

According to Professor Richard Werner, who was a former WEF Young Global Leader, the global elite have been planning this attack on humanity for decades – and they are now preparing to drop a cluster munition in the heart of civil society to soften people up so they will accept the digital ID.

According to Werner, the elite’s ultimate goal is a digital ID chip under the skin.

The next step in the elite’s plan for mass adoption and total control involves the creation of another global disaster.

According to Werner, the moral from dealing with these dangerous, nightmare people is a simple one. Don’t let them implement their agenda. Don‘t let it happen. It depends on you.

The global elite are determined to take authoritarianism to a whole new level, far surpassing anything attempted in Mao’s China or Stalin’s Russia.

After this quick break, we will the next steps the elite will take in creating a new global disaster, and explain how we can rise up against their plans. But first, an important word from our sponsor.

The push for DPI or “Digital IDs,” vaccine passports, and CBDCs is being championed by the WEF in conjunction with Bill Gates and his foundation, the UN, and the European Union.

Unsurprising, the technology will be tested in countries in Africa and India that Bill Gates’ considers his personal laboratories, before being rolled out globally before 2030.

Ominously, the WEF came out with a series of articles in September pushing for DPI enforcement.

The WEF promises that the new “cashless societies” and digital IDs will be welcomed by the public due to their “zero-knowledge tech.”

They really think we are stupid and they can get away with their crimes against humanity.

According to Werner, we shouldn’t be thinking of CBDCs as a currency at all.

“You have to think of CDBCs as a control system [or a permit system], not a currency,” Prof. Werner explained.

He’s not wrong. China has perfected the system of social control using CBDCs to maintain total control over the masses. It’s always 1984 in China.

World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab has admitted that China is the model for WEF policies so it is interesting to see the Chinese government roll out plans that mirror his own dream of impoverishing the masses and eliminating private ownership.

The promise that you will “own nothing and be happy” was not a joke.

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  1. This book is coming out tomorrow on Amazon . Wont tell us much that we don’t already know.

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    Controligarchs warns that this will be our existence if the supranational elites of the World Economic Forum get their way.

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    The Soros family’s project to use its $25 billion empire to influence elections and society for the next 50 years
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  2. I went to a local VFF meeting last night to listen to a lady presenting her research on 15 minute cities and smart cities. Most of her information came from City Council websites –while it was all there, she had to dig a bit.
    She mainly centered on Wellington and Hamilton ( because Hamilton seems to be well into it).
    They are clearly hooked on it and unless we all wake up they will just push it all through.

    Her fellow researchers are in the process of setting up a website for us all to have as reference material.

    One interesting point she made was the propagandists use the terms 15 minute city and smart city slightly differently. While they are essentially the same idea they will say (as Hamilton has) 15 minute cities are NOT for control etc but when you look at how they describe smart cities, it is exactly what they are saying the 15 minute is not.

    Personally I find it hard to believe people will accept it but then I would have believed the same about lockdowns



    • Which is why I said few weeks ago that local Government should not be a bottom half Minister portfolio

      The shitheads in Notional treat it as such and screw up every time.

      eg 1991 they killed off Auckland Regional Council (ARC) for no good, valid reason – left Canterbury, Otago, Waikato etc Regional councils – then in 2008 siad Auckland had no central planning so needed super shitty.
      Notional in 1992 left the dorky new Auckland Regional Services Trust with a huge debt which, funnily enough, arch lefty, Bruce Jesson sorted out.

      Local government affects us all every day.
      Health and Education only impact us for a minor part of life, for most people

      It will be messed up again from 2024 for sure.

      Key took on Tourism portfolio and ramped it up
      the ardern critter and eternal liar took on Child poverdy and did to it what the critter did to everything else it touched.

      What will Luxene golden disk spin us ?



  3. ….Here at the People’s Voice we have been warning the masses for years that a key plan in the globalist agenda involves Digital IDs
    Yes it has been in process for decades and so far advanced that they don’t care about the lies anymore

    There is SFA youse can do about it, plebs.

    That is why the ardern critter who lied from azzhole to breakfast did not care about the lying and cover ups any more
    There will be no justice.
    do not be naive.

    This Stop oil shit would be stopped if THEY wanted ..but they do not.
    Mr Panama shooter was a fine resister.

    The US Second amendment is a fine thing and interesting JP SEars woke up to this in only recent times such that he did a long broadcast on it.
    The CHC mosk thing= ides of March- looks more and more like a planned citizen disarming exercise .



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